Real Wedding – Emma & Mandy, Sorrento VIC  
Real Wedding – Emma & Mandy, Sorrento VIC  
Real Wedding – Emma & Mandy, Sorrento VIC  
Real Wedding – Emma & Mandy, Sorrento VIC  

Real Wedding – Emma & Mandy, Sorrento VIC  

Looking for the perfect reason as to why you should do your wedding, your way? Emma and Mandy’s stunningly chic micro wedding is absolutely why. Choosing to forego traditions that didn’t feel truly them meant their day is refreshingly modern and infused with personality and style.

With the contemporary sophistication of the Continental Sorrento as the backdrop, a minimal aesthetic worked to perfection. After a sun-drenched ceremony, the newlyweds took to the streetscapes surrounding for a portrait session by visual poet Aleksandar Jason that ticks every box – candid shots, breathing, ultra-modern settings and an overarching feeling of relaxed excitement and understated romance.

We love Mandy and Emma’s fit choices, with Mandy in a sleekly glam sheath with beaded sleeves and Emma rocking a Dion Lee set to wow.

Ensuring the vibes never eased up were our friends Hey Jack, creating aural magic well into the night. Scroll on for inspiration on how gorgeous a celebration can be when you keep it true to you.



The meeting.

We met early in 2019 at F45 Toorak. Emma was one of the trainers at the gym, and Mandy joined the gym as a member.


The ‘one’.

Almost immediately, the feeling was unlike any other connection either of us had experienced. On our first date, we both felt something really special and rare, so while we didn’t know it immediately, upon reflection, it felt like we had met the one.


The proposal.

We discussed marriage very early on and knew after the first few months, it was something we wanted to commit to. Emma’s work as an athlete was going to take her abroad for long stints, and it felt right for both of us to go through the time apart with that security. Because we do everything together (literally everything!), we pre-planned the proposal together, including buying matching Cartier rings and then we each read a Beau Taplin poem together on the balcony at home.


Planning process.

We went on a lengthy journey that started with a more traditional tone and influence, but along the way, we became clearer and more definitive that we could make the day uniquely us and exactly how we envisaged spending the most special day of our lives. Once we realised that we only wanted a small wedding of family and our closest circle of friends, we found the perfect venue to accommodate our size and vibe. We then had about six months to plan the wedding, and we would spend every weekend together planning and making decisions. Because we did all of the planning together, at no point did any of it feel stressful or overwhelming. Our realisation that the wedding could reflect us and be as non-traditional as we wanted it to be influenced all aspects of the planning, which truly made it easier because we would just ask ourselves whether whatever we were deciding reflected us as individuals and as a couple.


Style inspiration. 

Being a true reflection of us was our inspiration. Modern, non-fuss, stylish, non-traditional, fun and full of love and connection.

We found seeking inspiration from other same-sex marriages helpful in terms of outfits and styling.


The ceremony.

Our ceremony was the most perfect reflection of us. We wrote our own vows, which we surprised each other with on the day. They were an expression of our love and connection but were light and revealing about our relationship, which connected our friends and family. We also lucked out with the most incredible celebrant, who perfectly reflected us by being equally fun, light and modern. A couple of special moments were our brothers and teenage boys walking us down the aisle; and when we kissed each other before the celebrant said you may now kiss the bride!


The look. 

Our outfits were a journey that started with us going down the traditional road and then realising that what we were looking at was not us. Emma ended up wearing a cool and modern Dion Lee outfit, and Mandy a dress she found online, which we both loved at first sight.


Favourite moments.

Waking up together knowing that we were committing to each other and celebrating our love with the people closest to us. We spent the day together, including having our hair and make-up done together. It sounds cliché, but every part of the day was a special moment, and we took the best advice, which was to steal moments away together, just the two of us, to be present and really enjoy the countless special moments.


Meaning of marriage.

It means knowing deeply that we are so lucky to be with the person we are so proud to call our wife, our favourite person, our best friend, our inspiration and the person we share the greatest connection with.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Halo Acoustic by Madilyn Bailey

Signing: Over the Rainbow by Joel Coopa, Paratone, Chacel and Simply the Best by Stephanie Rainey

Celebration: Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge, Run, Larmara,

Reception entry: When Love Takes Over by David Guetta, Kelly Rowland

First dance: Wherever You Will Go acoustic cover by Girl in the Distance


Funny stories or near disasters.

Emma’s shoe choice was down to the wire. The only pair of shoes she liked ended up having a skewed size, so she had to change her choice altogether only a few days out. What she ended up with was a gift from the universe that her earlier choice didn’t work out as the heels she ended up landing on worked perfectly.


Planning surprises.

Everyone kept asking us how the wedding planning was going, and it was surprising that we were always on track and feeling like it was going so well even though there were lots of decisions to make, it felt effortless as we were making decisions about what we wanted, not what we should have/do.


Words of wisdom.

Remember, it is YOUR day, no one else’s. The day should be everything you have ever wanted. Plan the day your way, and make the decisions that are most special to you and will leave you feeling happiest.

We feel so lucky that on our wedding journey, we worked out that we could make decisions and plan a wedding that was perfectly us. It meant that we were truly excited about the day and every aspect of it. We also reflect upon the day, and there is not one thing we would change.




For an alternate take on a Mornington Peninsula celebration, check out Rebecca and Matthew’s sweetly modern soiree. Laid back love, a gorgeous gown and a beaming golden retriever all feature – highly recommend!



Ceremony & reception venue: The Continental, Sorrento, Victoria

Celebrant: Kat Sillars

Photography: Aleksandar Jason

Florist: Posies from Leaf, Armadale.

Hair & make-up: Stella Tu

The dresses: Emma – Dion Lee (pants & top). Mandy – The Iconic.

Shoes: Mandy – Sophia Webster, Emma – Tony Bianco & New Balance

Rings & earrings: White November

Catering & bar: The Continental

Cake / Cake topper: Vegan chocolate peanut butter cake. Mrs & Mrs cake topper from Etsy.

Stationery / Signage: Emma designed all stationery and signage. Menus and welcome sign printed through Black Rainbow (sustainable printing), neon Mrs & Mrs sign from Etsy, name tags from Etsy

Entertainment: Hey Jack (DJ)

Décor: Customised candles made by Emma’s mum, Sharyn.

Honeymoon: Queenstown, New Zealand

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