My Ceremony Style – How Alana Tran Writes Magic Wedding Ceremonies
My Ceremony Style – How Alana Tran Writes Magic Wedding Ceremonies
My Ceremony Style – How Alana Tran Writes Magic Wedding Ceremonies
My Ceremony Style – How Alana Tran Writes Magic Wedding Ceremonies

My Ceremony Style – How Alana Tran Writes Magic Wedding Ceremonies


Step into a world where wedding ceremonies are more than just traditions—they’re personalised, heartfelt expressions of love and commitment.

At the forefront of this narrative stands Alana Tran, a celebrated celebrant renowned for her distinct style and ability to create unforgettable moments.

With a knack for infusing each ceremony with authenticity and charm, Alana has become a trusted name in the industry.

Join us as we peel back the layers of Alana Tran’s artistry and discover the unique magic she brings to every wedding she officiates.


Can you share your approach to crafting personalised ceremonies that reflect the couple’s unique love story?

As we all know, every ceremony has significant elements which are unique to the couple and as such, it is my job to conceptualise these ideas into a ceremony which perfectly reflects the couple to a tee. I send out heartfelt and thoughtful questionnaires to all my couples which has a bit of everything; things you love about each other, what your future looks like and even a few inside jokes or so to ensure your ceremony is a true reflection of your journey together as a couple. I don’t use templates or pre-filled ceremonies, each ceremony is different and as such, every couple receives the meticulous skill and attention on their own individual ceremony to really bring all their beautiful elements to life.


What elements do you prioritise when designing a ceremony?

To me, your love story is one of the most quintessential elements of your ceremony; it combines love, mystery and fun to create a ceremony which is truly memorable. It is so important that the information you provide to me in your questionnaires has a more is better approach, as it is a bit difficult for me to write your special story if responses are only a few words long. I like to ask my couples to complete their questionnaires over many months as new information springs on us all the time and it is something that you may just want to add to your ceremony! I am also fond of more traditional aspects such as the vows, rings and kiss, which are also very important, but I so feel your love story is the element of the ceremony that will have your guests beaming for years to come.



How do you ensure that your ceremonies resonate with both the couple and their guests?

 A few of my couples I find through past couples who I have married and as such, some always want to play a part in the wedding of their dear friends. With this, I welcome readings, special elements such as handfastings, and having special people present the vows and rings to the couple so they always feel like they have an important part in the ceremony. Another way I incorporate this is through crowd vows, where all the guests say ‘we will’ to a few phrases that the couple come up with eg. ‘Will you promise that you will always offer amazing advise to the couple?’ and I find that this usually goes down well with the guests. Including special people in the ceremony is also a fun idea, for example, if they were the person to introduce the couple to each other, they should definitely get a mention!


Can you walk us through your process for collaborating with couples to create their ideal ceremony?

I am a very big people person, so I always ensure I meet my couples in person and have a fun planning meeting with them to go over their ceremony. This includes everything from the structure they want for their ceremony, what their themes and styles are and how they want things to be worded. I am a firm believer in the old adage ‘I am not happy until you are happy’ and therefore, I always ensure I send my ceremony script to my couples before the wedding so they are able to check for any small details they would like to add, ensure we don’t overlap with the vows or speeches and just so the couple have full confidence in me that I will be able to deliver their ceremony just the way they would like it to be. I am very transparent with my couples, and I feel that is why they love my approach when it comes to writing their ceremony; they always know exactly what is happening every step of their ceremony planning journey!



How do you strike a balance between honouring tradition and incorporating modern elements into your ceremonies?

As a young and modern celebrant, I feel like it is important to embrace the differences that everyone wants in their ceremonies. My ceremonies are not rigid and are not a blanket template that is the same for every couple. I love injecting fun and a light-hearted element into my ceremonies which makes every guest laugh and have a beaming presence. However, I also know how important it is to stay within tradition during a ceremony, and that is why I also always ensure I am professional at all times, place all the limelight firmly on the couple, and maintain those important elements such as the vows, rings and kiss, and keep the romance and sentiment in my ceremonies as well. Weddings bring on all different emotions; laughing, crying and even a bit of surprise, and I firmly believe that this is the recipe for the perfect modern ceremony that everyone will love.

What advice do you have for couples who want to infuse their personalities into their wedding ceremony?

 Your personalities are such a fun part of who you are, and as such, I absolutely love incorporating this into your ceremony. Whether you are two people who absolutely love a certain topic of interest, or you both have a favourite quote that you say to each other all the time, let’s weave that into your ceremony and make it uniquely you! I love a few inside jokes, but also love reading both of your responses and seeing your writing style, and even incorporating that into your ceremony to make it resonate with you both even more. I once had a couple who were singers, and one of them sang whilst walking down the aisle, it was so special! It is all of these elements which infuse together, and incorporating your personalities is something I am very passionate about.



How do you handle unexpected challenges or last-minute changes during the ceremony?

As much as we hate to say it, sometimes there are times when things don’t go according to plan during your big day. However, the good news is things always end up working out. A few examples I can think of was when a celebrant was unwell, I stepped up and filled in for her ceremony (the couple still thank me to this day for being there in a moment of vulnerability), sometimes it is too hot or too wet, plan B is to move the ceremony inside and still have an amazing day, or a bride had a few marks on her dress, I was able to remove them with some chalk from my emergency wedding kit. The important factor in these times is to not be overwhelmed and to stay calm. There is always a way to resolve an issue, even if it involves a bit of brainstorming. I ensure that in these situations I always am a few steps ahead so that your day is one where stress does not exist and if there are last minute changes or challenges, I am there to ensure these are only very momentary.


Can you describe a particularly memorable ceremony you’ve officiated and what made it special?

I had a wedding at The Old Church Red Hill where I wrote a particular ceremony which was slightly out of my comfort zone, the couple loved telling jokes and I wrote a fair few of them in the ceremony! It was also my 50th wedding, so I had a bit of extra nerves wondering how it would go for such a milestone ceremony. The best part of it was I felt like it was a ceremony which was so relaxed and so fun, that the nerves evaporated the moment the ceremony started. I was even invited to afternoon tea with the couple and their guests and I felt such a fun part of their celebration whilst also sharing a small part of my celebrant journey with them as well. It was truly a wedding I will never forget and one which I’ll cherish forever.



What do you believe sets your ceremony style apart from others, and how do you ensure each ceremony is unique? 

My ceremony style can be described as fun, light-hearted and vibrant, whilst still staying true to the traditional aspects of a wedding. I like to have a few laughs with my ceremonies, but also a few tears, a bit of romance, and even some crowd involvement to ensure the ceremony is actually the most fun part of the wedding! I am not one to make the ceremony about me, or add elements which I don’t believe should be part of a wedding ceremony, such as offensive jokes or language or making it seem like a stand-up comedy show. Keeping the ceremony true to tradition, but making it fun to keep the couple and crowd engaged is the perfect balance to me. Sometimes you may have a certain running joke between the two of you that everyone in the crowd knows, or a quote that you always have to say that truly represents you, let’s incorporate these elements into your ceremony! I write every single ceremony from scratch, which may take more time to write, but it means you are guaranteed a ceremony which reflects you both as individuals, and that will have your guests wondering if was actually a really good friend of yours for many years!


Can you share any tips for couples who are unsure about what they want for their ceremony and need guidance?

It is natural to feel a little overwhelmed with planning your ceremony and what to include. One tip I can give you is to start setting the scene for your ceremony, what kind of exit would you like, confetti, bubbles? Where will your wedding party stand, and how will the walk down the aisle go? When these elements are woven out, you will have a scene that sets the ceremony wonderfully. Also think about the vibe you want for your ceremony – is everyone going to be in tears, or laughing the whole way through the ceremony? Think about any traditions you might want to incorporate, and if personal vows are important to you. Then piece the ceremony together, and with the help of my questionnaires to answer some love story questions, we have the perfect recipe to make all your ceremony dreams come true!



Now that you’ve learned all about Alana Tran and her distinctive ceremony approach, don’t hesitate to secure her for your own dream wedding day. Send your enquiry today and let her craft the perfect ceremony for you.

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