First look photos: Pros and cons from a wedding photographer
First look photos: Pros and cons from a wedding photographer
First look photos: Pros and cons from a wedding photographer
First look photos: Pros and cons from a wedding photographer

First look photos: Pros and cons from a wedding photographer

First look wedding photos. Yay or nay?

While traditionally a couple tend to not see each other until the wedding ceremony takes place, first look wedding photos have definitely become a modern trend in weddings.

If you’re debating as to whether you break tradition and share this sweet moment with your soon-to-be spouse, or don’t even know what a first look is, you’re not alone. Many worry about whether it’s the right decision for them. So, who better to ask than a talented and experienced wedding photographer.

We enlisted the expertise of Sonya, of Tales of Romance Atelier, who has shared with us some pros, cons and alternatives before you take the leap into first look wedding photos.




A first look is when a bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The intimate moment is shared between the couple with the wedding photographer present to capture photos of when they first see each other.





If you’re on the fence about having a private first look with your partner, four benefits make the moment worth every second.

Great for when the days are shorter. First look wedding photos give you more time to take your couple portrait photos while there’s still plenty of daylight. This is especially important when you’re having a Winter wedding and the days are shorter. You can rest assured that you have already captured your wishlist of photos before you tie the knot.

A moment alone. One of the biggest reasons people choose to have a first look is to share the moment alone instead of in front of their guests. And contrary to popular belief, first looks don’t ruin the moment but get you even more excited to walk down the aisle.

You’re next to each other in the photos. When you plan to have a first look, you can capture your and your partner’s reactions next to each other. When taking photos during the ceremony, the photographer has to switch between photos of your reaction and your partner’s reaction.

It’s fun and creative. Wedding day first look photos are the perfect time to get creative and have fun. Common ideas include the groom turning around to see the bride, revealing the bride behind a door, or walking into an area where the bride is standing.




If you’re leaning towards having a first look, then here are a few cons that you might want to consider before settling on your decision.

Your family and friends won’t be there. Because a first look is between the bride and groom, friends and family won’t witness the moment. However, for some couples, sharing the moment with their loved ones is important.

You won’t be married in the photos.It’s important to remember that you won’t actually be married in your portrait photos if you decide to take those after you see each other.

You have to get ready earlier. Depending on the time of the ceremony, planning to have a first look might mean that you need to get ready for the day earlier, which can affect the schedule for the day.

There’s an unexpected pressure. That first moment you see each other, you’ll be overwhelmed with happiness and love. But afterwards, you might feel pressure to have the same level of emotion when walking down the aisle.




Here are a few alternatives for those who want to capture the same intimacy and romance without having the first look.

First look but leave something out. A really great alternative is a variation of first looks. For example, you can hold hands while you stand on the other side of a door or send a video for them to watch before meeting at the altar.

Do a half first look. Another option is to do a half first look. For example, you can meet your partner outside with just your hair and makeup done.

Do a family first look. Family first looks are a popular alternative to first looks between the bride and groom. Usually, the couple will have unique first looks with their parents, siblings and wedding parties.



Overall, first look wedding photos are an excellent opportunity to share an intimate moment with your significant other before officially tying the knot. It allows you to capture some beautiful photos, get excited together before walking down the aisle and use the daylight for Winter weddings.

If you’re worried about ruining the moment when you walk down the aisle, consider some alternatives, such as a half first look or first looks with family.


Tales of Romance Atelier is all about fostering relationships with couples in order to capture elegant, heartfelt imagery that evokes emotion. So you know you’re in the best of hands if you secure her talents for your own day. See more of her stunning work and check her availability here

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