Putting the spotlight on Hilary Holmes

Putting the spotlight on Hilary Holmes

Oh how we love the beauty talent and feels that Hilary Holmes and her talented team bring to a wedding day.

Having successfully cemented herself in Geelong as an industry leader in the beauty industry, she is now bringing her talents to Melbourne in a brand spanking new salon!

We sat down with Hilary to learn more about her new space, what’s been happening in her world and of course some beauty hints and tips.


Hilary! You are certainly an Ivory Tribe favourite when it comes to brides-to-be looking for magical makeup and hair on their special day, tell us, what drives you in your everyday life and how this is reflected in your work. 

Gosh, I just really want to make a difference. I have this deep, innate belief that I have a message to share and that is that women are bloody magnificent. I want to show them this through hair and makeup. I want women to know they are incredible, and that is all they need to know.

I have come into this because a lack of self-worth is something I have to work on constantly. I too question if I am good enough and have lots of my own limiting beliefs. However, I also choose to show up to the party and lay it bare for my clients. In the world of beauty, it’s easy to feel that those who work in it are stunning, too cool and look down on you (I used to feel that all the time). So, I love surprising people with the knowledge that I am just a regular gal who likes to wear a variety of makeups. I’m mostly pretty chill but a regular gal nonetheless, a gal that chooses to back herself and go for what she wants.



For those not already aware, Hilary Holmes Makeup has a brand-new salon in South Melbourne! Where is it based, when will you be open, how can we get an appointment ASAP?

I’m so insanely excited about this!  Though the insanity could be due to currently refitting said new salon!

It is based just off Clarendon Street in South Melbourne and there’s so much to excited about; incredible new teams with next level skills, new services, a stunning space and I’m just thrilled to be able to bring the HHM service to Melbourne. We are so proud of our high level of customer service and the hair and makeup’s we provide. Bookings are open right now! Hit us up via our website!


Will the South Melbourne salon be the same or different to the Geelong salon?

Ha everyone is so inquisitive about this! I love that our clients are just as excited about interiors as we are.

It definitely has the HHM vibe and in lots of ways you can see similarities to Geelong but there is a lot of different stuff going on too. We are upping the level and adjusting our space, taking into account everything we have learnt from the Geelong salon. Interior design is something I love, and I have chosen to be stupid and take on the task of designer, stylist and site manager! (Not great for the stress levels when I also have a young baby and another salon). However, it wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t be part of the entire creation of my soul’s work.



We were lucky enough to attend one of your fabulous makeup masterclasses recently and we absolutely loved it, we have learned so many new skills and have been rocking our own makeup looks. What can someone expect from your makeup masterclasses? Are they only for makeup beginners or novices also?

We are so proud of our Masterclass program. It was created because nothing existed in teaching women about the basics of their makeup, so we wanted to take it back to basics.

We educate women on what their face shapes are, breaking down how to do their own application. We don’t just say, “this goes there” rather, we let you know why we do what we do.

I know when trends change and beauty ideals flip these women won’t have to stress because they know what works for them and why. We aren’t about stamping a look on a client, we are about educating women that no-one else has their face, that they are unique. For them to understand this and use the skills we teach to really show off their beauty in their own way is such a joy.

We have several classes for different skill levels. Back to Basics for taking it back to the start, Back to Beauty for the confident self-applier and then Back to Brushes for makeup artists.

I should also note, we have cheese platters, prosecco and goody bags at each class… I’ll leave that right there.




Any exciting projects or news that is coming up for Hilary Holmes Makeup in the near future that you can share with us?

HHM has lots of things on the go and in the pipeline! I started this vision from my bedroom off the back of my poor self-worth. The moment I decided I wanted to commit to delivering this vision I had a clear path. Of course, just like many others, my path has had an incredible number of bumps, enough to knock me off my bike a few times, but I have always gotten back on. I am that passionate about what I do and what HHM is capable of.

With the brand’s growth comes other ideas and concepts and we are currently exploring lots of them. So watch this space!!


What are some trends you’re seeing when it comes to bridal beauty looks at the moment?

I always say that trends should influence but not dictate. While I support my brides to go with whatever look they feel most beautiful wearing (whether it is full coverage or very natural), I am a big believer in not listening to what people tell you to do.

A trend I will continue to support and back is women and brides doing whatever the hell they want with their makeup.

My personal approach to bridal beauty is a classic, natural toned look with a beautiful soft glow. I want to look back on my look and feel like it is not dictated by trends but by the bride wearing it.


We saw that you were recently in Venice to help Georgia Young Couture with her latest collection shoot. What would be your ultimate destination to work your magic in?

Honestly? Might sound corny but I’m happiest wherever there is a deep amount of love amongst the people involved; no ego or drama. Just a collective of people, whether it is creatives or my everyday clients, choosing to connect, vibe the vision and have an incredible time!


You’re a mum, wife, and a successful business owner, how on earth do you do it all?

Umm.. I’m not sure. I think my difficult upbringing taught me resilience and perseverance; nothing will stop me.

In saying that, I have to keep on top of my mental health. I am a woman who has really high expectations of herself and whilst that can be seen as bad, I believe it’s my strength, but it’s something I have to manage. I have an incredible partner who backs me and supports my independent heart and I have people around me that always let me know they are there if I ever need. But mostly, I back myself. If I want something, I commit to it and go for it. I have to always remember that nothing can stop me from doing what I want except me. I work hard on removing limiting beliefs and manifesting going for what I want and knowing I deserve it all.



If you could give a bride your top three tips when it comes prepping their skin for their wedding day, what would they be?

  1. Put in the work. Get a skin plan and routine in place 3-6 months before the wedding. Great skin is a game changer.
  2. Water. Drinking 3 litres a day is the key to plump, hydrated skin!
  3. Sheet masks. I pretty much get all of my brides use our Lonvitalite sheet masks before I do their makeup on their wedding day. It makes a gorgeous notable difference to their skin, giving lots of glow and hydration!


How does your team approach wedding day beauty for those who aren’t so used to wearing makeup or not entirely comfortable with the idea?

We aren’t about stamping a look onto every bride. That’s why our social media showcases all types of makeups. What we develop with our clients is a look unique to them, that is created off the back of a thorough investigation into who they are, what they like and the wedding that they are having.

So many different elements play a part in the look we create. But mostly, we just want to create a look that the bride feels she is her most authentic wearing but with a whole lotta brilliance from us. You can then guarantee they just illuminate gorgeousness on their big day!


Do you suggest a trial run for hair and makeup before the big day?

Hell yes! We get asked this all the time. We don’t do trials as a money spinner; we do trials to ensure the big day runs smoothly and effortlessly. Gone are the days of doing trials to convince the client to book u. Social media has changed that. Trials are now used mainly for us to get to know the bride, the look she wants, her skin and hair and how product wears on her. Some of the most stressful weddings I have been part of early on in my career were brides who didn’t trial, even when they said they didn’t want one as they trusted me. That’s not the point, we have to do them to ensure we nail the look on the day without any dramas! Because the most important thing to us for our brides is that on their big day, all we have to do is rock up, have the most amazing time with them and create their dream look!



Check out Hilary and get her onboard for your big day by heading here.

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