Queen For a day – Royal Wedding Fever.
Queen For a day – Royal Wedding Fever.
Queen For a day – Royal Wedding Fever.
Queen For a day – Royal Wedding Fever.

Queen For a day – Royal Wedding Fever.

Pic – Lumiere Weddings


We’re all going ga-ga for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but elegance, tradition and romance aren’t just reserved for those with a formal title.

So how can us lowly commoners without a 50-million-pound budget indulge in the dream of feeling and looking like a Dutchess?

Straighten those crowns and settle in – forget feeling like a princess, cos’ on your biggest day, baby – you’re nothing short of a Queen.


Pic – Katie Harmsworth



Heads above the rest, that’s exactly where a Queen sits. From a beautiful and bejewelled tiara, or a larger than life crown, when it comes to headwear, the royals do it best. While some are steeped in tradition, and no doubt – a family heirloom worth more than we could imagine, there is a modern-day approach to this majestic magic. Check out Viktoria Novak and be imperially inspired.


Pic – Karen Woo



Ah, the gown. The ever-anticipated, once-in-a-lifetime outfit of your dreams. When we think regal rags, it pays to remember that modest doesn’t have to mean boring. Consider follow suit on the British Monarch rules and covering your shoulders, ditching any jaw-dropping low necklines. Keep it elegant and classy with a caplet, capped or full sleeves, and an elegant flared skirt. Want to go the full she-bang? There’s always the cinched waist in a modern-style corset.

Our Tribe fashion line-up (check them out here), are the perfect go-to if you’re looking to make your mark(le) on your own wedding day.

Local couture kings J’aton, or Melbourne-based Signor Mont, also execute the ever-elegant, more-is-more approach.


Pic – Lumiere Weddings



For the ultimate in bridal veil drama, the aptly named “cathedral veil” might be the one for you! This statement look is favoured by many a royal bride, with the length coming in at around 300cms long! So whether embellished, beaded, or embroidered, a long and luscious veil to complement your gown, is sure to turn heads.


Pic – Leila Scarfiotti



Glowing skin is in! Take great care of yourself, outside and in, and you’ll reap the rewards come D-day. To get looking like the fresh-faced princess of your fairytale dreams, keep the makeup simple and ensure you enlist the perfect team to help execute the look! Hint: Our beauty masters of the Tribe can lend you a helping hand, visit them here.


Pic – Katie Harmsworth



Regal gold touches for the most noble of men (and women). Lucky for us, metallic magic is easy to achieve these days – and while we might have to skip out on the 18 -carat real deal, there is costume jewellery and styling items a-plenty to help execute the luxe look.


Pic – Jenna Fahey White



The addition of pearls – there is elegance in simplicity and this ladylike touch will have you feeling opulent as ever. From pearl-studded earrings or a short-strong necklace, to pearl beading on gowns, this is a look that never goes out of style.



Feeling extra? Another sweet and simple royal tradition is a bride flanked by numerous tiny attendants, in the form of flower girls and page boys. Come one, come all! The more the merrier – and the cuter your wedding day photos will be.


Pic – Katie Harmsworth



If a religious ceremony isn’t your cup of tea, then a full-blown choir with all the bells and whistles might not be for you. However, civil ceremonies can totally tap into this lovely melodic tradition. Consider a modern shake-up – like Queen B’s take on Ave Maria, or the always elegant, Pachelbel’s Canon. Hop over to YouTube and check out these goosebump-worthy tracks.



Twice as nice! Consider shaking things up with a reception gown to wow your guests for a second time around. You can have a little more fun with this, ditching the lengthy train in preparation for the dance floor, and considering instead a cute party frock with the perfect all-night-long heels. All the royals are doing it, babes.


Pic – Michael Renga



Okay, so you’re not likely to have most of a city waiting in the wings to see your first walk as husband and wife, but whats a royal wedding without a little dreaming?! British royals undertake a tour (horse-drawn, of course), in the moments following their ceremony, to thank and greet well-wishes.



Supreme styling, and nothing less! Candlelight, candlelight, candlelight – it’s a never-fail mood maker, and a great way to create ambiance at your reception soiree. Be mindful though, of your reception venue’s naked flame rules, and instead consider battery-operated tea-lights to help set the mood.


Pic – Stefani Driscoll



The dress code! There’s no use in the bride and groom being the only two attendees that get the monarch memo. When it comes to invitations, consider making the event Black Tie, so everybody joins you in donning their fancy and finest.


Pic – Katie Harmsworth



Another costume change? You betchya! The tradition of a bride changing into a ‘going away’ outfit seems to have fallen by the wayside, but it’s time it made its revival. A smart tailored suit, or sweet knee-length dress, is the perfect way to play out your departure. Wave goodbye to your royal subject and hit the hills for your honeymoon (or that day after recovery sesh)! Either way, any excuse for multiple outfits is a win in our books.


Pic – Katie Harmsworth


Royal status or not, in the eyes of your husband or wife-to-be, we know you’re all Kings and Queens. If Harry and Meghan’s grand nuptials have you feeling inspired, get cracking on your own wedding plans now. Our babing book, Bride Business, is the perfect place to start. 

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