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Phoebe Dunn Photography


Meet Phoebe, a photographer with a laid-back vibe and a passion for freezing those natural, genuine moments. Her images are warm, authentic, and real, celebrating couples within beautiful rural landscapes.


As a photographer and a mum, Phoebe brings warmth, honesty, and a laid-back vibe to her craft. When not capturing beautiful moments, you’ll find her hanging out with her family, camping, or doing a bit of gardening. Her photography style mirrors her personality—relaxed, genuine, and utterly sincere.


With a knack for putting couples at ease and blending into the crowd, Phoebe captures weddings in a documentary style, seizing fleeting moments and real laughter. Her magic lies in transforming these seemingly small moments into impactful memories. Whether blending into the crowd for candid shots or taking charge when needed, her approach is delicate yet powerful.


Based in country Victoria, Phoebe draws inspiration from the beautiful rural landscapes and country living. She loves farm weddings, country crowds, sunsets over dry paddocks, and bright clear days with cool evenings. With a deep understanding of the crisp country light, she creates stunning portraits within the landscape.


Phoebe is not just a photographer; she’s a companion on your wedding journey. An email away, she’s always ready to assist with tips and tricks to ensure your day unfolds seamlessly. She guides you through the planning process, creating a timeline that maximizes the best light and allows you both to relax, be present, and have fun with your guests.


See the magic in your love story through Phoebe’s lens, and let her tell the story of your day in the most authentic and heartfelt way.


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