Waiting For – A Bridal Shoot
Waiting For – A Bridal Shoot
Waiting For – A Bridal Shoot

Waiting For – A Bridal Shoot


Photographer Gradisca Portento takes us on a visual journey through a Mediterranean world, known yet unknown, familiar yet steeped in mystery. This is an exploration of ancient, earthen architecture, crumbling facades juxtaposed with powdery soft arches and soft minimalist lines. Against these striking surrounds is the bride, a character freed from cliché or societal construct, inspiring and aspiring as she crafts her own uninhibited identity.

As she moves through her story, she appears wrapped in a delicate gauze veil, a divine dance between sweet softness and the strong, supple lines of her tiered skirt with its exquisitely elegant details. Switching between a silken shirt and ebony after-dark suit, she refuses to be categorised or contained.

Individual elements of architectural appeal surround her, visions of wispy, ethereal textures creating a world of conceptual minimalism. A cool colour palette seeps between these figurative moments, fluidly connecting the textures, shapes and designs to culminate in an otherworldly lifestyle to provoke inspiration for the unique, unrestrained bride.

Waiting For references the famous phrase by German philosopher Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, “waiting for pleasure is itself pleasure.” Take yourself on a journey through the promise of pleasure and explore the visual choreography of Waiting For.



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Photography: Gradisco Portento

Gown & veil: Victoire Vermeulen

Concrete supports: Creamano

Pottery: Madlen Ceramics

Bijoux: Taala

Ring: Taya Gioielli 

Location: Acqua di Puglia

Make-up: Suzana N

Hair: Gioel Parrucchieri Castellana

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