Behind the lens with Jeremy Blode Photography
Behind the lens with Jeremy Blode Photography

Behind the lens with Jeremy Blode Photography



Jeremy Blode is one hell of a photographer, you can see that simply by taking a look at any of his wide-ranging photographic works of art.

What we love even more about Jeremy though, besides his crazy talent, is his passion for shooting weddings and the accompanying wisdom he readily shares. We couldn’t resist sitting down with this talented ‘tog and asking him an array of questions that we know will help you all when it comes to thinking about photography and selecting a superstar photographer for your own wedding day.

So here it is, Jeremy’s top tips for choosing the right photographer for you, and how to get the best out of them throughout the day.

If after reading this, you fall in love with him as much as we have, then get your enquiry in quick – he’s a wanted man on the wedding circuit.



You’re no novice when it comes to wedding photography (or photography in general!), Jeremy – tell us why you love it so much.

Where do I begin?! I just love capturing people’s stories. Your wedding is one of the most special and important days of your life, and it’s such a privilege to be invited to capture all the emotions of the day, not to mention the incredible lifelong memories right there as they’re being made. I also love that no two weddings are the same. I get to see different religions, cultures and people from all walks of life celebrate their unique love stories. It’s a huge responsibility, but one I am so proud to bear.



What are the important considerations for a bride and groom when selecting the right photographer to suit their style and personalities?

I think it’s important to find a photographer that you can get along with, and someone that is passionate about what they do. They’ll be with you for the whole day, so you want to feel comfortable and confident around them. I also think it’s important to find someone whose photos and style you really love and trust, so that you can let your photographer be creative and capture all the natural, candid moments as they unfold without having to worry about sticking to strict shot lists or run sheets.

Of course, they should also be experienced with shooting weddings! Sounds obvious I know, but wedding photography is so different to other types of photography. Everything only happens once on your wedding day, you want to work with someone that knows what to look for so that you don’t miss any of those special, emotional moments.


Often, a detailed run sheet for on-the-day photography can really stress a couple out – how do you ensure no important shots are missed?

If you trust your photographer, the rest will fall into place, I promise! We ask our couples to provide a list of 5 to 10 combinations of people for family shots, and that’s it! We don’t want you to be stressed about keeping to a strict shot list.

My advice is to keep the locations to a minimum. A great photo is often more about lighting and emotion than it is location. Plus you’ll be a lot more relaxed knowing you don’t have to visit lots of different spots.

Don’t worry about being in front of the camera, either. Just be yourselves… honestly. The more relaxed you are together, the more magic happens!



How would you best describe your style of photography?

I have a natural, relaxed, documentary style approach to photography. I love being a fly on the wall and photographing moments as they happen –  the subtle, raw and honest moments in life that you just can’t plan.


Is it important to meet your photographer before the big day? And can we meet you?

Absolutely! I think it’s a great idea to meet your photographer before the big day to get to know them and make sure you get along. You spend more time with your photographer than almost anyone else at your wedding, so it’s important that you really enjoy their company. You can definitely come and say hello at my studio, I would love to meet you!


My husband’s aunt/cousin/pet dog has a great camera, why should we spend money on a professional to document our day?

Your guests should be there to enjoy the party! It really comes down to experience and peace of mind. I think it’s a lovely idea if they want to bring their camera along and capture some extra moments from their own perspective, but wedding photography really does take a lot of experience and a trained eye to capture the magic moments. Not to say your aunt/cousin/pet dog isn’t talented! It’s just a very different kind of photography. When you invest in a photographer, you’re investing in memories that will last a life time.



I’m totally camera shy and the thought of someone taking my photo terrifies me, what can you/we do to help these out of control nerves?

Don’t worry, I feel exactly same way so I’m really sensitive to this. It’s a priority for me to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and you’ll be okay, I promise! I ease into the day quietly and blend in to the surroundings, so you won’t even notice I’m there most of the time. (A lot of my couples tell me they don’t know where I was or how I captured the special moments on their day!) All you need to do is be yourselves, but I’ll be there to give you some subtle direction if you need it and I have some really great tools and strategies to lean on if you’re still super nervous.


What inspires your photography?

I think I’m most inspired by preserving the unique stories and memories of the people I work with. I absolutely love looking back at old photos – I love how they can transport you back to a moment in time, and make you feel nostalgic and full of love for the memories you’ve created. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to capture the moments that others will look back on for years, and even generations to come.

My favourite photographers aren’t actually wedding photographers either (though I can think of so many who are talented and who I love working with!). The photographers I draw my inspiration from are documentary style photo journalists. Steve McCurry is a National Geographic photographer and has devoted his whole life to documenting people and their stories around the world. I love how sympathetic and connected he is to his subjects, and I really admire his passion and dedication to always getting the best shot.

I also love Martin Parr. He’s got such a great, quirky photography style and has a unique ability to immortalise seemingly mundane every day moments and make them special.



You have traveled far and wide with your photography, so what has your favourite destination or experience been?

Photographing a cross-cultural wedding in the South of France for sure! An Australian bride, a French groom, guests from over 30 countries around the world and a stunning location in the French country-side. Words just don’t do this beautiful and culturally diverse celebration justice – I’ll never forget it. You can see it on my website here.


What are your thoughts on unplugged weddings – yay or nay? And why?

Honestly, I love it either way! Sure, it would be great to have no phones and cameras in the way and all of the guests completely in the moment and present. However, it’s also a reflection of our time and I think that’s just as special to capture. We live in a world where everyone is always connected, I think that’s something to be celebrated. When it’s really extreme with hundreds of phones I think it’s actually funny! And imagine our grandchildren looking back and laughing at the strange devices – who knows what kind of phones they’ll have! I understand guests want to get photos that they can instantly share. I honestly don’t have a preference either way, I believe you should do whatever feels right for you.



We hear your lovely wife Rachel plays a pretty important role in your business, tell us more about her and how you both work together to create an incredible wedding photography experience for your clients. 

Rachel is my secret weapon! We are a strong team together – Rachel’s a dynamic studio manager that makes sure no detail or request is missed, so I can focus on my craft and put every ounce of myself into a couple’s day and their wedding photography.

With a background in marketing and advertising, and years of experience managing campaigns and creatives (not to mention over 10 years by my side!), it seemed only natural that Rach and I would combine our love of people, travel and weddings to live the dream of working together as a husband and wife team.

She also has a really kind heart, which means she genuinely loves helping our clients to create the best day ever.  Whether that means responding to every email with a smile, looking up the exact time of the sunset on your wedding day, or recommending other incredible suppliers to help you bring your dream day to life, Rach pours her heart and soul into each and every detail.



Jeremy is a master of his craft, and should you wish to snap up his talents for your own wedding day, get in quick and make an enquiry here.

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