Bridal & Beyond – New Styles Released: The Meggan Morimoto Ready-to-Wear Collection
Bridal & Beyond – New Styles Released: The Meggan Morimoto Ready-to-Wear Collection
Bridal & Beyond – New Styles Released: The Meggan Morimoto Ready-to-Wear Collection
Bridal & Beyond – New Styles Released: The Meggan Morimoto Ready-to-Wear Collection

Bridal & Beyond – New Styles Released: The Meggan Morimoto Ready-to-Wear Collection


In the world of bridal fashion, where style and comfort often seem at odds, there exists a remarkable fusion that defies convention. Enter Meggan Morimoto, a designer based in Melbourne, whose ready-to-wear footwear challenges the notion that fashion must forsake comfort. Ethical and sustainable, designed in Melbourne and hand-made in Tuscany, her creations redefine luxury one modern bridal shoe at a time.

We’ve long been fans of the Morimoto brand, with it’s versatility and the option for customisation, so bringing you their latest range was an easy choice.

Put your best foot forward and discover the dreamy SS24 collection – a celebration of style, sustainability, and versatility, here.



An extension of her acclaimed ready-to-wear collection, Bridal & Beyond, continues to harmonise style and comfort, all within the framework of a slow and sustainable approach. Each shoe in this collection is produced in limited quantities, effectively reducing waste. The use of premium materials ensures their longevity, and the introduction of detachable embellishments allows for customisation.

This collection presents thirteen sleek and modern designs, thoughtfully crafted to be cherished on your wedding day and loved for years to come. It’s a nod to the idea that bridal fashion can be both timeless and versatile, making a lasting impact on your wardrobe.

New Additions to the Lineup

In addition to Morimoto’s core range, the SS24 Collection introduces exciting new colorways and fabrications to some of her most sought-after styles. The Bianca, a sleek pointed-toe bridal pump, now offers a timeless pearlized white nappa leather option, or for those daring to push boundaries, there’s a mesh alternative in exquisite beige and white mesh, paired with the brand’s signature butter-soft nappa leather.

The beloved Alma style re-emerges with a fresh new take, now available in two options – white mesh and pearled white nappa leather. For brides who prefer an ultra-high heel and a platform sole, the Victoria stiletto sandal is a stunning choice, crafted in soft metallic nappa leather. Completing the lineup is the Martina mule, a timeless and elegant option, now released in pearled white nappa.

Customisation: Making it Truly Yours

What sets Meggan Morimoto’s designs apart is the thoughtful inclusion of 13 handcrafted, detachable embellishments. Clip-on pearl embellishments, metallic leather obi bows, organza blossoms, tulle bows, pearl anklets, and silk ankle wraps allow brides to customise their look. This means you can style your Morimoto shoes up or down, adapting them to perfectly match your vision.

Comfort and Stability: A Priority

Each Meggan Morimoto style features a hidden treasure trove of comfort features. Premium Italian nappa leathers and fabrics keep busy bridal feet blister-free, while a nappa lining minimises friction and allows the foot to breathe. But the real magic lies in the custom-designed, hidden comfort insoles made from podiatric memory foam PORON, providing cushioning that moulds to your foot. Meaning? A beautifully stable, balanced shoe, without that all-too- common pressure on the balls of the feet.


Affordable Luxury with Meggan Morimoto

Meggan Morimoto’s luxury ready-to-wear shoes start at $909, with detachable embellishments ranging from $109 to $189. For added convenience, bundles that include both shoes and detachable embellishments are available, priced between $963 and $989. To explore this captivating collection of bridal footwear, head to and discover a world where style, comfort, and sustainability coexist harmoniously. Make your bridal journey even more special with Meggan Morimoto’s unique creations.


Meet Meggan

Launching her bridal shoe brand in 2018, Meggan Morimoto embarked on a straightforward mission – to revolutionise the concept of luxury designer wedding heels.

“My idea was to design a high heel collection that was both striking in appearance and wearable in design. I wanted
to challenge expectations of what a comfort high heel could look like and expand the conventional offering of
luxury bridal footwear to include both comfort and style, equally.”

So, where did she start? In Italy, naturally. Leaving behind a career as a business coach, Meggan used her natural
tenacity and talent for negotiation to gain entrée into the famously inaccessible world of designer footwear. Under
the mentorship of former Roger Vivier Creative Director Mark Schwartz, she began to make inroads and secured
her pick of suppliers and factories in Tuscany. Artisans who’ve been in the shoe game for generations – working for
the likes of Manolo, Gucci and Westwood.

What’s in a name?

While the brand is eponymous, it’s also a nod to the designer’s heritage.

“In design, I’m interested in the intersection of the old and the new: traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary style. As such, I thought it was fitting to name my label after the original influencer of my style sensibilities, my late Japanese grandmother Teruko Morimoto.

“Independent, stylish, intelligent, charismatic and self-assured, she was radically unconventional for her time and
embodies the essence of my label.”

Design Philosophy: Wabi Sabi

At the heart of Meggan’s designs is the Japanese aesthetic philosophy, Wabi Sabi. “’Wabi’ translates to simplicity,
freshness and understated elegance, whilst ‘Sabi’ refers to the beauty of imperfection.

“The idea that nothing is ever finished or perfect resonates with me. When we slow down our design process and embrace elements of imperfection, we can achieve another dimension of beauty.”

This approach is reflected in designs that marry blunt lines with feminine curves to create asymmetry, with multiple
fabrics and leathers creating texture and imbalance. A selection of detachable embellishments allows brides to ‘finish’ their look. Styling shoes up and then down.


In conclusion, Meggan Morimoto’s shoe designs are a captivating fusion of artistry, innovation, and versatility. They represent the ideal choice for those who seek to step into a world of elegance and make a statement with every stride. Explore her collection, and you’ll find the perfect pair to express your unique style and elevate your fashion game to new heights.



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