Upcoming suit trends – with YSG Tailors
Upcoming suit trends – with YSG Tailors
Upcoming suit trends – with YSG Tailors
Upcoming suit trends – with YSG Tailors

Upcoming suit trends – with YSG Tailors

Suit: YSG Tailors Photo: Tess Follett


What’s hot in wedding suiting? We’re so glad you asked.

When it comes to design, fabrication and overall process – our friends at Melbourne-based YSG are unsurpassed. And while the wedding narrative can often lean toward gowns and florals – there’s so much to be said for the gents putting their best foot forward too.

When it comes to the latest looks, fabrications, styles and options, YSG have been so kind to lend their expertise – take a read and get superbly suited here.



We’re seeing more men lean towards injecting their personal style when it comes to suit selection for their special day – what trends or looks are you seeing emerging at the moment?

One of the best ways to make a suit feel like your own whilst still keeping it classic is by adding a custom lining. Some of our customers use images that mean a lot to them, whilst some have even been designing their own linings from scratch. Either way it makes the suit distinctly you and brings back fond memories every time you put it on.

We can even add subtle hints to a favourite sports team or person by changing the buttonhole thread colour or adding custom embroidery. It’s a small detail but makes all the difference to the groom.


Suit: YSG Tailors Photo: Lost In Love Photography


Is there a shift toward certain fabrics or colour schemes?

Traditionalism is on the rise right now with couples leaning towards more classic wedding suits. We’re seeing a resurgence in the classic white tux for weddings which we think looks so timeless and dapper. With the tuxedo style, you have it in a wool with a satin lapel to add some contrast which is definitely our most popular.


Suit: YSG Tailors Photo: Hey Jack


How can a groom go about identifying the right style for them if they aren’t sure where to start?

They should join us on our Instagram, Facebook and TikTok where we showcase features and styles that most couples would never have dreamed were possible for their suit. However, in our consultations we walk the groom through every option and outline everything. From the big decisions such as shapes and fabric to the smallest finish of buttonholes and thread colour. Giving our advice along the way so the groom feels comfortable with his decision. Trying to make it as stress free as possible.


Suit: YSG Tailors Photo: Duuet Weddings


Please describe the typical planning process when it comes to a custom suit with YSG.

Whilst we would recommend the groom starts planning his suit with us 6 months out from the big day, we shape our plan around the customer and their deadlines in the consultation, whatever it may be. So even if you’re panicking because you feel like you’ve left the suit to the last minute, we have options that can work for you.



Statement accessories or patterned pieces – what’s hot and to what are we saying farewell?

We’re seeing people gravitate towards a brown or sand-coloured suits that complement wedding colour palettes that have a softer tone better. They can also be a little more versatile and casual than the traditional black or white tuxedo.

Whilst we used to see lots of grooms opt for the navy suit and brown shoes combo, we no longer see it as much. Possibly because it was so oversaturated in weddings for so many years, couples have been looking for something a little more traditional. But we can tell that navy suits are not the go-to colour for 2023.


Suits: YSG Tailors Photo: All My Wednesday’s


Could we touch on grooms and their wedding parties – how can you look to differentiate them, while still keeping it somewhat uniform?

A great way to differentiate yourself as the groom is with a contrasting satin lapel. That way it makes the whole suit look more refined and catches the light on camera. Even though it’s a very subtle change in real life and doesn’t feel to flashy.

Or even a contrasting vest to your jacket whilst keeping the grooms in the same colour. Say having a back Jacket with a champagne or Ivory vest to match the bride’s dress. It’s an understated way to unite the couple and bring attention to the groom.

With everything being custom at YSG we have unlimited ways you can elevate your jacket to make it that extra bit special.


Suits: YSG Tailors Photo: Georgia Verrells


Ideally, when should a groom start the search for their suit?

We would always recommend the groom come in for their fist consultation 6 months out from the wedding day, with the final fitting and suit collection being 4 weeks out from the wedding date. However, we know that sometimes things get left out and we have many options that would suit.



YSG are leading the charge when it comes to custom suiting – and after reading this piece, we’re sure you can see why. To get your own suiting journey underway, we suggest you see more of what’s on offer here.


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