Real Engagement – Ash & Kent, Queenscliff VIC
Real Engagement – Ash & Kent, Queenscliff VIC
Real Engagement – Ash & Kent, Queenscliff VIC
Real Engagement – Ash & Kent, Queenscliff VIC

Real Engagement – Ash & Kent, Queenscliff VIC


Ash and Kent decided to cement the momentous occasion of their engagement with a gorgeous engagement shoot. Photographer Ali Bailey, Tribe favourite and master of natural, relaxed and light-filled photos, snapped these high school sweethearts and their beloved Border Collie beach-side and barefoot at Queenscliff.  The result was beautiful memories these long time lovers can share with their family for years to come.

In Ash and Kent’s words…

The meeting.

We were high school sweethearts. We started going out together when we were both 16. We had known each other since year 7 but didn’t become friends until year 10.

The one.

Woah! This question is testing our memory. We’ve been together too long to remember.

The proposal.

Ash: Kent proposed at the Bluff Lookout, a cliff that overlooks Barwon Heads. Our Border Collie, Hurley, was with us when he proposed, and whilst Kent got down on one knee Hurley starting digging a hole beside him. I’m still not sure who the hole was for.

Kent: The bluff lookout is a popular spot with picturesque views and walking tracks so there were a few other people around. Ash was quite excited by the news and couldn’t stop crying but the passerby’s all thought that I’d done something horrible by the amount of crying she was doing. One older couple asked if she was okay.

What made you decide to do an engagement shoot?

We both love gorgeous natural photography. We had a vision to go back to the same location for our upcoming wedding, and when we have a family we want to go back to the same location again so we can see how our lives have evolved and how we’ve grown together.

What location did you choose and why?

We love being outdoors and would often walk our Border Collie Hurley down on the tracks in Queenscliff and surrounding beaches.

What was your favourite part of the engagement shoot?

We had so much fun! Ali made us feel comfortable and relaxed and we just got to enjoy a few hours together without any of life’s distractions.

How has wedding planning been treating you in the lead up to your wedding?

I have worked in events before so I’ve found the entire process really enjoyable. I know for many bride’s it can be super stressful but I loved every minute of the planning. Being organised and having a vision helps, keeps you on track with clarity about what you’re after.

What does marriage mean to you both?

Ash: Being committed and dedicated to our future life together.

Kent: What she said

What’s been the biggest surprise for you so far whilst planning your wedding?

Finding out we are expecting our first child five weeks out from getting married! Having to keep it a secret from our friends and family until after the wedding was a challenge in itself.



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