Kinship by Kristy

Capturing genuine and engaging photographic memories of life’s biggest moments, in Gippsland, Melbourne and beyond, Kinship by Kristy creates tousled and unposed art for the madly in love.


When it comes to her craft, Kristy is all about the real love stuff. From the moment she turned her hand to photography, she hasn’t wanted to do another thing since.


While newer on the wedding scene, Kristy has quickly become a star on the wedding circuit, rising to great heights honing her craft, mothering her two boys, while living out her creative dream.


When it comes to loving her ‘day job’, for Kristy, it all boils down to this. She digs giving people what they can’t achieve themselves. To see themselves and the people they adore in a different light, documenting moments that might otherwise be long forgotten, and to be on hand to make a bride or groom feel totally babin’, happier, stronger and more confident than ever – that’s her jam.


She always brings a unique perspective and style to each wedding, and is keen to push creative boundaries with vibrant colours, shadows, small details and slithers of low light. To have her couples cry happy tears upon receiving their photos is the ultimate feeling. It’s what she thrives on, and boy, does she do it well.


What we love about Kristy is her bubbly nature, that she leaves her clients feeling maxo-relaxo, oh and with ole nay of business experience under her belt, she’s totes-profesh too. Check out her stunning portfolio and add her to your wedding day Tribe immediately.


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