Venue spotlight – Ceres Homestead
Venue spotlight – Ceres Homestead
Venue spotlight – Ceres Homestead
Venue spotlight – Ceres Homestead

Venue spotlight – Ceres Homestead

Photo: Tony Evans


Discovering wedding venues that provide couples and their guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a celebration, whilst surrounded by remarkable history and unrivalled romance, is undoubtedly one of our favourite things to do.

And with that, we are delighted to introduce you to Ceres Homestead – a remarkable and iconic event offering in country Victoria.

Ceres Homestead is where romance meets history. Unique in its 160-year-old architecture, the magnificent homestead is nestled amongst exquisite outbuildings, manicured gardens, age old English and French treescape – a living snapshot of a bygone era.


Physically speaking, Ceres Homestead is perfect for special occasions. No matter where you stand, you can reference the Homestead, it’s outbuildings and stunning gardens – all the while feeling you are somewhere extraordinary.


Your very own destination wedding.

Many couples seek a destination with various options to delight every aspect of a wedding day – we are often asked about venues with spaces to utilise throughout the preparation phase, enabling a couple to relax and remove the worry of on-the-day transportation.

Fittingly, this property’s homestead is available as a private boudoir for a couple and it’s attendants. The perfectly-appointed style and elegance of this space makes for the most stunning backdrop for a keepsake album.

Visualise yourself dressing in the historic Duke’s Bedroom (where Royalty graced the halls, way back in 1867). You too gracing the halls underneath the canopy of a lush green grapevine that grows inside the Homestead… a gift from Queen Victoria from Hampton Court Palace.

From there, you walk out on the tumbled verandah tiles to meet your partner in life, who stands in the manicured gardens, witnessed by your loved ones.



Beautiful spaces for both Ceremony and Reception

The outbuildings at Ceres Homestead also offer so much choice when it comes to choosing where to host your celebration.



The Glasshouse

For an intimate elopement, the Glasshouse, brimming with fresh blooms and views of both the Homestead and central highlands countryside, is your very own paradise and suited for 6-10 people. Or, for that extra special experience for your nearest and dearest, the Homestead’s Dining Room is an exclusive experience like no other.

The Coach House

The Coach House can accommodate a slightly larger gathering. Whether it be for a sit-down meal, or an indoor cocktail party, the Cathedral ceilings (striking ceiling rafters perfect for elaborate fresh floral adornments), the cobbled carriageway and stunning old light fittings, is the most authentic setting to say, “I do” and to celebrate. With the unique Ceres signature green and cream colour palette to paint your backdrop, this space must be seen to be appreciated and the options here are endless!


The 160-year-old Homestead could also create the perfect backdrop for your nuptials.

A cocktail party with the forecourt as host, is the perfect space for a memorable occasion. Enclosed by the Homestead, the historic cool room circa 1890, a walled garden, and the Coach House, this space will have you feeling like you’re in Provincial France. With the fragrance and beauty of surrounding gardens, your senses are delighted. The adjoining Coach House is in a prime position for music and dance. Should the weather be on your side, make your celebration an alfresco affair with long trestle tables, billowing white linen cloths, fresh blooms, and fairy lights to create just the right mood.

Sheep Yards

The Sheep Yards is also ideal. Encased by the colonial shearing shed, the stables, the hound house, and the forge. This micro industry of the 1880s creates a mood like no other. Imagine, your glass marquee or tent surrounded by age old beauty with such character and history. If it is a memorable event you seek, look no further.


Ultimately, Ceres Homestead provides the freedom of country space, and the freedom of choice for couples. As there is no set layout for weddings, you will work closely with the Ceres Homestead team to find a location that suits your personality and style, making every celebration here, individual and unique.




The Ceres Homestead team is of the firm belief that we need to celebrate individuality – and catering is no exception.

Whilst they offer a list of caterers to choose from, they also invite couples to source their own mobile catering services (keeping in mind there is no commercial kitchen on site). Any kind of feasting style can be created here.


Style of weddings

Truly, any style of wedding is suited to Ceres Homestead with vast opportunities and freedom to create the day of your dreams. The property wraps you in a beautiful warm embrace and is ideal for the couple who is seeking romance and long lasting memories, surrounded by beautiful serenity and joy.



While Ceres Homestead love a larger scaled celebration, there is something about an intimate elopement that they adore and their beautiful spaces are well-suited for this style of celebration.

From the Glass House to the Dining Room, Coach House or immaculate gardens, Ceres Homestead will workshop with you to make your elopement something special, giving it an atmosphere of elegance and intimacy it deserves.


Ultimately Ceres Homestead is something you have to visit, feel and experience. Stepping foot onto the grounds will have you falling in love and immediately visualising your special celebration of love. Once this match is made, the rest is a dream come true.


Are you ready to explore the captivating beauty of Ceres Homestead? Their dedicated team is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to welcome you and help you create unforgettable memories at this magical location. Learn more about Ceres Homestead and book a site visit here.

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