Real Wedding – Kathryn & Benjamin, Coldstream VIC
Real Wedding – Kathryn & Benjamin, Coldstream VIC
Real Wedding – Kathryn & Benjamin, Coldstream VIC
Real Wedding – Kathryn & Benjamin, Coldstream VIC

Real Wedding – Kathryn & Benjamin, Coldstream VIC


From an early date during which they spontaneously booked a hike to Mt Everest Base Camp, these two intrepid adventurers have mapped out their own path. Their wedding celebrations were no exception!

We love that from the outset Ben and Kathryn ensured that each step of their planning was marked with a special moment together. Whether it was sharing a bottle of bubbles over mood board selections or picnicking in the sunshine whilst making all important music decisions, these two made the most of every step of their planning adventure.

The result was a celebration that echoed who they are as couple; full of relaxed, heartfelt moments. Kathryn’s gown by Tribe favourite Karen Willis Holmes was the perfect inspiration for stunningly subtle styling choices that enhanced the classic elegance of their venue.

Tribe talents Michael Briggs Photography and Apertura were the media masters responsible for whisking Ben and Kathryn away for first look photos before the ceremony, a choice that enabled them to shrug off the nerves and relish the excitement and anticipation of what was to come!


The meeting.

We met six years ago now, at a dark and dirty nightclub in Ringwood, Dakota, that has actually burnt down now!


The one.

Well, seven days into dating and three weeks of knowing each other, we booked a trip to trek Mt Everest Base Camp. It was stupidly impulsive, but it was perfect. I had always been impulsive and was looking for someone to jump into these crazy ideas with, then Ben came along. Booking that trip and buying all of our clothes straight after (as we needed gear that would get us through temperatures of minus 30degrees) is when I knew I had found the one.


The proposal.

Well, Ben is a huge romantic and this proposal was nothing shy of perfect. I have always loved Christmas and the month of December; I am crazy obsessed and in love with it all. On December 9th 2017 a Saturday late afternoon Ben told me to get ready for a walk and maybe a drink or two after. He hadn’t told me where we were walking, just said it was a surprise. I knew something was up as earlier that morning at 6am, he jumped out of bed, put his work wear on (he’s a carpenter) and left in a hurry without telling me where he was going. He came back two hours later with breakfast that is a block away from our house, later I finally found out why. We arrived by the Yarra River near Kew Boat House, he led me down this narrow strip into the bushes and I started to hear music, he led me down to the water where a picnic was set up, fairy lights and a Christmas tree with photos of all the places we had travelled to together, with a Christmas bauble that read ‘marry me’. It was so perfect, so private which I had always wanted, and Christmas themed! I later learnt that he actually had driven to that spot that morning when he rushed off, to cut the grass where he was proposing, as it was this little off the pathway area, as he knew I wanted something private and by the water.


Planning process.

The planning process was fun, incredible, stressful, filled with champagne and laughter, and then sometimes a nightmare filled with tears. We were so lucky to have an incredible bridal party, they were amazing. And a family who were really supportive and loved being involved in all the nitty gritty details. However, I don’t believe that any wedding journey doesn’t come without stress and tears. Ben and I made a real effort to always have fun while planning, and always over a bottle of bubbles, which made the biggest difference when I look back.


Style inspiration.

We wanted a black-tie wedding. Something really classic, with a touch of old style while modern.


The outfit.

I honestly barely knew what I wanted to wear. I had so many photos saved from so many Instagram pages but when It came time to choosing, I chose something so different and nothing like the photos I had saved.

However, I knew I wanted something super simple, classic but stunning. I am a very minimalistic person when it comes to style, less the better I believe. And I feel my dress was just that. Simple and beautiful.

I also kept my dress shopping to a minimum, I only chose a few places to visit and luckily, I found it on my second visit!


Favourite moment.

The first look. Having that moment just with Ben was perfect. Being able to spend time together before getting married, being nervous yet so excited together. I just loved it.

I think I equally loved the sunset photos. Being pulled away with our amazing photographer and videographer to have some time to take in our day and everything that has happened. We chose the perfect media team, who made us laugh with tears, and being able to relax as husband and wife, with them doing their thing, it was honestly just so much fun.


Meaning of marriage.

It means falling in love with the same person over and over again, forever.

It means wearing a ring of commitment to show the world that your heart belongs to one person, one person only, no matter the day, the circumstances, the situation, the environment, the distance, the place or the time. It means sharing your life with your best friend.


Wedding soundtrack.

We didn’t have an entry song; we actually entered our reception with all of our guests. As we had a first look, this allowed us to spend canapes with our guests, one of the best decisions we made!

First dance song – Your Song, Elton John.

Aisle song – Close your eyes, Rhodes

Exist aisle song – Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Stevie Wonder


Funny stories (or near disasters).

My best friend/MOH broke her wrist working out roughly 7 weeks before the big day! Well, the doctors had thought she broke her arm, was in a cast, wasn’t able to work (she’s a nurse) and 4 weeks later it wasn’t actually broken!


Planning surprises.

Not exactly. I didn’t think the planning would be so stressful. I think I was a touch naïve.


Words of wisdom.

Make the journey magical for yourselves. Every time you plan, make it special; open a bottle of bubbles, make a platter, plan over a picnic in the park; make every single moment special for yourselves. This is your journey, even though your bridal party and your family are going to be excited, you need to create the spark and carry on the spark for yourselves.

Also, the week before the wedding, go away for a little couple’s retreat getaway. We went to Daylesford and stayed at Hepburn at Hepburn and it was pure bliss. We had couple massages, went out for cocktails and dinner, had a beautiful room, and it was the most special and perfect way to walk into wedding week.


Final words.

It was so important to us to have vendors that not only knew each other but were fans of each other. When we picked our photographer we actually asked for his help and his personal choice in choosing a videographer, as we really wanted that duo to have fun together on the day. It was so important to us to see our photographer and videographer having fun, it also really sets a great mood when being around them. We definitely got that spot on.

We also cared so much about our entertainment. We really wanted that to set the tone for the rest of our night, have everyone up in their feet and enjoying themselves. This is one of the most important things to us and something we spent many hours researching into. It paid off!



Considering taking the nerves down a notch and sharing that epic first look moment without all the fuss? We spoke with photography legend Michael Briggs about why this could be a great choice for you




Ceremony and reception: Coombe Yarra Valley

Celebrant/Officiant:  Lisa Love

Photography: Michael Briggs

Videography: Sasha from Apertura

Florist: Valley Blooms

Hair: Rae Hairstylist

Make Up: Georgia Ellyse Beauty

The Dress and veil: Karen Willis Holmes

Rings: Arman Jewellery

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Bec and Bridge

Grooms attire: Menz Club

Catering: Coombe Yarra Valley

Cake / Cake topper: Bec’s Little Cake Place

Stationery / Signage: Invitations by Mickey Loves Jacquie and Signage by Wedding Paper Chic

Entertainment: Melbourne Entertainment and Co / DJ School Australia

Transport: Celebrity Cars

Hire: Outside tables – Chillizone

Honeymoon: New York for 4 weeks!

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