Caravan Sounds – the ultimate party starters
Caravan Sounds – the ultimate party starters
Caravan Sounds – the ultimate party starters
Caravan Sounds – the ultimate party starters

Caravan Sounds – the ultimate party starters

Photo: Whites and Woods


Caravan Sounds is a classy little Caravan DJ Audio booth, in the shape of a classic vintage van. Built for top tier outdoor events (or large indoor spaces). They make it simple to party outdoors under the stars, rolling out as easy as they roll in.

Billie and Benny, the eye-catching caravans that house the good times, bring a unique focal point to a wedding – looking great and sounding even better.

With DJ Sarah Mac, who has been behind the decks with over 15 years of experience in weddings, events, pubs and clubs, it’s an entertainment offering that will keep your guests talking for all the right reasons, long after your day is done.

We recently sat down with Sarah to delve into the DJ world, seek her opinion on the hottest music choices, and discover just how Caravan Sounds can bring the best vibes to any wedding celebration – read on here.



Billie and Benny sure are party starters, for couple’s looking to invite them to their big day, what do they need to provide and what is included with the caravans? 

Included with the caravan packages you’ll find quality audio equipment perfect for an outdoor wedding of approximately 150 people. Wireless microphones, ‘Good Vibes’ neon, 6 party lights, picket fencing to keep it tidy, 50km free travel, killer DJ and one hell of a party!

Before the day I’m available for Zoom planning chats, music playlists to inspire and simply be there to hold your hand if you need someone to bounce ideas off of.

There are add ons we can assist with too in regards to the ceremony music, cocktail hour or decor.

From our couples we ask for a clear entry, a fairly flat surface and power if available, however we can provide a generator if required.


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If a couple are looking to have other live performers, then lead into a DJ, is this something that you can accommodate?

Absolutely, we have a mixer on board separate to the DJ decks that allows performers to plug directly into our sound system if they would like to do so.

Live music to set the tone, into a pumping dance floor is an absolute vibe.

Live music or DJ? Why not both!


Photo: Pure Mac Photography


Music choices can be a pretty personal choice, can couples have any say in the music shared on their day? But also, can you help couple’s who might not feel so confident in the perfect music choices to get their guests up and dancing?

Yes and yes!

From early on I like to get a really good understanding about what music excites the couple and their crowd. Some couples will have music in a playlist ready to go while others dread this part of it, but all they know is they ‘want all their friends and family to have fun’. Either way is fine.

For those who need a hand, we have playlists available online as inspiration for couples to browse and perhaps find something that they think sounds like the mood they are chasing. I want to make the process easy for them.

If the couple is happy to have a friendly Zoom, I love to ask them some musical questions.

You never know, they might drop a little golden nugget in conversation that helps me throw a fun curveball on the dance floor.

We certainly aren’t an agency, 9 times out of 10 I (Sarah) will be your DJ. So who you communicate with, will be the person there on the day.

And on the rare occasions when simply ‘life’ is in play for me,’The Rumpshaker’ Daniel Toop or DJ Tim Mac, (both seasoned pro’s with 30 years experience between them) will be your host.


Photo: Whites and Woods


Is there an opportunity for couples to personalise the caravans to suit their wedding style, decor etc, and if so, in what ways?

Totally, much like our couples, the caravans are beautiful by themselves, but it’s a special day, so why not get dressed up!

Personalised decals with your names or #hashtag are available. These always look brilliant.

You can dress the vans benches in flowers, candles, pictures, neons.

It really looks fabulous with an arrangement on the caravans bench which ties it into the rest of the decor.


Photo: Ben McNamara


There will be speeches during the evening, are you able to provide a PA system? Or even an MC if a couple would prefer not to have a friend or family member do this?

We have a portable PA system for the ceremony and or cocktail hour if they are in a different location to the reception. Easy peasy. We can even cue your ceremony music for you.

And while some people have a family member who has been waiting for their moment to shine behind the mic, some people don’t, or don’t want to put the burden on anyone. So we can take the mic and can keep it all on track for you as your MC.


We know Billie and Benny love a road trip, but what states do your caravans work within?

You’ll find Caravan Billie in Victoria and Caravan Benny in Darwin.

Billie certainly clocks up the kilometre’s travelling all across the state from Albury to Warrnambool.

Benny lives in Darwin, but has made trips down to Katherine and surrounds.

All of our packages come with 50km free travel either way, then an industry standard travel fee after that.


Photo: Chamore Creations


What is your favourite part of a wedding celebration?

Of course I love a packed dance floor.

That goes without saying. It brings a brilliant energy.

Hands in the air, jumping around, what a vibe.

But for those couples who aren’t scared to be vulnerable and really invest in a personal first dance, it’s absolute magic to witness.

A simple, slow dance, to a beautifully written track.

Looking at one another like no one else is in the room. Time stops.

Those moments are really special.


Photo: Be Here Be Now Photo & Films


What are some of the best reception entrance songs you’ve seen couples use?

Jump in the Line – Harry Belafonte (Curveball and so fun)

World of our Love – Client Liaison

All of the Lights – Kanye West

Jump around – House of Pain

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder – (Always love a classic)


Share with us your top 5 songs that are guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire. 

Rhythm is a Dancer – Snap

Music Sounds better with you – Stardust

Ain’t no mountain High enough – Laureano Remix

Bonkers – Dizzee Rascal

Dance with Me – 112


Let the good times roll with Caravan Sounds and make your wedding celebration an unforgettable affair by sending your enquiry here

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