Party Vibe Wedding Celebrations
Party Vibe Wedding Celebrations
Party Vibe Wedding Celebrations
Party Vibe Wedding Celebrations

Party Vibe Wedding Celebrations


It’s that time of year, we have all the festive feels as we officially enter the party season!

So why don’t we inspire you with some of the real weddings we have featured that definitely have that party vibe as well as our top 5 tips to make this happen!

  • Invest in incredible music makers to take your party to the next level. Whether it’s a DJ, a 6 piece jazz band or a darling acoustic duo, entice your guests onto the dance-floor with brilliant beats.


  • Ask for music requests from your guests. When sending your invitations, ask each of them to write down their favourite song to rock out to on the dancefloor, and insist they get up when their song is played.


  • Serve snazzy snacks. Weddings are long events, so you need to keep your guests energy up (as well as keep their stomachs full when consuming alcohol). Factor in late night snacks to keep them going, especially if the party is going well into the night.


  • Create a lounge area. Not all guests will be on the dance floor all night long so create an environment that promotes conversation and keeps guests together, rather than sitting uncomfortably all night around tables. It will also help elderly guests feel relaxed and able to chat.


  • Relax! We can not stress this enough. Guests feed off the energy a bride and groom are giving off. If you’re uptight and not relaxed, they won’t be either. So loosen up and enjoy yourself so they can too.


Nick and Claire’s New Year Eve celebration – Photo: Tess Follett


Lou and Griff’s perfect private property party – Photo: Tony Evans


Kelly and Ben’s epic Easter extravaganza – Photo: Mavis Jean Photography


Eloise and Joel’s winery wedding with wow – Photo: Enchanted Weddings


Alice & Tim, private property perfection – The Bower Co


Cassie and Luke light their love up – Photo: Jake Hogan Photography


Tahnee and Chris sparkling celebration – Photo: Lakshal Perera


Anna and Tom’s electrical urban day – Photo: Tony Evans


Jade and Brock’s chic shebang – Photo: Katie Harmsworth


For more New Years Eve inspiration be sure to check out our ‘Disco Dolls’ fashion editorial. Warning, it will pull on your inner disco diva party strings!

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