TOI ET MOI – where ethical jewellery meets luxury
TOI ET MOI – where ethical jewellery meets luxury
TOI ET MOI – where ethical jewellery meets luxury
TOI ET MOI – where ethical jewellery meets luxury

TOI ET MOI – where ethical jewellery meets luxury


TOI ET MOI Moissanite Co are making a splash in the wedding industry with their bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands that are made to be loved, worn and stand the test of time.

When founder, Lisa, was married in 2022 she really noticed the lack of inclusivity and diversity within the wedding industry and decided to take matters into her own hands, going on to create a brand that is inclusive, diverse and representative of all. What resulted was TOI ET MOI Moissanite Co.

TOI ET MOI aims to fill a soulful vision that appeals to the individual needs of a modern-day couple. Desirable to those who value quality, moissanites are right alongside diamonds with an affordable difference – an ethical alternative to luxury.

Not only are the jewellery designs of TOI ET MOI stunning, each piece is made to order and fully customisable to meet your needs, making the journey to the finished piece, a personal and meaningful one. However, you also have the opportunity to create a fully custom design, simply talk to the TOI ET MOI and the will bring your dream piece to life.

We’ve been so excited to see this brand launch that we wanted to know more, so we sat down with Lisa herself and learned more about the magic of moissanite and TOI ET MOI.



The fusion of sustainability, affordability and luxury underpins TOI ET MOI, why are these pillars made achievable through moissanite, and how does the approach differ to regular diamonds?

Moissanites were originally discovered from a meteoroid crater in 1893, by a French scientist named Dr Henri Moissan. Ethically produced and not mined, Moissanite is now made through advanced technology in laboratories, where they are crafted to be resilient, without fading in fire, lustre, or brilliance over time.

Growing moissanites in a lab leaves a smaller carbon footprint, thus reducing harmful carbon emissions that are caused by the mining industry. Being lab grown also means we’re able to keep our prices affordable, we believe everyone should have access to their dream ring.


How durable is moissanite jewellery? 

If we look at the MOHs Scale, which is a scale used to determined how strong a gemstone is, with 10 being the strongest and 1 being fragile; diamonds score a 10, moissanites score a 9.25, followed by sapphire, which are scored at 9.

While being the second hardest gemstone, yet completely diverse and ethical, moissanites bring a new approach to the wedding and jewellery industry. Moissanites, unlike diamonds, never become cloudy, lose their fire, lustre or brilliance, thus making them the superior gemstone.



Where are the stones made, and can the average person differentiate between moissanite and traditional diamonds? 

Moissanites are made in many different labs around the world, our main supplier is in Sydney, which is where all our jewellery is made.

Without the proper tools and understanding of these gems, you would not be able to tell them apart. However, moissanites aren’t designed to be diamond replicas or imitations, moissanite is it’s own unique gem and should never be compared to a diamond.


Diversity – we’re here for it! How has this become an integral part of your offering?

As an ethical centric business, we at TOI ET MOI are determined to make a change in the jewellery and wedding industry to include all forms of love and commitment. TOI ET MOI ensures diversity and inclusivity by excluding gender stereotypes, representing both LGBTQIA and BIPOC in our imagery and by being loud and unapologetic about the inequalities these communities face.



What is the typical process a couple can expect when engaging your services – from enquiry through the delivery. 

If you’re purchasing one our bespoke rings, on average it takes 4-6 weeks for you to receive your ring.

If you choose to create a custom ring, we begin by establishing your wants, needs and desires, we will then present you with your finalised specifications and quote, this process usually takes up to one week.

After we have received your deposit, we will get started on designing your CAD (computer aided design), this is a digital mock-up of your ring. We endeavour to provide you with your CAD within 14 business days, at which point you can approve the design or request amendments. Once approved, we will start crafting your piece.

Once the crafting of your ring has begun, it’s expected to take 4-6 weeks for completion and delivery.


For those in love with the idea of your items, but concerned about their own lack of creativity or direction, how do you determine a client’s best fit?

We offer a large range of rings that meets the needs of many individual styles, however if you like two different rings or want something we don’t already have, we can assist you with a custom design.

Not sure exactly what you want? We recommend creating a Pinterest board with images of all your favourite rings, this will help guide us when discussing design options.



We adore the philanthropic values of your brand, tell us about your charity work.

Did you know that we donate $50 from each piece of jewellery to charity? Because we can’t choose just one charity, each month the charity we donate to changes; this ensures we can help as many communities as possible. Our first charity we’ve chosen to donate to is The Pride Foundation, you can read all about the work they do here.

Responsibly making the world a better place and encouraging diversity is our mission. The team at TOI ET MOI are committed to improving the knowledge and awareness in the jewellery industry and as an Australian brand, we aim to fill your needs for affordable and quality bands that you will wear for life.


What would you love to see more of in the wedding industry?

A collective effort from all brands and businesses to be more inclusive. Being a bride myself in January 2022, I found it incredibly hard to shop for dresses, shoes and even find the right makeup artist because every single one of these businesses have been tailored to straight sized individuals and I am a curvaceous, plus sized woman. Not only was sizing an issue but every advertisement, website and social media account I saw only used white, cis, hetero couples for their imagery and marketing, it’s just not good enough and it needs to change.



Where are you based and how do we get the process underway?

Our office is based in Melbourne; however, we are currently online only, though have plans for pop up stores in the future.

You can contact us via email at [email protected] or via our website.

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