Be the best guest
Be the best guest

Be the best guest

Photo – Eric Ronald



Gone are the days that family pressure, basic expectation, or a reciprocal invitation should earn you a spot on a couple’s wedding guest list. With the average Aussie wedding tipping the charts at upwards of $40k a pop, rightly so – the couple tying the knot should have every right to make the final call on who they spend their day with.

So, if you’re one of the lucky ones and a pretty package by the way of a wedding invitation should land upon your doorstep, we think it’s only fair you too play by the rules and be the best guest you possibly can.

Much of this is common sense, and even more so – common courtesy, but in case you accidentally leave both at the door the moment you reach for your first champagne – take a read and try to remember these tips.



Photo – Katie Harmsworth


Ready, set, RSVP!

Planning  a wedding can be challenge enough (Hint: we can help that – we have the perfect planning guide here), so be courteous to your hosts and try to remember to RSVP your attendance on time. Final guest numbers impact seating arrangements, catering and a host of other areas, and it’s one simple and small job that you can easily tick off your own to-do list, that your soon-to-be newlyweds will love you for.


Riding solo.

If your invitation is addressed to you, and you only – don’t put anybody in the awkward position of having to answer why, and whether or not you can phone in a friend! We get it, rocking up to a special occasion without a wing man or woman can be tough, but pull on your grown up pants and realise that the day isn’t about you. With any luck, your friends will have chosen your seats at the event thoughtfully, and you’ll have yourself a new dance floor bestie by night’s end.



Photo – Kyra Boyer


Points for punctuality.

Be on time, or even better, be early! Depending on the wedding location, factor in traffic or parking at the event and try to ensure that you aren’t dashing down the aisle just moments before the bride or groom! They are the only ones that should be taking centre stage that day, and they certainly shouldn’t have to hold up their run sheet waiting on tardy guests. As a safe bet, arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and this way you can settle into the celebration about to take place, as well as touch up your make-up/outfit and take a quick toilet break.


Phone free zone.

This can be a contentious issue. In this day and age, we are slaves to our devices, and there is no denying that showing off #weddingfun on your socials is all the rage, however… Consider carefully your time and approach when it comes to whipping out your phone on a loved one’s big day. Has the couple requested an ‘unplugged’ ceremony? (phones tucked away, no pictures please!), or is it simply a matter of remembering your manners and ensure you aren’t sticking an arm out into the aisle as the bride makes her grand entrance? Be mindful of being in the moment – whether you’re trying to take photos, or simply can’t resist checking your emails, keep it to a minimum.


Photo – Katie Harmsworth

Booze bandit.

Weddings should be F-U-N, we get it. And unless its a dry zone, of course a couple understands that guests will be reaching for a drink or three over the course of their celebrations. However, we have seen one too many regretful guests escorted out of a wedding reception when they have taken things a little too far. Even if you aren’t a total bother when on the booze, consider that nobody wants to have to shelter in the ladies’ or gents’ after one too many a tipple. After all, you’ll not only miss the magic moments of the day as they unfold, but nurse a pretty embarrassing headache when its time to make apologies the following day.


White, not alright.

It comes down to the couple, and yours might not give a damn, but traditionally speaking – its polite to leave wearing white to the bride! Except on the occasion that the bride and groom request that their guests adhere to their all-white dress code, showing up in the shade is generally frowned up. If you’re unsure, check in with the bride and ask her thoughts, but be mindful her answer could be ‘no’.


Photo – Eric Ronald

Dance the night away.

A great DJ/band/playlist, a large, open dance floor just waiting to be utilised and two people who have put a lot into making this day or night the best of their lives – get amongst it! Don’t be shy about kicking your heels up and showing your couple that you’re having a blast. The last thing you want is a bride or groom feeling that their day has fallen flat. It’s the role of the guests to have a great time celebrating and to ensure that the atmosphere of the day is kept alive.


No one likes a sad sack!

Do we even need to say it? Be positive and upbeat, leave any negative comments or criticisms about the day, (along with family issues or arguments!) to yourself.


Photo – Immerse Photography


Shhh, it’s speech time.

Yes, we know – sometimes the best man/father/uncle/neighbour of the bride or groom can forget they are at wedding rather than a 21st birthday or episode of  ‘This is Your Life’, but try to be respectful and remember that even if you don’t care for their memoir, the couple likely does.  Sit back, sip your drink, and keep the table chatter to a minimum – there should be plenty of time for socialising once formalities cease.


Magical memories.

Every bride and groom will tell you, a wedding day flies by, and this will apply to you also. You’ve hopefully been invited because you’re a special person to the couple, so be sure to make magical memories for yourself also. Once in a lifetime celebrations are few and far between, so make the most of it and contribute to the incredible atmosphere – eat, dance, be merry and revel in the romance of it all.


Photo – Kyra Boyer


Cents and sensibility.

We hate to be crass, but when it comes to a wedding, money matters. For every attendee, the newlyweds have likely forked out upwards of $150.00 to keep you well fed and watered. At the end of the day, they are thrilled to have you joining them, and you too should keep in mind that it is a huge honour to be considered special enough to be there.


Now we have your guests covered, brides and grooms are you struggling to know where to begin with planning your day? No need to stress, we have it all covered in our guide on ‘how to plan a wedding – Ivory Tribe style‘.


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