Sweet Fern bridal shower soiree
Sweet Fern bridal shower soiree
Sweet Fern bridal shower soiree
Sweet Fern bridal shower soiree

Sweet Fern bridal shower soiree

Perfume is a powerful trigger for memory and your wedding day will be one of the most important memories of your lifetime. Nothing captures the memory of walking down the aisle quite like the fragrance you wear, creating ever-lasting memories.

Have you taken some time to consider your bridal scent and it’s importance?

Ivory Tribe perfumery favourite, Sweet Fern, recently welcomed a lucky group of gorgeous girls to their beautiful Ballarat boutique for a special pre-wedding celebration and we couldn’t resist sharing the sweet story.

The guests, arriving at the warm, scent-fuelled and foliage-filled boutique, were greeted with champagne by store owner, Kate.

Inviting each guest to share their favourite scent, the Sweet Fern team then explained which family each scent belonged on the fragrance wheel – floral, oriental, woody or fresh. With scent so closely linked to memory, the education surrounding how and why we are drawn to varied scents, was fascinating.



Learning about the difference between ‘niche’ and ‘commercial’ perfumeries, the value of investing in a full bodied scent, matched to the wearer became obvious. Sample fragrances were sprayed and handed to the guests as they learned the different scents that formed part of the fragrance wheel. Then further compelling discussion took place about the ingredients that make up perfumes. Guests then sampled their favourite scents as they enjoyed cupcakes and champagne and luxuriated in the beautiful surrounds and decor of Sweet Fern.



Sweet Fern delivers a personalised and unique bridal shower experience like no other. It really is the perfect way for a bride-to-be to choose her most fitting fragrance, among her finest friends. Travelling from Melbourne? The Sweet Fern team have kindly put together the perfect itinerary for a girls get together.



Sweet Fern boutique offers the perfect opportunity for a bride-to-be to choose a scent that is exclusive to one of the most momentous and beautiful occasion in their lives. Though don’t just limit it to the bride, as Sweet Fern have an array of men’s fragrances that would make the perfect groom gift OR a sweet surprise for the bridesmaids that are by your side.



Whatever way you experience Sweet Fern, be it a bridal shower, or investing in a sweet fragrance surprise – remember you are giving them the gift of memory. A memory that will make stomachs flutter and hearts warm as the senses are drawn back to the memory of a wedding celebration, long after it’s gone.



Sweet Fern is located at 114 Armstrong Street South, Central Ballarat 3350 (and is conveniently located right next door to bridal boutique Embrace Bridal). Bridal showers can be personally customised and begin at $49 per person – fully redeemable upon purchase of a 100ml fragrance. For purchase of products please head to the Sweet Fern website for opening hours. To find out more – visit Sweet Fern here.




Location – Sweet Fern, Ballarat

Florals – Wild Daughter

Balloonery/party goods – Lark Store

Cake – Pretty Special Cakes

Wine – Mitchell Harris Wines

Photography – Stefani Driscoll Photography


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