Top tips when planning a marquee wedding
Top tips when planning a marquee wedding
Top tips when planning a marquee wedding
Top tips when planning a marquee wedding

Top tips when planning a marquee wedding

Photo: Samantha Elizabeth


There’s something about a marquee wedding – the stand-alone structures can provide a magical atmosphere while you immerse yourselves in unique surrounds.

At the same time, marquees really are the ultimate blanks canvas when it comes to making your celebration your own, allowing you to take take any outdoor space and make it into a perfect piece of paradise.

Freedom and flexibility are the joys in planning your marquee wedding, though of course there are a few things to consider, so here are our top tips when it comes to planning and pulling off your very own perfect marquee wedding magic.




It’s important to know the location when it comes to where you set your marquee up to take centre stage. Speak to the owners of the property and get an understanding of where they think the best location would be, taking into account things such as the whether the land is flat enough, the direction of winds, sun and of course the surroundings so you can take full advantage of the location. Ensure its easily accessible for guests and suppliers. Think about car parking and how far someone will need to walk to get to the area, as well as your suppliers who may be carrying heavy equipment.




There are so many layers to a marquee wedding, and plenty to think about, our first tip would be to hire professionals when it comes to the installation of your marquee (no one wants to be dealing with erecting a marquee the day before their wedding) and hiring a wedding planner or coordinator can also be helpful too. Choose one that you know has experience with marquee weddings (check out their websites and socials) as they will know all the ins and outs that you may not be aware of.



While ideally you will be celebrating your day on a warm, balmy evening where there is absolutely no rain or wind, Mother Nature isn’t always that kind. It’s important to consider for all scenarios and choose a marquee that you will be elated with, regardless of whether it’s fully enclosed or not. When engaging with your marquee supplier, let them know the number of guests, along with allowing enough space for things such as a dancefloor, band, bar, lounge area and it’s worth considering if you can host your ceremony within the marquee too should your outdoor plan not be able to go ahead.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase



Many people just assume all you need is a marquee, some tables, and a few chairs, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Don’t forget about the toilets, the pump needed, the extra water you may need to service this, the generators, the power leads etc. This is where a wedding planner or a professional marquee company will be worth their weight in gold as they will know exactly what extras you will need to factor in.



Marquee weddings are usually set in a location that is either special to the couple or has stunning views. Take advantage of this by lighting up surrounding trees and buildings, optimising your view for the entire evening. The ceiling of your marquee is also a way to create incredible wow-factor by lighting it up, and even if this is the only styling you do, it will be worth it. More practically be sure to light up areas your guests will need to access that will become dark in the evening, think car park and toilets.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase Venue: Mewburn Park



It’s important to consider your guests comfort when it comes to a marquee wedding. Look at the weather forecast, and should it look like it will be too cold or too hot, you may need to look into hiring portable heating, fans or cooling. Try and ensure the bathrooms are not too far from the marquee and that there is adequate lighting for guests to find their way.



When booking your wedding vendors, it’s important to understand their needs for a marquee wedding. What power requirements or space does each of your vendors need and ensure these are fulfilled so there are no mishaps or misunderstandings on the day and you can problem solve anything in advance.


Photo: Nikki McCrone Photography



Naturally all weddings need catering, and unless you’re opting for self sufficient food trucks, most caterers will require their own catering tent, that your marquee company should be able to provide. Speak with your caterers and get an understanding of what they need when it comes to space and size and any other specific requirements they may have. Also find out what they include as part of their catering equipment and packages and what you may have to source yourselves such as crockery, cutlery etc. Think about the drinks you are serving and ensure you have plenty of refrigeration and ice too. Another good question to ask is how much staffing they will provide and whether they clear away rubbish at the end of the night, or is this something you will have to do yourselves.



During the evening there will be speeches and music and your guests will want to hear both clearly. Check with your entertainment what they bring with them and whether you can use their set-up for speeches or if you will need to source a PA system. It’s also important to check in whether there are any noise restrictions in the area or time limits for celebrations. Last thing you need is your party being shut down because it’s too loud!


Photo: Samantha Elizabeth



The beauty of a marquee wedding is that it’s the ultimate blank canvas, in saying that, there’s a lot to consider and a lot of choice. Will you have round or long trestle tables, cross-back or bentwood chairs, what type of flooring will you have? When it comes to tableware, you will need to decide on glassware, crockery, cutlery and table linen. What will you do with flowers? Simple centrepieces, installations, or forego flowers for romantic candlelight? Signage and stationery will also play into your planning, from menus and place-names to signage that will help your guests navigate where everything is.


As you can see, marquee weddings can have their own complexities and a lot to think about, but are well worth it for the incredible end result. A wedding planner really will point you in the right direction and ensure the day goes off without a hitch. For some of our favourite and trusted wedding planners, head here

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