Elevate your bridal style with fashion-focused footwear brands
Elevate your bridal style with fashion-focused footwear brands
Elevate your bridal style with fashion-focused footwear brands
Elevate your bridal style with fashion-focused footwear brands

Elevate your bridal style with fashion-focused footwear brands

Photo: Katie Harmsworth


While often the focus is often firmly on the gown, to complete your wedding day look, footwear is another important element to really bring it all together. While comfort is key, and many incredible brands are putting this at the forefront of their designs, we know for many that style is also important, so your shoe choice has a a major role to fulfil.

When considering your big day footwear, here are some tips to keep in mind;

  • define your style – are you looking to keep your gown simple and go OTT on your footwear? Are there embellishments on your dress you could complement with your shoes?
  • before making your purchase, ensure you have your outfit. The length of your outfit – be it a dress, pants or other, style, colour, cut and details will all play a role in determining the perfect shoe.
  • It may sound simple, but try your shoes on before committing to the purchase. And if you just can’t pass up the purchase, ensure you’re across the returns or exchange policy.
  • keep versatility and longevity in mind – will you wear these shoes again? Can they be styled up or down?
  • on your wedding day, you will be wearing your shoes for many hours, so do prioritise comfort, or at least have a pair of comfier options at the ready.

To get to know some of the footwear brands doing bridal beautifully, scroll on.



Chaos & Harmony Bridal Boutique creates luxury, handmade bridal and bridesmaid shoes.

Created to be timeless, modern and elegant, these styles have been designed so you you can enjoy for years to come after your big day. Chaos & Harmony shoes are conversation-starters because they pay attention to every detail, truly believing that style is a powerful tool of self-expression. They are shoes that make you feel good, are designed to enhance your style and made to wear all day and night.

Photos: Motta Weddings, Nick Skinner



Meggan Morimoto is renowned for designing heels that are luxury combined with comfort. Designed in Melbourne, handmade in Tuscany, Italy, Meggan Morimoto footwear challenges the concept that fashion necessarily forsakes comfort, ethically and sustainably, one luxury modern bridal shoe at a time. Her sleek, modern designs are designed to be styled up and then down.

From bows to pearls, leathers and more – the ability to ensure your chosen footwear enhances your own personal style and wedding day approach is a game changer. Loved on your wedding day, lived in for years to come – we adore these designs.




HARLO wedding shoes are designed with the Australian bride in mind and are renowned for their perfect mix of comfort and chic – the answer to your bridal footwear dreams. Featuring an array of modern designs, from pearls, block heels and intricate embellishments, Harlo offers luxury, comfort and style and really complete your wedding day look.
Photos: Katie Harmsworth and Lost in Love Photography



It’s easy to see why Bared Footwear are popular with not just a bride, but entire wedding parties. Bared pride themselves on designing shoes that don’t only look amazing but feel it too. Their comfortable footbeds and cleverly crafted features have seen them gain a cult following and what’s even better is they’re always looking to ensure they create shoes that are kinder to the planet and passionate about giving back to communities in need. It’s a win on all fronts.

Photos: Katie Harmsworth, Kyra Boyer, Tess Follett



Lana Wilkinson is a leading fashion stylist in Australia and her mission is to create contemporary, statement making shoes that can be accessible to every woman. The brand focuses on occasion dressing, with an emphasis on bold hues and feminine details. Lana Wilkinson Shoes are a premium product made from quality leather and finest materials that provide comfort and reassurance that they are made to last.

Photos: Tess Follett, Flossy Photo



Aquazzura have long been known for their luxury footwear that is instantly covetable, helping elevate a bridal look. Made in Italy, Aquazzura strike the perfect balance between contemporary designs and impeccable craftsmanship. When scrolling through their heels it’s hard not to gravitate towards the sophistication they offer, while being crafted with attention to detail and focused on wearability.

Photos: Chloe May, Merve Togan, Katie Harmsworth



You will never be out of vogue with a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. For those who love their luxury footwear brands, Jimmy Choo gives a sense of exclusivity, while feeling confident in the effortless style their designs exude. Without a doubt you will make your day memorable if you say ‘I do’ in Choo.

Photos: Merve Togan, Bianca Virtue, I Got You Babe



Loefflar Randall have become synonymous with bridal footwear and prove to be a popular choice on the wedding scene. What appeals to brides are the versatility of their heels and comfort is a key factor too. They believe in making designs that are distinct and original and they only create in small batches with the aim of selling out so they can reduce waste – so get in quick if you’d like to snap up a pair for your own dream day.

Photos: Allume Weddings, Pretty Flamingo Photography, Ryal Sormaz



With exceptional attention to detail, Dior focus on striking silhouettes that are elegant in their look with signature Dior details. You will often find they have a modern take on classic heels, that are guaranteed to stand out. A lavish splurge but the perfect keepsake of your day.

Photos: Erin & Tara, Katie Harmsworth (images 2, 3)



Pioneers in luxurious fashion, Gucci wearers will exude style, while also feeling absolute comfort, especially if opting for a block heel. Contemporary, and glamorous, their shoes are often adorned with intricate embellishments that set them apart from the rest, while elegantly blending with classic as well as contemporary outfit choices.

Photos: Be Here Be Now, Market Lane Media, Kyra Boyer



Designed in Paris, produced in Italy with Middle Eastern flair inspired by her heritage, Amina Muaddi shoes are designed to capture attention and hearts. Her designs are instantly recognisable and have gained a cult following due to the heels of her shoes flaring out, which creates a unique architectural effect while also maintaining an extremely comfortable base for the wearer.

Photos: Ed Sloane, Finder Seeker Photography (images 2, 3)



Nakedvice shoes strive to create a balance between timelessness and current trends and their Bride Edit does this to perfection. Forever influenced by the 90’s, the Nakedvice designs are an ode to the vintage pieces you search for but can’t find anywhere,  they have a less-is-more simplicity to them that we can’t help but admire. Clean lines and neutral colour palettes see these shoes worn time and time again.

Photos: Vanessa Norris, La Moment Photography, Motta Weddings



Sophia Webster has long been known for her unique, creative and uplifting designs and now, with a signature bridal range, she has captured the attention of brides-to-be. Sophia Webster heels are perfect whether you’re planning a garden party style celebration or a fairytale affair. Keep your heels playful in one of her darling designs.

Photos Motta Weddings, Fern and Stone Photography 


Opting to communicate a dress code for your guests’ consideration can be a great way to help set the tone for your celebration. While a dress code is not a wedding day requirement, but it can be helpful to your guests to have a guide. If, like us, you’re somewhat overwhelmed by the many terms thrown around when it comes to dress codes, take a read here.


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