Behind the scenes with wedding photographer Kyla Scarborough
Behind the scenes with wedding photographer Kyla Scarborough
Behind the scenes with wedding photographer Kyla Scarborough
Behind the scenes with wedding photographer Kyla Scarborough

Behind the scenes with wedding photographer Kyla Scarborough


Kyla Scarborough brings unparalleled experience to every shoot, an industry leader with a wealth of experience. Kyla knows how to empower her couples to feel their most comfortable in front of her lens in a signature style that is timeless, romantic, and candid and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the know-how and wedding day tips and tricks she had to offer.

As the co-founder of Love & Other Photography, soon to celebrate 10 years in operation, Kyla has seen first-hand the appetite for an entirely bespoke and tailored service, meeting demand with open arms.

And now, with a premium, bespoke service, Kyla fuses over ten years’ experience documenting weddings and events to offer her stand-alone services that means she not only creatively will do your wedding day justice, but her time spent on the ground nurturing relationships, learning the structure and flow of a wedding, and how to get the best out of your planning is invaluable.



Having got to know Kyla ourselves and understanding her ethos when it comes to wedding photography, you begin to understand that Kyla is more than just a photographer. She exudes calm and is incredibly nurturing in her approach. She cherishes what she does, and your day – delicately directing, passionately capturing, all while eliciting fun, laughter and utter ease, making her focal points come to life in the most beautiful way. She loves to focus on the human form and she is obsessed with light, and the end results are more than just a photograph, they become works of art that will be treasured for the rest of time.

We sat down with Kyla and delved a little deeper into what makes her tick with some fabulous wedding advice you shouldn’t miss.


Kyla, with your wide-reaching experience in the industry – let us in on a secret, what’s one of the best things you’ve seen take place on a wedding day and why?

Honestly, I’m a sucker for the enhancements that complement stunning events like champagne towers that everyone can enjoy, fireworks in the sky and choreographed dance routines! Your guests will love it but ultimately I’ve captured my most memorable images for couples who’ve planned a wedding unique to themselves and had formalities they’re comfortable with as this has created the most magical moments.



How would you advise a couple who is camera-shy and would rather avoid a portrait session?

You’ll honestly be so wrapped up in all the love and excitement that you won’t even notice your photo being taken with myself as a candid and natural-style photographer. Capturing some preparations on the day will help break the ice and ease you into a couple’s portrait session together later in the day. Those who are a little apprehensive may like to do a first look privately prior to the ceremony, this is a great opportunity to get some photos together away from all the bustle of the event and means you can enjoy more relaxed time with guests. An engagement shoot in the lead up is also a beautiful way to not only begin feeling comfortable in front of the camera together but also create some additional and more casual memories too.



We often have couples keen to capture their guests as a treasured memory, but aren’t keen on a group photo – can you suggest a workaround?

I’ll always capture candid moments of your guests throughout the ceremony and reception, we also encourage enjoying a few moments with everyone during cocktail hour and getting those thrilled congratulatory shots before ducking off to your bridal suite in preparation for the reception. When doing a first dance I love when guests surround you on the dance floor as it’s lovely to also capture their reactions and emotions in the background, especially if you’ve had something choreographed! If dancing isn’t your thing then an epic send off to conclude the night with sparklers for each of your guests is a great way to incorporate everyone in those final moments.



What kind of preparation have you seen on the morning of a wedding that’s really contributed to the day’s success or the couple’s headspace?

Having planned and allowed enough time prior to your ceremony, preparation in the lead up to the wedding is key to ensuring the day runs smoothly and stress free, so let your professional team assist you with this. Trying on suits and dresses a few days before in case of any amendments you may need to make plus ensuring all hair and makeup have allowed a long enough period without having to rush will also help avoid any unnecessary stress. Most importantly, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water not only the morning of the wedding but in the lead up has proven very beneficial to my couples in feeling super fresh on the day!



Are you able to offer couples an idea of timing for their day? eg. How long to allow for family photos, portraits or other.

Prior to the ceremony I like to allow around three hours to capture preparations depending on locations, then roughly 30 minutes for family photos and an hour for portraits following ceremony. Generally 20 minutes prior to sunset begins to be the best daylight for photos so always try to plan for portraits during this time and it’ll make for the most stunning images!


Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times, how would you describe your process with your couples in the lead up to their day?

During the first consultation I’ll generally try to gauge an idea of where my couples are at in the planning process and suggest any suppliers they may still be searching for, having worked in the industry for nearly 10 years I’ve met some incredible vendors and engaging in businesses that work together regularly will prove very helpful not only on the day but during the planning process in the lead up. Closer to the day we’ll then begin finalising all details such as times for ceremony preparations and photo locations based on their style along with a weather contingent plan if needed, being part of a couples entire wedding planning process is one of my favourite things about being a photographer and I thoroughly enjoy building a relationship with them.


We couldn’t recommend Kyla Scarborough more highly, her passion is evident in all that she does and the results are always breathtaking. Learn more about Kyla over on her website and we suggest securing her as one of your stellar suppliers as soon as possible. See more of her gorgeous photography below.


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