Getting to know Emma of Blush Makeup Artistry
Getting to know Emma of Blush Makeup Artistry
Getting to know Emma of Blush Makeup Artistry
Getting to know Emma of Blush Makeup Artistry

Getting to know Emma of Blush Makeup Artistry

Navigating the world of bridal make-up can be tricky, and you definitely need to have faith in the beauty team you surround yourself with on your day.

Emma McFarlance, the founder and director of Blush Makeup Artistry not only has talent and experience in providing flawless make-up looks, but also a host of helpful hints and tips a bride should consider in the lead up to a wedding.

Emma and her team love nothing better than immersing themselves in all the fun you and your bridesmaids have on the day, so we chatted to the passionate creative to get the lowdown on the latest trends, nailing your makeup look and the three things a bride shouldn’t leave home without!


You have an extensive background in make-up – can you talk us through how you came to be in the beauty world?

I have had a total crush on all things make-up from as young as I can recall. It was an innate pull towards the colour and beauty it creates.  Although looking back I didn’t expect to be managing my company and overseeing such a fabulous team, other avenues felt unnatural. Makeup is me.



What has been your career highlight?

Wow, over 16 years in the industry there have been many, so it’s hard to pin-point just one.  However, I still get just as much pleasure now as when I first began transforming a bride on her wedding day – it is such a special moment when she sees herself as a ‘bride’ for the first time. I feel honoured to be part of creating it.



What element of bridal make-up do you enjoy most?

Definitely the vibe on the wedding morning! The tunes are on, champagne is flowing, the excitement and anticipation. It really just feels like we are ‘playing with the girls’ – it never feels like work – how lucky are we?!

What is your advice to brides when choosing a make-up look?  What should they consider?

My only advice would be to stay true to yourself. If you are generally a minimalist of the make-up world, don’t go against your grain. We help to create the exact look that makes you feel beautiful both inside and out.



What are some beauty tips you would pass onto the bride-to-be?

Try to keep as de-stressed and hydrated as possible in the lead up to the big day. Your skin tells a thousand tales so giving it lots of love will serve you well.

What would you say is the current beauty trend in weddings?

I have to say, I am loving the bolder lip options brides are trending with this season. Feminine, sophisticated, with a shift towards old-world glamour – it is understated elegance.



What three make-up items should a bride not leave home without?

Translucent powder – for any teary-eyed brides

Lip colour – to keep your mouth kiss-worthy all day/night

Finishing spray – to boost and lock in hydration for a flawless complexion all day and night




What is the Blush make-up mantra?

Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through! – Janelle Monae

Be your own kind of beautiful.

What can brides to be expect from the Blush experience?

Blush Brides can expect a relaxed lead up to their big day knowing that we have their make-up and hair needs covered. Our professional team will consult, plan and deliver your unique vision and have been doing so year after year.



To get booking the ultimate Blush experience for your day, contact Emma and her team here.

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