Hints and tips for stunning stationery with Confetti Edition x Danger & Moon
Hints and tips for stunning stationery with Confetti Edition x Danger & Moon

Hints and tips for stunning stationery with Confetti Edition x Danger & Moon


Never underestimate the effect of stunning stationery when it comes to setting the tone for your dream day, and never underestimate the talent of one of our favourite stationers Confetti Edition x Danger & Moon.

Lead by the talented Annette, Confetti Edition x Danger & Moon not only provides the most seamless stationery experience, but their end product is always a reflection of a couples personality and the party that lies ahead.

We sat down with Annette to learn all about stationery and how to put together the perfect party invite.



When we think of stationery for a wedding day, often we only think of invitations, can you tell us exactly what stationery can be involved in a wedding celebration?

Your stationery is just about anything that involves paper for your day. Before sending your invitation packs out, consider how your guests will RSVP (paperless or send back). Also, be sure to consider what other details they need to know prior to the day (accommodation, transport, map, gifts). The more information you can give to your guests within the invitation, the less phone calls and questions you will have to field in the lead up.

Then we have on the day stationery. On the day stationery not only serves as part of your décor but instructions to guests of where to go and what time, where to leave cards and gifts and what they can order at the bar. Consider what complements each other. Do you need name cards and table numbers to accompany a seating plan? Though, we have made it pretty easy as we provide a simple checklist that couples can tick through on our website.



How does the process work when a couple book your services for their wedding day? Do you collaborate together and does this take place only via email?

The very first thing I do when I receive a quote is pick up the phone. I LOVE chatting to a potential client and getting familiar with them first. My next stop is to book a time for a wine, so I can meet my couples face to face. It’s great to meet a couple together, to see how they bounce off each other and get a feel for them. I’m trying to not only capture their day, but the essence of them on paper. Couples collaborate with me throughout the design process and I’ll go back and forth with them until their dream invite is created, it’s really organic process. Designs are sent over email but quite often we’ll pick up the phone, facetime or even have another wine to discuss things further. Once we’ve nailed the design over email I send off a mock up – one invite to approve prior to the bulk run. Wherever I can I deliver invites in person.



We must say, your stationery is always so on trend, luxe and beautiful – what inspires you?

I spent close to two decades working in the fashion industry as a fashion designer, textile designer and a senior trend forecaster, so to spot and source a trend is second nature to me. What really inspires me is a challenge. If I see a new trend new pop up I immediately begin to source it so once enquiries come in I’m all over it. I spend A LOT of time on Pinterest and Instagram. I look at a lot of trade shows in Paris and what the big fashion houses are doing too. It’s all interlinked together. I am really inspired by packaging and fonts. I’m such a geek! In the supermarket, on tv, even at the post office! I see beautiful packaging and I’m definitely taking photos.  I’m like a magpie collecting tiny ideas from everywhere.



Why is getting your wedding stationery right so important?

Ohhhh good question! It’s funny as a lot of people often leave their stationery until last or attempt it themselves as it’s not perceived as a necessity. However your wedding invite is the very first official part of your big day that all your guests will see. It sets the tone of the day and what guests can expect. The design is a reflection of the wedding and you as a couple, the wording sets the expectation (casual/formal/fun/tradtional/modern), it dictates what your guests should wear, and it conveys all the details they need to know. When you’re planning your wedding if you don’t communicate all these details to your guests you will be guaranteed to get 1000 questions (or they’ll call your mum and then she’ll hassle you!) Finally, it’s a little keepsake you will have for years to come. I collect all of my friends’ weddings invites. I’ve even had a Mother of the Bride show me her wedding invitation from over 30 years ago. It was very special.



Right now we are seeing that a lot of stunning signage is being used at wedding celebrations. Do you offer signage as part of your services, and where are brides and grooms using this signage and what for?

Absolutely. Couples have really savvy’d up to the fact that signage not only directs guests throughout the day but is an integral part of your styling too. It works within its environment to create atmosphere. The language you use on the signs contributes to this too. I love a quote on a sign like “Trust Me You Can Dance – Alcohol”.  This is why it’s important for me when taking a brief to understand what a couple plans their day to look and feel like, why they chose a venue and what is the bridal party wearing etc. Then I can make educated and professional suggestions on designs and brain storm ideas.

Besides the styling factor, the last thing you need is people coming up to you on the day to you to ask you where and when to go next. Your signage does this for you. We’re one of the very few studio’s that offers this as well as your other stationery. It’s really important to me that there is consistency in your designs throughout. Even if there’s something that I can’t do (which is rare) I’ll tell you where to go to get it and offer to work in collaboration with other vendors to send fonts so that everything ties together.



Are there any trends (current or emerging) you are seeing with stationery at the moment?

Currently when I’m briefed in on a wedding theme it is guaranteed one of the following: greenery and/or florals, marble and monochromatic, navy most likely with burgundy. I’m seeing a decline in rustic and boho and a rise in industrial meets modern (think copper arbours and marble textures). Personally, I’m in love with the huge movement toward transparency with both Vellum envelopes and belly bands in stationery and clear acrylic in signage. I’m also seeing a lot of raw silk ribbons and wax seals for finishing. Foil is by far and away our number one most requested specialty print effect.



Do you have any advice for brides when it comes to choosing their stationery?

Educate yourself on just what you are getting for your money. Many places will charge additional for personalisation, envelope printing and for a piece of paper that goes with the invite (like RSVP). It’s also important to understand specialty printing effects and that they cost more and take time to do. With foil printing so popular, many brides are shocked to find out how much this can cost. It’s all over Pinterest and Instagram so I think people assume it’s standard. But stationery studios are going to showcase their most stunning work, and this usually means it’s got all the bells and whistles.

Consider what you are prepared to (or have time to) attempt yourself. Again many places will not construct your invites, they’ll arrive cut and you’ll need to put it together yourself. Do you have the patience to not have your kitchen table for a week?

It’s also really important to choose a studio whose design handwriting matches the look you are after.



What’s your favourite colour combination?

This is like asking me to choose a favourite child (lucky I only have one!) And it’ll probably change next week. I’m really obsessed with pink at the moment especially when paired with grey and for something a bit more fun, red. Pink is absolutely the key colour of the decade hence the term Millennial Pink. Pantone just named Ultra Violet their 2018 colour of the year so it’ll be interesting to see how purple comes into play in the next 12 months too. It’s been on the catwalks for a while so may begin finally trickling down to mainstream and other areas like bridal very soon.



Can you help guide a couple when it comes to the wording they should use on their stationery?

For sure! I have a big fat folio of ideas. I really encourage a couple to use language that sounds like them, words that they would use and that is reflective of the wedding. This is setting the scene for the party to follow, so if you want people to let their hair down then let’s say it! I’ve also got lots of examples of how to request children don’t attend and how to politely say “we just want cash because now we’re broke”.



Ultimately, what is the Confetti Edition vision?

To have fun! I’m such a huge sucker for a love story and beyond excited for every wedding. I want to celebrate with you from your bridesmaid proposal and engagement party through to your thank you cards. It’s so important to me to make every step of the way easy, seamless and enjoyable. In an online world, I want to give all of my couples a really personal touch with my service.  I’m married and I often reflect on what I needed and ask the same of friends and couples too. I was so frustrated by all the cookie cutter invites around that were not “us” at all. As a result of this I’m big on breaking the mould and creating only bespoke stationery with no “off the shelf” designs.  I’ve spent a lot of time researching the market to see what is offered to couples and carefully carving a niche to provide a complete service. So you don’t have to do a thing other than sit back and get gorgeous completed invites delivered directly to your door.


Be sure to send an enquiry to Confetti Edition x Danger & Moon so you can get going on your stationery and impress all your guests!

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