Floral installations are having a moment.
Floral installations are having a moment.
Floral installations are having a moment.
Floral installations are having a moment.

Floral installations are having a moment.


It’s no secret that fabulous florist, Lauren Parisi of State of Nature, is a forward thinker in her field.

We are frequently blown away by her work, particularly when it comes to floral installations

Floral installations can be an incredible focal point in any wedding space – an abundance of beautiful blooms will always get people talking. It will not only give your wedding a little extra wow-factor but will look fabulous in photography too.

Of course it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to floral installations, so Lauren has helped us uncover what’s hot, what’s not, colours, materials and budgets, as well as what works best when it comes to creating floral installs that will leave your guests gasping.




Lauren, what’s hot in floral installations right now?

Firstly, static and one-dimensional pieces are out – think floral chandeliers and linear arbours. Right now, multi-dimensional, textured, free-form designs are very much in – think natural, over grown archways, or acrylic plinths that come in different heights, versus just one standing either side work beautifully for a ceremony space. As for reception, free-form and gravity defying hanging installations adorned with draping silks that reach right across the ceiling space are next level.  These kind of designs create depth and interest in your space and will truly be a talking point for guests.



When you create a floral installation, do you only use flowers?

Not at all, flowers don’t have to be the only material used. It’s good to consider complimentary styling items such as fruits, silks and lighting, this always add interest. Foraged material gives such a organic and unique look, so it’s worth asking your florist to consider this as an option, it often helps tie your space into the natural surroundings of a venue.

Keeping in mind you floral installations can be an interactive space for guests also, such as in a photo booth area.



What kind of colours and tones are you seeing at the moment in flowers?

Nudes, neutrals and antique tones continue to be popular and for good reason. They suit any season and can also complement bolder overtones as well as covering both contemporary and classic styling elements. For those drawn more to richer palettes, warm tones such as toffee, mustard, forest green or dusky rose are certainly trending as we head into the cooler months.



For those brides that have their finger on the pulse, what are you seeing when it comes to trends in floral installations?

It’s no secret that a floral install provides that ‘wow’ factor – so make it ‘wow!’

When it comes to the ceremony, a trending idea I have seen is a ‘growing garden’. This is a half moon shaped installation growing up from the ground and it surrounds you as you exchange your I do’s.

I’ve also noticed that seasonal and local blooms are definitely trending over imported flowers. This is due to the surge in our desire to be more sustainable and eco-conscious (particularly given the crisis’ our country has recently faced with bushfires and now COVID-19). So be sure to ask your florist to source Australian flowers and know that you are contributing to supporting local.



When it comes to budget for a floral installation, what should a bride and groom consider?

If budget doesn’t allow a big statement piece, consider a smaller installation such as on or around the bar, or built around your ‘Welcome sign’ or seating chart.

Be open about your budget with your florist and don’t be put off by the high cost of some installations. Your florist can plan around your budget and make recommendations based on how much you have to spend. Not only does a floral installation require actual flowers, it takes a loooot of planning and logistics. For example your florist may need to hire a scissor lift to get up into the high ceiling space, or custom make a structure for the installation to be built upon. This is often where the costs lie. Budget wise, it makes sense to invest in an installation (think of your photos) so perhaps you might choose not to have florals on your guest tables and use most of your budget on wowing guests!



We’re are interested in knowing your thoughts when it comes to re-purposing floral installations. 

Repurposing is always something I discuss with my clients. For example, after the ceremony, your plinths or overgrown arch could be bought into the venue and used as a photo-booth area for guests. At the end of the night, as an added service, I can return to the venue and remove the florals from the installations. These can be handed out to guests as a memento to enjoy, or they can be donated on your behalf.



State of Nature, along with Tremella Botanicals and Wanderlust Creative are the talents behind the floral installations in these photos, captured beautifully by Miranda Stokkel.



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