Real Wedding – Simone & Evan, Cabarita Beach NSW
Real Wedding – Simone & Evan, Cabarita Beach NSW
Real Wedding – Simone & Evan, Cabarita Beach NSW
Real Wedding – Simone & Evan, Cabarita Beach NSW

Real Wedding – Simone & Evan, Cabarita Beach NSW

When Simone and Evan set their wedding date for only six weeks away, they knew they would need to get planning! By taking the time to assemble a team of true talent, then letting them work their magic, their vision of coastal elegance was nothing short of stunning.

Warm tans and musky rust tones blended beautifully with the natural shades of the beach surrounds, while pops of crisp seashell white elevated the look to pure contemporary chic.

Simone’s gorgeous Grace does Lace gown was the perfect finishing touch, artfully simple and exquisitely elegant. We loved that Evan chose to keep things classily casual in classic taupe linen with touches of rich fawn.

The Love Archives were there to capture every sun-drenched, feeling-filled moment.



The meeting.

We met at my Pilates studio. As soon as Evan walked in the thought came into my head “I’m going to marry him” – no word of a lie. I then had to try to play it cool for the next 45 minutes while teaching him Pilates. It was a year and a half before he asked me out. 

Evan said he was not interested in doing Pilates until he saw me teaching through the window (he was on the way to a schnitzel dinner). He said he’d only try the class if I were teaching.


The ‘one’. 

For me it was instant, I was in love with Evan the first time I saw him. For him, it wasn’t until we had been dating for a few weeks or months. After we’d been through some tough times and had stuck together like glue through them, showing each other nothing but love and support, that he realised I was the one. 


The proposal.

We were away at the Hunter Valley for my birthday. Evan didn’t know which restaurant would be nicer over our two-day getaway, so didn’t have the ring on him. I was about four wines deep, and we were in the middle of this beautiful conversation about our future and how happy we were, before he bolted out the doors of the restaurant to the car. Obviously, I thought it was odd. 

When he came back, the waiters were on his tail with a birthday cake singing happy birthday to me. He was blushing and looked nervous. When they left and I was scoffing the cake, he slid off his chair and onto one knee. I waited for him to say something (he’d forgotten), he opened the box, and I asked him “is there something you’d like to ask me?” He said, “oh yeah.. do you like it??” I laughed and said, “is there anything else you’d like to ask me”, and then I don’t remember we were both just happy and crying! It was so beautiful, clunky and so us!


Planning process.

It was all about snap decisions, which Evan and I both love. I (as much as time would allow) researched each vendor to see what they were capable of. Were they a one-trick pony, or were they a true creative that I could trust to create something special for our day? I find this pretty easy to pick I think; I really know what I like. And when I wasn’t sure, I asked my wedding planner, who could tell me who she’d worked with and who she would recommend.


Style inspiration. 

I love natural and earthy tones, and I’ve always wanted to get married on the beach. I wanted something a little different than the typical white, so went with these gorgeous tan brown roses with weird, amazing spiral branches out of the floral pieces. They were spikey and dramatic, I loved them. The cake was a cyclone of chocolates and vanillas, so cool. Everything was wonky (I hate symmetrical).


The outfit. 

I typed “last-minute brides” into google and tried to book into three separate bridal stores, all of which promised stock in-house. Grace Loves Lace could get me in the quickest, so I went there. The one dress that I really loved (that they apparently never have in stock, ever) they had one left of, in my size. So, I ordered as quickly as possible, did a few minor alterations and was ready to go. My mum and sister were there and insisted on the veil; I never thought I’d wear one, but I absolutely adored it, both for the drama in photos as well as the feeling on the day. It really dressed the dress, I think.


Favourite moments.

The whole day was so special. Spending those moments before walking down the aisle with my Dad were so special, I’ll cherish that forever. Then just sobbing with Evan through the whole ceremony, we were a mess. I’ve never felt luckier to have someone in my life. I was so grateful, so happy and everyone just throws so much love at you in that moment. There is no feeling like it. It was so special.


Meaning of marriage.

For me, the wedding has never been the ‘be all and end all’. We planned to elope, just the two of us, but in hindsight it was so special to have our immediate families there. Marriage for me is all about telling the world that this is the most important person in your life. Shouting from the rooftops that you are in love and this guy is the one for the rest of your life. It Is so special, so magical and I am so grateful every day to be lucky enough to have found true love.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis. Sung by the incredible Danielle Guest, she and her acoustic guitar player made the day. It was magic.

Reception entry: Thunder by ACDC

First dance: Don’t Want to Miss A Thing by Aerosmith


Funny stories or near disasters.

The dress. There was no one answering the phone over the long weekend. There was a bit of confusion at the back end of the store, and because there was literally no time, it was pretty stressful.


Planning surprises.

How much there was to it! I have been involved with productions and events through my job as a pro-dancer so I kind of knew…


Words of wisdom.

My advice would be, book amazingly talented vendors and let them use their creative skills. It’s their thing. I always provided loads of visuals and wanted details along the way to check that it was meeting my vision; however, I was really careful not to micro-manage the experts. 

I trusted the floral designer, and she totally nailed it, I trusted the amazing Esther with photos and telling us what to do, and she was just incredible. 

If you try to fiddle too much with these things you don’t allow the creatives, who you have booked, to really shine. Of course, speak up and say what you want, and if it’s not what you’re after just communicate that to them – they’ll work with you. But the best thing you can do is provide them space to play and do what they do best. You’ll achieve the most organically creative process and best result by allowing that.



Thinking about creating a stunning celebration with a short lead-time? We recommend following Simone & Evan’s lead and engaging a planner to help realise your dream day. Check out our directory for some true talent!



Ceremony location: Cabarita Beach 

Celebrant: The Lady Who Weds. Rachel really made the day so special for us. She absolutely sparkles and captivated the crowd with her words. A celebrant can really make or break the flow of your ceremony. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. The process leading up to the day, the day itself, Rachel really was the absolute perfect one to marry us. She was perfectly dressed, spoke so beautifully and captured and mentioned all the little things we hoped she would. We can’t recommend her enough!

Photography & Videography: The Love Archives. When we say A-team, we mean A-team!!! Esther and her team made us feel so comfortable and made the photo-taking process (which from my experience at other weddings can be an absolute chore) so enjoyable. Even my now husband enjoyed it, and he hates photos! She gave us perfect direction, the actual moments at the wedding were perfectly captured, and the proof is in the pudding. Our album is so beautiful, full of the most amazingly captured memories that we will cherish forever. This was one of the most important decisions for me as I really wanted the moment captured, and The Love Archives absolutely delivered. We can’t thank them enough!

Styling: Our wedding planner Christie of Haus of Hera Events  guided me not to ‘skimp’ on the flowers as they really make the event, and she was totally right. The flowers and her styling absolutely made the visuals.

 Florist: Black and Bloom Floral Studio – artists!! They perfectly nailed the brief and delivered with even more style, personality and character than I could have ever hoped for with flowers. 

 Make-up: Charlie Elizabeth Makeup

The dress and veil: Grace Loves Lace

Cake: Marina Machado Cakes

Entertainment: Danielle Guest Music


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