Affordable and sustainable, we were excited and thrilled to share that home-grown market leaders in wedding fashion, Karen Willis Holmes are ticking both boxes with the launch of an innovative online marketplace for re-selling pre-loved wedding dresses – meet Pre-Loved by KAREN WILLIS HOLMES.

Powered by RNTR., Pre-Loved by KAREN WILLIS HOLMES is an initiative designed to cater to the needs of eco-conscious brides who want affordable and sustainable options for their wedding dresses.

It is an intuitive full-circle marketplace that allows brides to re-sell their beloved KWH wedding dress for another bride to love.

We couldn’t love the concept more! Read on for the details.


Having recently completed a soft launch to their past brides, KWH saw an exceptional uptake, demonstrating strong demand for this initiative and this uptake is expected to rapidly grow as brides more frequently demand new ways to buy and sell.


What we adore about the process of listing with KWH versus a third party is the authenticity and full circle marketplace you receive by buying and selling directly through the designer. You get the opportunity to start and finish your journey with KAREN WILLIS HOLMES and have them support you through the whole process, from the moment you are engaged through to the moment you are ready to sell your gown.



So far Pre-Love by KAREN WILLIS HOLMES has seen the following:
– Average listings at 50-70% off RRP’s on pre-loved wedding dresses
– KWH’s most recognised gown, the Taryn & Camille which retails at $4,590 for a customised version is being re-sold for $2500, providing an astounding 45% discount.
– Another standout listing is the Anya gown which retails for $3,590. This stunning piece is being sold by one bride for 70% off, for $1,080.


Creative Director, Karren Willis Holmes shared her thoughts when it comes to their latest launch.

“We are excited to introduce Pre-Loved by KAREN WILLIS HOLMES to the market. We believe that sustainability is the future of the fashion industry, and we wanted to provide a solution for brides who are looking to embrace more sustainable and cost-effective approaches to their wedding dress shopping.”



Through Pre-Loved by KAREN WILLIS HOLMES, brides can list their pre-loved KWH wedding dresses for sale on the platform, allowing them to recoup some of their investment and give another bride the chance to wear their dream dress. The platform also offers a range of pre-loved KWH wedding dresses for purchase, giving budget-conscious brides access to high-quality designer gowns at a fraction of the cost. Brides can also opt to have their gowns available for remote or in-person try-ons, ensuring the purchaser is 100% happy with their choice before proceeding.


The brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in this initiative, as they are leading the way in creating a more ethical and eco-friendly future for the bridal industry.



Pre-Loved by KAREN WILLIS HOLMES is powered by RNTR. who is the first full-service re-commerce plug-in solution in Australia, enabling fashion brands to offer rental, resale, and repair services directly from their own website, helping them hit revenue and sustainability targets.


With an array of gowns already available and for further information on how to re-sell your own KAREN WILLIS HOLMES gown, head here

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