Top wedding trends for 2021
Top wedding trends for 2021
Top wedding trends for 2021

Top wedding trends for 2021

Photo by Ali Bailey


There is little surprise that 2020 has shaken up the landscape of weddings and events more than we’ve seen in decades, and through force, or reflection, the way in which we celebrate getting hitched has definitely shifted.

While the year may have been a difficult one many fronts, we’ve watched with keen interest the emergence and uptake of some great wedding trends and changes to tradition.

From gathering sizes, to location, the ways in which we prioritise our planning and even how we break bread to celebrate those saying ‘I Do’, 2021 comes with some changes we never thought imaginable.

Read on for our take on the coming year’s wedding landscape – we think you might like what you’ll see.




Smaller guest lists.

With the pandemic reframing our priorities in 2020, there’s no doubt the flow on effect will be felt for years to come and when it comes to events and celebrations – weddings might be smaller in guest size, but take it from us, there’s certainly no less heart. After a year of missing loved ones, cancelled plans and uncertainty – those who make the cut to witness you getting hitched, will be feeling all the feels. Intimate celebrations have taken centre stage in the past 12 months and whether thats an elopement or a micro-wedding, we think they’re here to stay.


Local loving. 

While a dreamy destination wedding is typically a popular option, travel restrictions are set to see a resurgence in keeping celebrations a little closer to home. The silver linings here are abundant – small businesses have been terribly impacted by the pandemic and any support you can throw to those local to you is a stellar decision, but we also love the opportunity to get out and explore our own backyards a little further. You’ll be surprised by how many wedding venues, outdoor ceremony locations or nearby suppliers exist – so save yourself the expense of getting away and delve a little deeper in your research – it will pay off.


Wed now, party later.

With all that has happened recently in the world, many have had the chance to reflect on what is of most importance when it comes to their wedding, and that is simply being married to the love of their life, sooner rather than later. With restrictions changing things up, some are choosing to say ‘I Do’ as soon as they can, whatever the circumstances, and then throwing the party of a lifetime in the future. What a perfect excuse for two celebrations of love! Count us right in.


Photo by Danielle Symes


Weekday weddings.

Love doesn’t work on a 9-5 roster, and nor does a wedding need to. With wedding suppliers in hot demand this coming year ahead, the calendar is filling thick and fast with celebrations outside of the typical Friday and Saturday scenarios, and we’re here for it! Many workplaces have afforded more flexibility due to work from home set ups, and guests are more likely to be able to attend a mid-week party, so along with the opportunity to secure your dream team of vendors and let your party extend beyond just the weekend – what’s not to love?



We are living in a world that is far more eco-conscious (hooray!) and as a result couples are invested in creating a wedding that cuts back on unnecessary waste and is as eco-friendly as possible. Choosing to go plastic-free, using recycled paper for invitations, investing in a florist who believes in sustainable floral arrangements, all go in some way in being kinder to our planet. Even the smaller swaps can lead to big environment impact changes, and that is a win for all.


Dining options. 

While cocktail and stand up weddings were all the rage, the health and safety of guests has become more paramount and this is where sit-down formal dining comes into its own. With smaller guests numbers, many are choosing to invest in an elaborate dinner that really treats their guests. Think intimate tablescapes that wow with candlelight or fabulous florals, sensational fare that guests can truly enjoy in comfort, high-end wines or even a signature cocktail and the opportunity for your guests to really get to know one another over a table. Design a menu that you’ve always dreamed of and even a couple can sit back and enjoy!


Photo by Bulb Creative


Live streaming.

With 2021 still feeling a little unstable, there’s a chance that couples may not be able to involve all the people they love in their day, especially those who live further away. However, in this modern age of technology, live streaming can really help. Many videographers are now offering services where they can set up equipment to live stream your wedding across the world – and while it’s not quite like a warm hug on the day itself, encouraging distant guests to get glammed up and join in your joy from their comfort of their own homes, comes pretty close!


Assigned seating.

While assigned seating at a wedding ceremony was typically given to immediate family while everyone else stood, with the ongoing changes we have faced, we could see more intentional placement of guests for a fully seated ceremony. There are some wins with this as the awkwardness of who sits where is completely gone, everyone has their place and dare we say it, it looks incredible in wedding photos.


Entertainment re-imagined.

With ever changing rules, the worry of whether your guests can dance has become a real one. This is where it’s time to get a little creative. Put your entertainment budget into live performances that will truly entertain, so guests are happy to sit back and watch the performance right in front of them. Make more of a deal of your wedding toasts, space out your speeches and be sure to do your first dance as a newly married couple in complete style.


Photo by Stefani Driscoll



With everyone pivoting and adjusting their celebrations this is sure to impact the type of fashion that comes forward. In what has been an unconventional time, think unconventional gowns that really highlight individual style and adapt to the potentially less formal arrangement. Bold prints and colours are set to become a statement maker that really show off personality and flare, while voluminous sleeves and eye-catching focus points on gowns are making their mark. We have loved seeing stunning two-piece sets – think tailored suits or a modern, structured mini, while shorter dresses are definitely being given a run – these fresh and fashion-forward options not only look super chic, but are oh so comfortable too. Of course, fashion should always be dictated by one’s own individual style, so let’s just emphasise that it’s important to stay true to you.



Let us clarify, this is not a fad or trend, but we’re thrilled to see the uptake in couples and industry alike, moving away from terms like ‘bridal’ party and discussing ‘wedding parties’ instead. Who says a bride must have a female-only line-up beside her? And what about a gorgeous tailored pantsuit in place of frocks? Gender-neutral and all-inclusive decision making is on the rise and to that we say, about bloody time.



At the beginning of your planning and have no idea what to do? See our Ivory Tribe guide when it comes to kick starting your wedding planning and thank us later!





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