A chat with catering queen, Sarah Roe
A chat with catering queen, Sarah Roe
A chat with catering queen, Sarah Roe
A chat with catering queen, Sarah Roe

A chat with catering queen, Sarah Roe



Securing quality catering is a must for your wedding celebration and when it comes to creating incredible tasting and flexible fare, Sarah Roe Catering is perfect.

Sarah has extensive experience in the food scene and is currently placing more focus on catering for those couples that are looking for gourmet finger food options and food that can literally be eaten on-the-go, her boxed up feeds are sublime.

With Sarah, less is more and she only ever uses fresh and local produce that will create flavour sensations. We were lucky to sit down with Sarah and hear all about her mouth-watering offerings.

Sarah, you are well known for taking the time to get to know your clients and understanding their needs, so what’s the process when it comes to designing a wedding day menu?

After meeting with client, I have their list of particular likes and wants for the menu.  I then usually start with the season. What foods are at their best at that particular time of year. Time of day is another key factor with what to serve. Once I have taken all of these factors into consideration I design a menu that I feel best suits the client for that day.



What would you say is the Sarah Roe Catering signature style when it comes to eating?

My style is simple yet sophisticated. It must look great and of course taste delicious.

I am a caterer not a restaurateur.  At a restaurant you go primarily for the meal, and the company of course, but at a wedding there are many cogs in the wheel for the guests to take in. The bridal party, venue, guests, flowers,  music etc. So my passion is creating menus where the food complements the day and type of celebration.



You are incredibly passionate about food, what are some of your personal favourites on your current menu?

I am certainly a sucker for my little Mushroom tarts served with Truffle oil and sea salt. The taste sensation is just heaven.

Asian Beef rice paper rolls are also my go to favourite, so fresh with a punch of flavour,  yummo!

I love these finger food options as they allow your guests to mingle and talk, while still being fed, and that’s really important.



Are there any trends you are noticing when it comes to wedding day food that you can share with our readers?

I am seeing a lot of brides and grooms wanting a very personal and low-key affair. Rustic, vintage, casual picnic style are words that best describe the trend at the moment. Glamping seems to be the latest trend, which I have to say certainly resonates with my style of food.

Wedding picnics are becoming more popular as couples steer away from the sit down affairs, with this in mind, I am developing a new idea which compliments this outdoorsy trend. I will now we offering ‘food in a box’. The idea being that you could have individual picnic boxes or grazing style finger food boxes specifically designed for that special day. How wonderful to have your guests pick up a box and be able to relax as they take in the celebratory mood.


Are there some top tips you can give to brides and grooms that they should consider when selecting a caterer?

Top tips when selecting a caterer are:

  • make sure your own food style complements the caterers food style
  • always meet with the caterer before committing. It helps you work out whether they are the one for you.
  • be sure to ask your friends who they used, were they good etc.



You are passionate about the beautiful region you live in, what’s are some of your favourite venues to work from?

We are certainly spoilt for choice on the beautiful Bellarine, some of my favourite venues to work from are:

Ravens Creek Farm in Moriac, The Barn in Wallington, Campbell Point House on Lake Connewarre, Rusty Gate and Baie Wines in Curlewis.

I am catering for a wedding in a few weeks at Baie wines..



Are there ways that couples can include Sarah Roe’s fabulous fare into their wedding celebrations, even if they’re not using them at their wedding reception?

Yes, Sarah Roe Catering would love to be part of any stage of the wedding journey and you can include us in your pre, post or after party!

We would love to help you with food to go, all beautifully boxed up. Perfect for when you have your hair and makeup done, with a quick beer for the boys before they head down the aisle, or even for the next day brunch.

I recently catered for a bridal shower collaborating with a florist. The girls produced divine flower crowns then wore them enjoying their gorgeous lunch.



Lastly, do you have any wedding day advice you’d like to pass onto brides to be?

Be true to yourself, do not get too wrapped up in the bridal hype, and when in doubt less is more!


To book your fabulous feast, enquire with Sarah here.

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