Stand Out From The Crowd – Top Tips For a Sensational Ceremony
Stand Out From The Crowd – Top Tips For a Sensational Ceremony
Stand Out From The Crowd – Top Tips For a Sensational Ceremony
Stand Out From The Crowd – Top Tips For a Sensational Ceremony

Stand Out From The Crowd – Top Tips For a Sensational Ceremony


We’ve all been there, standing at the back of a wedding ceremony wondering when on earth the ceremony will end! Sure the couple look a million bucks but with all the ‘blah blah blah’ it’s hard to not think about the drinks that lay ahead.

The last thing you want is to bore your guests with your wedding ceremony, it’s an important moment that should not only be treasured by the couple, but their family and friends. Thankfully we have the best in the business when it comes to celebrants, so we’ve asked for their top tips to make your ceremony stand out from the crowd!




Instead of a reading (in the traditional sense of the term, i.e. a poem or song lyrics) why not think of having someone come up and give a little speech during your ceremony. Perhaps a close friend who knew the two of you when you met who can tell their version of events, or both mums who can write something to share with you on the day. Your celebrant can work directly with these people and insert their speech into the ceremony where it best flows. Not only does it include someone especially close to you, it also gives another personalised feel to your ceremony; having someone up there who knows you best to share part of your story.

Instead of the usual walk back down the aisle/petal throw once your ceremony is over, kick off the celebrations with a bang by getting the dancing started then and there. You could hand out maracas to all guests before the ceremony and once your celebrant has announced you Mr and Mrs, have your favourite song playing and everyone up on their feet. Have the bridal party and your family involved to lead the way – your guests will be talking about it for weeks to come. TIP: a champagne handed out during the signing could help this one along as well!




Your ceremony doesn’t have to be long to be good… ask your celebrant to concentrate on the quality of words instead of quantity – your guests won’t mind getting to the bar that bit earlier… trust me!

Talk to your celebrant about ways you can make your ceremony interactive, maybe include little surprises from your loved ones. I often reach out to friends/families of the couple and include their thoughts on marriage and any words of wisdom. Generally the couple don’t know what they’ve said so it can be really special and your guests won’t feel like ‘bystanders’




I honestly believe that a ceremony that ‘stands out from the crowd’ doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatically different, nor include anything sensational – it just has to be authentic and true to the couple.

So on that note;

Choose a celebrant that has the ability to best reflect you as a couple. This way, your ceremony has a better chance of being real, authentic and well received.  Resultantly it will stand out to the crowd for all the right reasons. No weird inclusions, no un-relatable content, no guests bored out of their brain watching the clock for it to finish!

Choose a celebrant who actually cares and looks out for the one percenters (the behind the scenes goings on). Champion ceremonies are not just about covering off the legals and best reflecting the couple.  A confident and experienced celebrant will take the time to look out for the one percenters that truly can improve your ceremony/day tenfold and avoid potential disasters. Good celebrants can read the crowd and adjust the delivery of the ceremony accordingly.  Competent celebrants can give you the hot tips well before the day to ensure those nerves are eased and instead your smiles are beaming.




Be sure to set the tone pre ceremony – serve alcohol, have a great playlist on, consider the party beginning from the minute guests arrive.

Ditch the bridal party – instead involve guests in the ceremony in meaningful ways. Have them read something they’ve written for you, nominate them as witnesses, or have them tell parts of your story.

Are you a puppy person? Then involve your puppy! This makes for instant fun and laughs, and they are a part of your family too, right?!




Other than being super organised here are a few quick tips!

Take some time to ‘chillax’ before the big event. It will ease nerves and you will look and feel far more radiant.

Invest time into writing beautiful vows to each other (using your celebrant for help if needed). This part of the ceremony can be such a show stopper and your tribe will feel and connect to your ceremony and you more deeply if there is effort put in.


Add these sensational celebrants to your wedding day Tribe by checking them out here.


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