Your Ultimate Wedding Stationery Timeline Guide – with Mila + May
Your Ultimate Wedding Stationery Timeline Guide – with Mila + May
Your Ultimate Wedding Stationery Timeline Guide – with Mila + May
Your Ultimate Wedding Stationery Timeline Guide – with Mila + May

Your Ultimate Wedding Stationery Timeline Guide – with Mila + May

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We’re often asked questions around event stationery – when to order, how far out to send, what is really an invitation suite must-have?

Stellar stationers, Mila + May are often fielding similar questions surrounding the ideal timelines for wedding stationery, so they’ve compiled a super helpful guide to get you on track.

Take a read for all you need to know about ensuring your wedding stationery timeline is firmed up and leaves nothing to chance.


When should I order my wedding stationery?

While these timelines are estimations around the Mila & May turnaround times, please consider that each vendor will have their own lead-times and requirements. With Mila & May and their onsite printing capabilities, turn-around times are generally on the quicker side for wedding stationers.



Save the Dates are particularly recommended for weddings that are…

  • Booked over a year in advance – eg. if you would like guests to reserve the date, but don’t have the rest of the details nailed yet.
  • Interstate, international or a large number of travelling guests that will need notice to take time off work and book flights and accommodation.

Save the Dates are usually sent about six-twelve months ahead of your wedding date. Any time closer than 6 months, we tend to recommend going straight to invitations (unless, once again, details are unknown… in which case a notice of date and location with “details to follow” in the coming months could still be helpful).


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Invitation suites include invitations, details cards, envelopes and RSVP cards.

These are generally sent about three-six months ahead of the wedding date.

Invitations will include date, location, ceremony and reception start times.

Details cards will usually include further information such as transport, accommodation, gifts and dress code details, as well as a link or QR code to a wedding website (where applicable).

RSVP cards can include ways to RSVP, which could look like:
– a QR code linked to the wedding website
– email address or phone numbers
– a physical RSVP card that guests return to your address

RSVP deadline dates should be about one-two weeks before you plan to order On-the-Day Stationery, to give you time to collect last minute RSVPs before placing your order.



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These are items like menus, place-cards and table signs. At Mila & May, we recommend ordering at least four weeks ahead of when you’d like to receive your items. This means that if you would like to have them in hand two weeks ahead of your wedding, order them six weeks in advance of your big day.

If you have a venue visit a month out and would like to take your menus, place cards, etc. with you when you go, order four weeks from this visit date.

We recommend having them in hand at least two weeks ahead of your wedding day, to ensure that everything is correct and accounted for with time to spare.

In this case, look to order about six weeks ahead of your actual day.


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At Mila & May, we offer printable versions of large format signage such as welcome signs or seating chart signs, which you can then get printed at a local printing shop. We can generally get these done in about a week, provided there are not too many post-proof edits. You can reduce the editing time by ensuring that the lists provided to us are accurate when you order.

We recommend planning ahead of time the company you’re hoping to print with so that you can factor in their print turn-around time when you order with us.

Order your printable file about one-two weeks ahead of when you need to start the printing process with your company of choice.




Thank you cards are a special way to thank your guests for celebrating with you. Plain cards with your names and date can be ordered along with your On the Day Stationery, or in the weeks to follow. However, if you are after our popular photo thank you cards, you will need to order these after your photos have come back; generally, these will be your “sneak peek” photos sent by your photographer shortly after the wedding.

These thank you cards can be ordered any time that suits you after receiving the photo you would like to use.


Photo: Eikon Photography


So, there it is – your ultimate wedding stationery timeline guide! We hope it is helpful. We suggest that you put these dates into your calendar to remind yourself to order each part of your stationery suite with plenty of time for an efficient and stress-free process.


With any further questions about turn-around times, or to get your perfect wedding day stationery suite underway, you can contact our friends at Mila & May here.


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