Had To Be You Weddings

Laura, the talented photographer behind Had To Be You Weddings, is like an unpopable bubble of joy, a radiant ray of sunshine, and precisely the person you want by your side to capture the magic of your wedding day.


Had to Be You Weddings may have unofficially come into being in 2012, but it was no accident that Laura stumbled upon her true passion. In fact, it was more like destiny calling her name. That fateful day when she inadvertently found herself behind the lens at a wedding, she didn’t just like it – she fell head over heels in love with it.


It was the sheer beauty of the day, the joy etched on people’s faces, the sweet, impromptu, and even the silly moment that envelope a wedding celebration that captured Laura’s heart. Yet, what truly ignited her passion was the ability to freeze these paramount moments in a couple’s life within the frame of her camera. It was like being a part of history, the kind of history that’s filled with love, affection, and lasting memories. From that moment forward, there was no turning back.


So what does Had To Be You Weddings offer? Other than bangin’ photos of your wedding day and capturing sincerely lovely moments, Laura offers the funnest of vibes, lots of laughs, guaranteed 5-star reviews from your guests, and dance moves that will keep the party going long after she puts her camera down.


Laura’s incredible talent extends beyond photography; she knows how to make her couples feel like a gazillion bucks. Her superpower? Bringing out the most extraordinary and authentic sides of people—whether it’s their confidence, wild spirit, romantic soul, or mushy tenderness – she transforms these little pockets of gold into incredible photos you will love forever.


Romantic, entertaining, and dreamy AF, Had To Be You Weddings offers not just photography but an unforgettable experience.

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