How to best prepare before your first outfit appointment.
How to best prepare before your first outfit appointment.
How to best prepare before your first outfit appointment.
How to best prepare before your first outfit appointment.

How to best prepare before your first outfit appointment.

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You’re engaged and starting to secure your A-Team of suppliers to bring your day to life. Next on the list? Outfits, of course!

While an exciting time, it can be overwhelming as you start to consider your wedding day ensemble. From what you want to where, to where you will find it, it’s important to be prepared to make the shopping experience stress-free.

We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to be best prepared before you purchase your incredible wedding day wear.




When it comes to shopping, timelines play an important role in how far in advanced you will need to secure your outfit. Keep in mind that the time of year you’re getting married will also play into availability and supplier requirements.


If you’re looking for a custom gown this process can typically take between 6-12 months, depending on the supplier used, so it’s best to allow enough time as possible and start your search around the 12-month mark.

While off the rack gowns can make for a simpler process, remember that your item/s may need alterations, so this needs to be factored in. Each boutique and designer will have different processes – with some offering alterations in-house, and others sending you to a third party. Ask these questions as you start your shopping experience to help build both your timeline and budget.


Our friends at YSG Tailors have given us some guidance here. For wedding suits, they prefer to catch up for a 1st introduction/consultation fitting 6-9 months out from the big day. They then stagger your suit fittings accordingly, leading up to the wedding date. Whilst high preference is placed on delivering all your goods 4-5 weeks before the day, most places can be adaptable in special circumstances.



While some bridal boutiques may allow walk-ins, many will only accept appointments. Booking an appointment in advance means the designer/boutique can have a dedicated consultant to help you find the perfect outfit. A quick phone call, email enquiry, or many places now have online booking systems, will allow you to secure a spot and know you will receive the attention you need.


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The price of wedding outfits can vary quite drastically – anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Before you book an appointment it’s important to set your budget and be clear exactly what it is. This ensures that when you go to an appointment you can be clear with your consultant exactly what your price range is, while saving the stress of falling in love with something that is completely out of budget.

Don’t be afraid to call or email boutiques and designers in advance to ask what their price ranges are. Many will share their starting point on their websites, and also let you know whether there is a booking fee attached to the fitting/first visit. Oftentimes, this fee is required to secure your time there, and redeemable at the time of purchasing your gown.

When setting your budget don’t forget the extra expenses you may not have considered – alterations, footwear, accessories (think ties or veils), jewellery etc.



We are so lucky to have a variety of choice in Australia and beyond when it comes to wedding ensembles. Start your research early so you can understand the locations (are you happy to purchase an outfit online or travel interstate for fittings?) as well as price ranges.

Use the internet to your advantage by visiting websites, social media and even ask family and friends who they have had experiences with when it comes to finding outfits.

Considering not only cut, but fabrics used, the process involved and whether your items are made here in Australia, or beyond – will all impact timing, budget and your personal preferences.


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As you research, create a moodboard of the kind of looks and feel you’re after. Save all the looks you’re drawn to, and even save other ideas like your venue and styling so you know your look will be cohesive with your overall wedding style. This will help your consultant a great deal when it comes to helping choose looks and styles you will try on, however, it is important to keep an open mind, which leads us to our next point.



While it is indeed important to create a moodboard and you might have a firm idea of what you think you will wear, go into your appointments with an open mind. More often than not, we hear so many of you say that that you ended up buying something completely different to what you envisioned. Keeping an open mind makes the process so much more enjoyable for everybody, have fun with it. Try styles you might not typically choose, let go of expectations and don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Your consultant is an expert in knowing what styles and silhouettes will suit, so let them guide you too.



When considering who you’d like to be a part of your wedding day ensemble experience – we’d suggest that the old adage of less is more, is a decent one. Of course, depending on your crew, your own personality and the experience you are after, your needs will differ, though with a room full of gushing pals – it can at times be hard to hear yourself think. Consider taking one or two key players along, factor in the boutiques you’re visiting (how many guests can they comfortably accomodate?), and whether or not there are other ways to include parents, in-laws, siblings or wedding party members that might be best suited elsewhere. Shopping for wedding day wear can be a little daunting, particularly if you’re prone to overwhelm or unsure of what you’re setting out to find – so surrounding yourself with those who know you best, will offer kind truths and best of all, listen to your wishes, is the key.



Consider something comfortable, easy to take on and off and loose-fitting for your day of trying on outfits. Further to this is paying some attention to undergarments – skip the lace and don your simple neutrals to get the best idea of what your options may look like off the hanger. Designers will often advise that bras are not required under wedding gowns, and simple, seamless underwear is often most appropriate.


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Sure, sip some champagne once you’ve ‘said yes to the dress’, or as you trawl the racks for your dream look, though remember to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and snacks throughout your travels too. Standing for long periods, often under intense lighting, without having taken care of yourself first, can lead to you feeling less than your best.



Many boutiques will have footwear you can borrow as you try on gowns, though if you’ve already got your wedding shoes ready – bring them along! They will help to offer a sense of length and style as you try on outfits, and give you a better overall idea of the look. Even if you’re yet to choose your footwear, bringing your own pair of shoes in your size can be helpful so you know they actually fit.



Your wedding outfit shopping should be fun! It’s a chance to explore and discover what will have you feeling your best when the big day rolls around. Go in prepared, with an open mind and don’t be disheartened if you don’t find ‘the one’ right away, there is the right option out there for everyone.



If you’re still looking for the best fashion options, visit our favourites on the directory and book your appointments here.

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