The Aisle Runner

Ever thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to have your very own personal assistant while planning your wedding?


We get it, wedding planning can be full on, there’s so many moving parts and it’s easy to feel quickly overwhelmed or even forget those tiny but oh so important details.


But not anymore.


Meet The Aisle Runner – your very own wedding personal assistant, and as you will soon realise, exactly what you’ve been looking for when it comes to bringing your day to life.


The Aisle Runner is not a wedding planner in the traditional sense, but rather a bridal personal assistant service, filling the gaps where most wedding planning/coordinator packages won’t.


Desperately need a pair of shoes picked up and delivered to your bridesmaid? Need to pick up your veil from the other side of town but don’t have time after work? Forgot to organise your place cards? Need vases delivered to your venue, and tables set up?  Or even hired wedding garments returned following your celebrations?


This is where your very own wedding saviour steps in, The Aisle Runner is for those who have last minute errands that need to be run, making time and space so you can focus on what’s most important.


With three helpful categories under which you can book their services; ‘Before your event’, ‘On the day’ and ‘After the event’ – they offer flexibility to engage their services in metro Melbourne, with a helping hand every step of the way.


The brains behind The Aisle Runner is Tracey Journeaux – whose graphic design-trained eye means no detail is gone unnoticed, and every couple is left feeling in the most capable hands. Tracey inherently understands the nuance of being a bride and the special care bridal items require – from knowing whether your wedding gown needs to be hung or laid down, to recognising that transporting particular wedding-related items takes a special level of care.


She loves to help, and if there is anything we know about the event planning process, it’s that delegation is the key to reducing so much pre-wedding stress.


When the to-do lists become overwhelming, and rather than call in favours from your friends and family, go ahead and engage The Aisle Runner – it’s another perfect match.

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