Real Wedding – Brooke & Tazz, Amalfi Coast Italy
Real Wedding – Brooke & Tazz, Amalfi Coast Italy
Real Wedding – Brooke & Tazz, Amalfi Coast Italy
Real Wedding – Brooke & Tazz, Amalfi Coast Italy

Real Wedding – Brooke & Tazz, Amalfi Coast Italy


Does finishing your dream day by riding into the sunset on a Vespa sound like total perfection? Brooke and Tazz’s  thirst for a day that was nothing short of fabulous led them to the mesmerising coastal landscapes of Italy, where they would exchange vows overlooking the ocean, before taking off to continue their backpacking adventure.

In the picturesque town of Furore, Italy, under the clear skies and abundant sunshine, Brooke and Taz created a day filled with effortless joy and timeless beauty, done absolutely their way. No fuss but maximum chic, backpack friendly style was the ethos of the day. And when every local passerby chose to congratulate the newlyweds, the celebration expanded in perfectly unexpected spontaneity.

Ellen May Photography captured the exquisite moments as they unfolded seamlessly against the stunning backdrop of the Italian coastline. Brooke and Tazz, with their vision of a sleek, simple, and intimate celebration, prioritised photos that reflected their dynamic and adventurous spirit as a couple – and boy, did they deliver!

Beginning with a legal ceremony in Melbourne and ending with the grandeur of an Italian coastal escape, join Brooke and Tazz as they share the darling details of their day.

The meeting.

We met while grape harvesting in 2012.


The one.

When we realised we were each other’s best friends.


The proposal.

At the top of a mountain overlooking Mt Fuji in Japan.


Planning process.

We finally committed to eloping in Europe and checked off the essentials to turn our dream into a reality.


Style inspiration.

We aimed for a wedding style that blended timeless elegance with lots of fun! Reflecting our classic taste and joyful spirits! We loved pinning real-life European weddings and elopement photos on Pinterest. The photos were usually elegant, timeless, and captured a moment in time where you could feel the love and joy.


The ceremony.

It was a special and very intimate moment simply sharing our vows with each other in our own unique way. It was very emotional and something I’ll never forget.


The outfits.

We envisioned timeless, elegant and romantic pieces that were also lightweight and practical considering we were backpacking around Europe for two months.


Favourite moment.

Our vows were extremely emotional and something I’ll never forget, but riding around on the Vespa was so much fun! Walking around the Amalfi Coast, everyone celebrates the marriage with you, looking, clapping, and taking photos.


Meaning of marriage.

Marriage to us means having a life partner and best friend, someone to rely on and support you through life. We have strong shared values and vow to navigate life the ups and downs together, knowing that we can conquer any challenge together.


Funny stories (near disasters).

We accidentally parked our Vespa in a no-parking spot and it was getting hoisted onto the back of a truck. We noticed the truck and started sprinting over in our wedding outfits. There were so many people getting involved but the old “we were getting married” excuse worked a charm, sparing us from the tow but not the parking fine.


Planning surprises.

Navigating the legalities of having our marriage recognised in both Australia and Europe was complex. From ensuring the correct authentication of documents to handling language barriers. In the end, we ended up completing the paperwork in Melbourne and celebrating our ceremony in Italy.


Words of wisdom.

Embrace the journey and do it your way. Your wedding/marriage is about your love, so focus on creating moments that resonate with you both, rather than conforming to external expectations.

In the end, what matters most is the love you share and the memories you create. Weigh up what matters most to you and focus on that. For us, this day was about us being together and capturing those experiences and memories. We collect moments, not things, so photos and videos became the most cherished part of our celebration for us to look back on and share with our family and friends.

Remember to cherish each moment and embrace the journey because you can expect that things will happen and not go to plan, but it’s all part of your story. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect on your wedding day, despite what society may lead you to believe. May your marriage be filled with a lifetime of health, happiness, and adventure.



Elopements sure are something special – allowing couples to intimately exchange vows in a setting that reflects their unique love story, creating a deeply personal and unforgettable experience. If you’d like to be inspired further with an overseas elopement, see Laura and Hugh’s incredibly intimate Lake Como celebration. 



Ceremony location: Amalfi Coast, Italy

Photography: Ellen May Photography

The dress: Reformation

Shoes: Bared Footwear

Rings: Talvi

Jewellery: Georgini

Suit: Tarocash

Transport: Vespa

Honeymoon: Two months backpacking around Europe!

Bride: Brooke

Groom: Tazz

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