Roseate Reverie: A Contemporary Art Gallery Styled Shoot
Roseate Reverie: A Contemporary Art Gallery Styled Shoot
Roseate Reverie: A Contemporary Art Gallery Styled Shoot
Roseate Reverie: A Contemporary Art Gallery Styled Shoot

Roseate Reverie: A Contemporary Art Gallery Styled Shoot


Step into a world where love meets artistry in an enchanting fusion of contemporary elegance and natural beauty. Welcome to Roseate Reverie, a spellbinding styled shoot set amidst the newly established Hubert Gallery of Art and the event space known as Harriett at Hubert Estate, nestled in the heart of the Yarra Valley.


Wander through a floral wonderland, bathed in dramatic shades of pink and adorned with the most delicate of details. With a talented team of wedding suppliers coming together to create Roseate Reverie, the entire setting is a testament to the power of aesthetics, where love and artistry harmoniously intertwine.

The Hubert Estate, with its dramatic angles and lines, serves as the backdrop for this shoot, radiating sophistication and elegance. In this modern setting, the Hubert Gallery of Art strikes a delicate balance between the intricate stories told by Indigenous artworks, while the blank walls provide a canvas for the dramatic bursts of pink and the unfolding of a beautiful love story.

The contrast of sleek, minimalist design with the vibrancy of nature’s colours creates a visual masterpiece that’s undeniably sophisticated and inviting. It’s the perfect canvas for a celebration of love and art.

Imagine walking hand in hand through the entrance of this modern art sanctuary, discovering an artful composition which pays homage to the essence of love. Where flowers serve as metaphors for the delicate, evolving beauty of a marriage in bloom, each arrangement has been carefully curated to evoke emotions of passion, love, and tenderness. The result being a vivid visual narrative.

As with any art piece, the beauty of this photoshoot lies in the details. The bride, dressed in Luci Di Bella gowns adorned with embroidered floral details, carries a seasonal bouquet of Spring blossom, ranunculi and roses. Delicate tablescapes of intentional florals, handmade ceramics, and elegant gold rimmed glassware set a scene of pure romance, while the soft flicker of candlelight brought an ambiance like no other. Amidst this refined elegance, the printed table linen added an element of playful whimsy; a delightful contrast to the understated ceramics and seasonal florals. It was as if the world of grown-up elegance had a rendezvous with the world of youthful imagination.

A champagne tower, poised on a bespoke tablecloth of satin bows, embodies opulence and delight. It stood as a singular testament to the grandeur of love, a moment of celebration and a toast to the journey ahead. The cake, an exquisite creation in its own right, was not just a dessert but a work of art. Atop a clear plinth adorned with suspended florals, an enchanting interplay of shadow and light came into play. It was a visual feast, an intimate narrative that whispered tales of love through the language of art.

Your wedding day, like Roseate Rivere, is a work of artistry. A fusion of love and aesthetic beauty joined together to give you the memory of a lifetime. With open hearts, we can discern that there is art in love and love in art, each enhancing the other in a harmonious symphony. This photoshoot was not just a display of creative abilities or the beauty of the space, but a reflection of the romantic connection between art and soul.



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Concept, Styling and Florals / Wild In Love

Photography / Kinship by Kristy

Venue / Harriett – Hubert Estate

Stationery / State of Elliott

Napkins with black stitch detail / Flou.

Black cutlery, glassware & acrylic plinth / Event Merchant Co

Bridal Gowns / Luci Di Bella

Model / Jessica Husband

MUA & Hair / Amanda Rose Artistry

Cake / Remi and Florence



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