Bridal Trends for 2024 Weddings Inspired by Grace Loves Lace
Bridal Trends for 2024 Weddings Inspired by Grace Loves Lace
Bridal Trends for 2024 Weddings Inspired by Grace Loves Lace
Bridal Trends for 2024 Weddings Inspired by Grace Loves Lace

Bridal Trends for 2024 Weddings Inspired by Grace Loves Lace


Are you saying ‘I do’ in 2024?

If so, meet Grace and Dahlia, the newest additions to the Grace Loves Lace family—an artful vision of elevated confidence and free-spirited romance. We love how the campaign draws inspiration from the countryside of Portugal, featuring an ethereal landscape and earthy coloured tones. Grace Loves Lace shared with us the dreamy new collection campaign and the vision behind the design process, that was inspired by customer feedback.

Meet the bridal brand that has redefined the wedding industry – Grace Loves Lace.

Not only is it the brand behind The World’s Most Pinned Wedding Dress on Pinterest, but the brand also modernised the bridal market, with collections infused with timeless touches, unique designs, and comfortable fabrics. Immerse yourself in the 2024 bridal trends with Grace and Dahlia.



There is a reason why she’s called “Grace”

The Grace Loves Lace woman loves lace, but also adores silk, crepe, embroidery, and tulle. If you’re wondering what the Grace gown would look like, well, she might not be what you’d expect. In 2024, brides are the ones defining the upcoming bridal trends. In fact, this particular design was crafted based on data and valuable feedback, that is defining tomorrow’s style. As they say, muses inspire to create. The Grace gown was designed to fulfil all the ‘must-haves’ while staying true to the brand’s values.

Infused with a touch of Hollywood flair, the gown is timeless and perfect for the bride who wants to leave a lasting impression. If you describe yourself as non-traditional and confident, the Grace gown could tick all the boxes for you. She is unique, effortless, and tailored to the modern bride.

Gone are the days of every bride wearing the same bridal attire. In 2024, brides are becoming fuss-free and ready to break away from tradition. Grace Loves Lace encourages their brides to wear the gown that feels most like themselves. The Grace gown not only takes inspiration from the freedom and beauty of the countryside of Portugal, she is also crafted with the characteristics of the modern bride who wants to feel amazing and comfortable. Made from stretch crepe and featuring a figure-hugging silhouette, the gown caters to the bride who wants to enhance her body shape in all the right areas. She provides unmatched ease of movement and is infused with symmetry and a touch of drama.



Dahlia is a vision of effortlessness.

We know that all the hallmarks of your Pinterest boards include graphic lace, embroidered pieces, and corset silhouettes. The top bridal trends in 2024 are now catering to a group of modern brides, ready to say, ‘I do’ to new show-stopping details, textures, and edgy designs.

If you’re loving the Clo Lace and the iconic Chelo gowns, then the Dahlia creation may be calling your name. She was curated to be tomorrow’s masterpiece, crafted with delicate roses and eyelash lace. Dahlia is filled with romance, passion, and femininity.

The Dahlia wedding dress features a figure-hugging and flare silhouette. Made from lightweight and delicate lace, the gown won’t be over-staged. They say that less is more and we couldn’t agree more. Looking at Dahlia’s angled waist seam and curved hip panels, we love the effortless illusion of structure whilst still enhancing and elevating your silhouette.



If you’re looking for a romantic yet non-traditional way to celebrate your nuptials, get ready to embrace the bridal trends for 2024.

From lace necklines to brilliant fabrics and feminine gowns, this is your year to infuse your bridal attire with your personal touch.

This season, Grace Loves Lace is reimagining its current styles to cater to all Grace brides’ favourites while staying true to the underlying trends of 2024.



Handmade and crafted to perfection, Grace Loves Lace are all about effortlessly beautiful wedding dresses and are designed for comfort, luxury and movement. Innovative and eco-friendly, shop their designs for your own dream day now. 

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