Honeymoon Adventures – Kombi Style
Honeymoon Adventures – Kombi Style
Honeymoon Adventures – Kombi Style

Honeymoon Adventures – Kombi Style


Post wedding, there is nothing better than getting away and celebrating your love. If being cooped up in a resort is not your thing and you have a serious hankering for some wanderlust we have the perfect honeymoon solution.

Introducing Hire A Kombi, who now offer the perfect honeymoon getaway for those looking for a little road tripping adventure. With their gorgeous fleet of Kombis you can choose to have a honeymoon that is carefree, flexible and spontaneous as you traipse wherever the wind takes you.

Recent honeymooners Darcy and Corene gave us the lowdown on their epic kombi honeymoon as well as some top tips when hiring a kombi for this all important trip.



If you’ve been married or you plan on getting married then you will know exactly what I mean by the age old question:

“Where are you going on your honeymoon?”

As women, we tend to converse about our honeymoon plan: the exotic destination, the beautiful tans, endless cocktails consumed whilst ultimately relaxing, all documented on Instagram of course. Truth be told, I had this exact plan in mind.



I would answer their question quite simply: “We are hiring a Kombi, and doing the Great Ocean Road.”

The response went something along the lines of “OH! How lovely – that is so you two!” Funnily enough we were a little unsure as to what that really meant. Could our friends actually think we are secretly hippy loving, non-showering nomads, vintage folk who eat berries as we go on with our travels?

Just for the record, we much prefer to drink our berries and lots of it!



We flew down from our home on the Gold Coast to Avalon and we travelled just out of Geelong to pick up our Kombi. I must admit there was a brief moment of panic when I thought – had I chosen wrong? Would we both fit on the bed? I actually hadn’t thought about being one metre away from Darcy at any given point. Are we going to be able to hack this for a few weeks? Oh goodness!



That afternoon we drove into George and Alyce’s abode – which to us, felt like home and them both; as old friends. It was golden hour and as the setting sun streamed through the trees, revealing the many kombis, we were introduced to Clancy, in all his orange glory. We sipped on tea and watched their children twirl in the sunset. As George reached in to turn the music down in Clancy (to continue to show Darcy and ins and outs of the Kombi) their daughter begged for the music to be turned back up so she could continue dancing. My heart rejoiced and I knew right then and there I knew, we had chosen perfectly.



We set off on our grand adventure with no real plan. We stopped first at Torquay, bought another jumper, surfed Bells Beach, visited the Great Ocean Road chocolatier, drove 2 minutes and went back to the chocolatier – kidding but seriously, we should have. We enjoyed the sites of Anglesea, Aireys Inlet and of course the beautiful Lorne. Queens Park is the most ideal spot for kombi drivers and we highly recommend this camping spot! We walked through 20km of beautiful forests to reveal the many picturesque waterfalls, Lorne’s tourist centre was extremely helpful in deciding the particular walks you should embark on at any time frame you desire. Darcy bought a scarf proving we are in fact Queenslanders and we indulged in fresh seafood along the pier.



Due to weather and road closures south of Lorne we had to revise some plans on the fly, but this is what travelling in Clancy was all about! We turned west and prepared our palates for all the local wine, beer and fine food the countryside around Forest had to offer. We even managed to book into Brae, an experience we will certainly never forget. We pushed on, always sad to leave but excited for what lay ahead. We explored the markets at Apollo Bay and camped under the stars and koalas in the Otways. We marvelled at the magical coastline of the 12 (now, rather 7) Apostles and basked in the sunshine at the Bay of Islands.

We fell in love with Port Fairy and with the reliability and versatility of Clancy, we were able to explore the endless surf spots and beautiful beaches.



We made it all the way to Cape Bridgewater before deciding it was time for our country escape. Rugging up we headed straight for the picturesque Grampians surround Halls Gap. What made this experience the ultimate road trip was that the next destination was always just at our fingertips, with Clancy running like a dream on the open road. We hiked the pinnacle and discovered gushing waterfalls throughout the Grampians, all the while refueled in Clancy’s warm embrace.



Main things to consider when hiring a Kombi:

  1. Less is more – the less you put in the pantry and the fridge, the more you can collect on your travels. Examples: various wines and cheeses.
  2. More is less (of a hindrance)– on the contrary to the above statement more clothing layers in the cooler months is a must. (Perfect for those who only worked on their wedding bod for a few days, big tick for me)
  3. Your Kombi WILL become your best friend, and you will talk to it continually. In fact, you will never talk to a car as much as you have done so previously.

We watched every sunrise, and we toasted every sunset, we breathed in the cool air and it was so inevitably ‘us two’.



CJ + Darcy (Photos) Richardson







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