Weddings in the great outdoors – how to deal with weather mayhem!
Weddings in the great outdoors – how to deal with weather mayhem!
Weddings in the great outdoors – how to deal with weather mayhem!
Weddings in the great outdoors – how to deal with weather mayhem!

Weddings in the great outdoors – how to deal with weather mayhem!

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If your phone’s album is filled with screenshots of instagrammable linen-covered tables under a canopy of olive trees or festoon lighting dancing overhead, chances are you are already inspired to spend the majority of your wedding outside. There is something utterly special about being en plein air for a wedding, as the natural surrounds speak for themselves and it makes for an unforgettable and memorable occasion. Yet there are a few considerations to be made in your planning process, namely: the weather. Whether (pun intended) you are planning your outdoor wedding for January or June, allow us to help you prepare for everything and anything.



Fun in the sun

No matter where you are in the world, the warmer months of summer are tremendously popular for wedding season. In Victoria, the summer months of January and February tend to throw the biggest curveballs, with heatwaves of over 35 degrees not uncommon. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony in the afternoon, aim to have adequate shade provided for your guests, as no one willingly will sit in direct sun. If there are no trees around to provide shade, large outdoor umbrellas are a fantastic solution that can be hired very easily. Small paper fans are also going to be your guests’ best friend, keeping them cool throughout the afternoon – and keep the sunscreen and repellant within arms’ reach as well. By evening, if your reception is outside, the temperature should hopefully drop slightly. Ensure you have plenty of water and non-alcoholic drinks to keep your guests comfortable and hydrated throughout ceremony and reception. While you want your wedding to be hotly anticipated, you certainly don’t want your guests to be overheated.


Photo: Enchanted Weddings


It’s like rain (on your wedding day)

Rain, on your wedding day, is supposedly a sign of good luck. Yet try explaining that to someone who is a week out from getting married and refreshing the forecast miserably… you will not be met with enthusiasm. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. It is sensible to anticipate – even in the height of summer – wet weather on your wedding day. With a wet weather contingency plan, the stress can be mitigated. If it’s at a venue, have a chat with your planner and ask them about options where you can relocate, or can a clear marquee be arranged in advance? Your band or musical entertainment will be reluctant to have their equipment at risk of getting wet, so discuss with them what some options are to keep them safe and dry. Of course, it’s all going to make for excellent and memorable photos; so umbrellas, gumboots and a photoshoot in the rain should be on the agenda!


Photo: Georgia Verrells


Baby it’s cold outside

Unseasonable cold snaps are also one to plan for, particularly in Victoria. The scene: the dress code is cocktail and you are slowly turning into the bride’s “something blue” by the outdoor bar in your sleeveless dress. Not fun for anyone, but with some forethought everyone can be a lot more comfortable. Aside from advising your guests to dress warmly on the invitation, organising outdoor heaters and blankets will ensure those toasts are toasty-warm. Make sure you have garments to keep you warm too – add a jacket, a pair of boots and change up your wedding look. 


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Blowin’ in the wind

Ugh, wind. And we mean gale-force winds, not a pleasant breeze. One that many forget and you do not want to be caught out, especially if there’s an official wind warning. Windy ceremonies aren’t much fun for anyone; a hot gust or a cold chill sweeping through will have you and your guests feeling blown away – and not in the good way. Checking the wind radar in advance and relocating the ceremony to a more sheltered or completely enclosed area will be a decision you won’t regret. However, if you were really hanging out for a breathtaking backdrop for your whole day, sneak away for some candid – and safe – outdoor photos at sunset.


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Prepare for anything and everything

To minimise the amount of time you spend refreshing the weather apps in the lead up, anticipate the typical seasonal weather that’s reasonable to expect. Perhaps google what a typical January looked like in your area in recent years – like, ‘Torquay weather records 2021’ – to get a better idea. If you happen to have a functions coordinator at the venue, we suggest having a chat to them about what the weather could be doing and what they have in place to make you and your guests comfortable. At the end of the day, we all know that we can’t control the weather. Just don’t let it get in the way of your big day, it will be special no matter what. 


Written by: Isabella Henricus


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