Circular Fashion for the Wedding Industry
Circular Fashion for the Wedding Industry
Circular Fashion for the Wedding Industry
Circular Fashion for the Wedding Industry

Circular Fashion for the Wedding Industry

Bridesmaids gowns – Bec & Bridge Photo: Jess Nicholls


As you’re likely aware, the fashion industry is in desperate need of change and the way we consume clothing needs to be addressed.

We recently came across a concept from Aussie-based business Rntr., who is changing the landscape when it comes to wedding fashion. With their philosophy being – wear better, spend less we were immediately captivated with their offering that puts sustainability and affordability at the forefront.

Rntr. is an all-in-one clothing rental platform that connects you directly to your favourite brands, creating a more environmentally friendly and cheaper way to interact with high quality fashion brands – an absolute god send for those on the hunt for wedding wear – whether you’re the bride, part of a wedding party or a guest.

They’re also offering Ivory Tribe readers a sweet discount too! Be sure to scroll on.

Now more than ever we’re embracing rental or second hand and vintage wardrobes, so why not embrace a rental wedding dress?

Hear us out.



Brides nowadays often have multiple wedding looks (and their guests might feel the need to too)! From the hens to the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception and after party to the recovery day now very popular in 2022. These multiple looks add pressure on the bride to be spending big when in reality these pieces will probably never be worn again unless they’re resold or rehomed.

If you’re concerned about excessive spending and the impact of underutilised clothing purchases, Rntr. could just be the perfect solution.

Rntr. is working in conjunction with Australian bridal couture brand Deborah Selleck, who’s thoughtfully designed, unique and proudly Australian made items are now on offer as part of a bridal rental service for those seeking a more environmentally friendly (and cost effective) alternative to brand new wedding gowns.

Offering 4-, 8-, 14- and 30-day rental options for the brides to be, your desired style is delivered to your door and posted back in the mail, no cleaning or storing necessary. You can take a look the Deborah Selleck rental range here.


Deborah Selleck dress available on Rntr.


Deborah Selleck skirt and body suit available on Rntr.


However, Rntr.’s offering doesn’t just stop with brides, it is also the perfect solution for wedding parties and guests looking for their latest outfit.

Whether you’re the maid of honour, sister-in-law or an attendee, costs can easily skyrocket when attending a wedding. Buying an outfit, hair and makeup, travel, meals and purchasing a wedding gift, all adds up.

Enter Rntr., who have an incredible wedding guest edit full of designer pieces. Think brands such as Manning Cartel, SIR., Aje, Bec & Bridge all available at a fraction of the price.


Bec & Bridge Salton Sea One Shoulder Midi Dress available on Rntr.


SIR. Sofia Maxi Dress available on Rntr.


In addition to this is Rntr.’s peer-to-peer service, allowing individuals to rent out their own outfits worn to weddings – an opportunity to make some money on pre-loved items, and stamp out that environmental impact.

Now we’ve introduced Rntr. let’s just recap quickly all the benefits of using a platform such as this.

  • Access to designer bridal fits for a fraction of the retail price so you save big.
  • A new and fresh look for each occasion without breaking the budget.
  • You’ll be opting in for a more sustainable option.
  • You’ll be a part of the story of each garment you rent, knowing it will be worn and loved by the next bride, bridesmaid or wedding guest.
  • You’ll have amazing pics in all your fits (thank us later).


Rntr. is so excited about this they would love to offer the Ivory Tribe community a $25.00 voucher for brides and guests, simply use the code IVORYTRIBE at checkout.

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