Choosing your dream team of wedding suppliers.
Choosing your dream team of wedding suppliers.
Choosing your dream team of wedding suppliers.
Choosing your dream team of wedding suppliers.

Choosing your dream team of wedding suppliers.

Photo by Janneke Storm


So, you’re ready to seal the deal with the ‘one’. You have all the love in the world and a catalogue of amazing ideas and inspiration. You may have your date, venue and even your bridal party lined up, but how do you go about securing the A-Team – that special set of suppliers that will ease your wedding planning troubles and ensure your day runs as smoothly and as beautifully as it does on your secret board on Pinterest?

Here are our red hot tips for picking your wedding day supporting cast.


Know your limits.

Settle on how much you are willing to invest. There are plenty of things you may both want, but being conscious of a spending threshold, and sticking to what’s essential is crucial to easing the wedding burden. It’s also a courteous to be aware of potential vendors time – being open and honest about budgets and managing expectations goes a long way.


Photo by Janneke Storm


What’s your flavour?

With so much inspiration at our fingertips, use your research time to really define what piques your interest and the things you love most. These will become important points when discussing your day with your suppliers.

You will have an idea of your wish list – the non-negotiables and the things that perhaps don’t weigh as heavily when it comes to decision making, prioritise these.

If you couldn’t imagine your day without those incredible flowers you spotted on Instagram (or through one of our amazing Ivory Tribe line-up of floral fabulousness), or your favourite wedding band to get your dance-floor pumping – make room for them in the list, you won’t regret it.



Photo by Katie Harmsworth



Get the nitty gritty.

Word of mouth from your nearest and dearest who have been through their own wedding planning journey will be invaluable.

Invest time researching and take on board those referrals from friends or trusted websites – you can then find out what makes these vendors special and add them to your wish list.



Touch base.

After the online stalking has settled and you have refined your style – put the feelers out there. Vendors often book up well in advance so checking availability and getting a feel for their vibe will help to narrow this list down further. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and even arrange a time to meet – if feasible, this is another great way of seeing whether you as a couple fit with the vision and operating rhythm of the vendor. Don’t worry if you don’t – not every pairing is a match made in heaven.

A tip-top supplier is someone who is a good balance of knowing what to do, meeting your brief and also being flexible.


Photo by Free The Bird Weddings


Pick your match.

Trusting the knowledge and experience of your wedding day dream team is crucial. When unexpected not-so-welcome surprises pop up in the lead-up to or on the big day, having the right people in place to execute plan B or ensure the day runs seamlessly will ease your burden. Suppliers that share your passion for the event will make for building a great relationship and shared excitement of the magic you are about to create.



The essentials.

Ensure your wedding suppliers display the level of professionalism and pizazz you feel you deserve.

Communication is key. Ask questions, share concerns and be flexible in your requests.

Trust their experience. Let them guide you through the process with their expertise.

Ultimately a trusted supplier can and will provide you with the best wedding experience possible, and that’s worth investing in.


Photo by Danielle Symes


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