30 bloomin’ beautiful bouquets
30 bloomin’ beautiful bouquets
30 bloomin’ beautiful bouquets

30 bloomin’ beautiful bouquets


Fabulous florals will always stop us in our tracks when looking at wedding inspiration and we’re lucky to view this kind of gorgeous goodness on the daily.

A wedding bouquet is an important choice – choosing something to complement your wedding outfit, style and general vibe isn’t always an easy feat.

Some quick tips to help you with your choice?


  • find out what is in season and then shortlist your favourites varieties
  • define your colour palette to convey to your florist
  • ensure your wedding bouquet shape and size complements your outfit


Whether you’re fond of floral bouquets that are filled to the brim with bold colours, or after an understated look with sleek stems, we have rounded up some incredible bouquet inspiration that we hope you will enjoy.



Bouquet: Katie Cooper Floral Design Photo: Alex Cohen Photography


Bouquet: The Petal Project Photo: Motta Weddings


Florist: The Luxe Bloom Toowoomba Photo: Leah Cruickshank Photography


Florist: Foxy Evergreen Photo: Kyra Boyer


Florist: Thrive Flowers Photo: Motta Weddings


Florist: Raven and the Rose Photo: Georgia Verrells


Florist: Benita Tscharke Floral Design Photo: Samantha Elizabeth Photography


Bouquet: State of Nature Photo: Tess Follett


Florist: Salt Flower by Zara and Tamasin Photo: Tahnee Jade Photography


Florist: Anatomy of Flowers Photo: Smith and Archer


Bouquet: Amalfi Floral Design Photo: Tess Follett


Bouquet: Found In Earth Photo: By The Wilde


Bouquet: Lunar and Fox Photo: Jimmy Raper


Bouquet: Kate Dawes Flowers Photo: Todd Hunter McGaw


Bouquet: Flowermuse Styling Co Photo: Jessica Rose


Bouquet: Mrs Gibbons Flowers Photo: Market Lane Media


Bouquet: Georgia Ko Floral Design Photo: Katie Harmsworth


Bouquet: Fir.floral.design Photo: Tess Follett


Bouquet: Flowerqueen Photo: Tess Follett


Bouquet: Flowers by Varu Photo: Motta Weddings


Bouquet: Peony & Weasel Flower Co Photo: Ali Bailey


Bouquet: Pinkie Promise Photo: Bianca Virtue


Bouquet: Green Space Melbourne Photo: Duuet


Bouquet: Florette Photo: Georgia Verrells


Florist: Dear Henri Photo: Amanda Alessi


Bouquet: Wildfolk Flowers Photo: Fern & Stone Photography


Bouquet: Love Alfalfa Photo: It’s Beautiful Here


Bouquet: Wild Flos Photo: Jess Nicholls


Bouquet: Amalfi Floral Design Photo: Ryal Sormaz


Bouquet: Charlie & Co Flowers Photo: Fern & Stone Photography


If you’re on the hunt for a fabulous florist, we have the best in the business, see all their pretty petals here


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