Baring all on bridesmaid fashion
Baring all on bridesmaid fashion
Baring all on bridesmaid fashion
Baring all on bridesmaid fashion

Baring all on bridesmaid fashion

Photo – Lucas and Co / Bridesmaids gowns – Isabella Longginou


Finding the perfect outfit for all your ‘maids, keeping them ‘on theme’ and…keeping everybody happy –  a bride’s work is never done.

As much as your wedding is about you as the bride (or groom!), if you have asked your girl gang to stand by your side for the formalities, you also want to ensure they are feeling incredible with the look you choose for them – not merely sucking it up through gritted teeth.

Fortunately, we’re spoilt for choice these days and there are lots of chic and creative ways to have everyone looking (and feeling) their best.

So ditch the doubt that your ladies will outshine you, it’s time to get you and your crew feeling red hot aisle-ready!


Photo – Ripple Weddings / Bridesmaid gowns – Camilla and Marc


Same, same, but different

One of the favourite trends of recent years is to choose frocks from the same family of dresses, but mix it up with different cuts in the same colour, or complementary tones, in the same cut.

Consider a flattering hue like charcoal or navy in different cuts, or select a palette of complementary colours, such as nude, oyster and blush.

Our tip? Make sure there’s a healthy mix of styles and/or colours – if three of your four girls are in one cut and colour with an odd one out, it will throw off the look!


Image – Dan Brannan / Bridesmaid gowns – Cameo, Talulah, Keepsake, Bec & Bridge, Runway Scout and Sheike.


Think outside the square.

When it comes to hunting for fab frocks that won’t break the bank, we love looking online for inspiration, and venturing in-store for a day of shopping (and champagne, obvs).

Some accessible fashion favourites include Bec & Bridge, Talulah, Manning Cartel, Mossman, ASOS, or Camilla & Marc. Department stores such as MYER or David Jones will also offer you the chance to try multiple brands in the one spot and are often a handy place to start.


Photo – Stewart Leishman / Bridesmaid gowns – Camilla and Marc


Though don’t be disheartened by the price tags on higher end brands – it’s about shopping smart and putting your own touch on your chosen gowns. Witchery, Country Road and Seed are all local, readily accessible and affordable brands that will often have amazing bridesmaid dress options – it’s about seeing them through the eyes of a bride, and imagining your chosen number in context. When shopping in store – be savvy, keep an eye out for brands that offer ‘Spend and Save’ promotions, or great loyalty programs.

Keep in mind also, any relevant return or exchange policies. Should a bridesmaid’s personal circumstances change after purchase (hello, baby bump!), it’s handy to know your options for making a suitable last-minute switch.


Photo – Damien Milan / Bridesmaid gowns – Scanlan Theodore


Made with love.

If you’re not quite sure that your something special is out there in store, there’s always the option to get creative and combine styles and fabrics you love, having a custom range created. Natalie Rolt offer an amazing range of made to order gowns in various fabrics and styles, or look to a local dressmaker for quotes and ideas – you might be pleasantly surprised at what is achievable.


Photo – Georgia Verrells / Bridesmaid gowns – Pilgrim


One hit wonder?

If the thought of breaking the bank for a one-time-wear gown doesn’t float your boat, why not consider hiring? Many online boutiques offer great hire service for designer frocks, at a fraction of the retail price. Check out Her Wardrobe or Glamcorner for a start. If you’re worried about biting the bullet without trying first – visit the Something Borrowed showroom in Richmond, where you can give the gowns a test run before making any decisions!


Image: Motta Weddings / Bridesmaid gowns – By Johnny


Print perfection. 

While there’s no hard and fast rule surrounding what a bridal party should and shouldn’t wear, often printed fabrics aren’t considered a part of the mix…we urge you to reconsider! From bold floral designs, to subtle polkadots, or texture through appliqués and added dimensions, you can really take a look to the next level and create gorgeous cohesion between your merry maids through tones and complimentary fabrics.

Daring to be different, with careful consideration – really can pay off!


Photo – Lucas and Co / Bridesmaid gowns – Isabella Longginou


Ditch the dress.

A gorgeous gown or chic cocktail dress just isn’t for everybody, and in all honestly, nor should it be!

The pantsuit has made a fierce and fabulous comeback and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This look, whether for one or all of your ladies, will add a modern and elegant touch to your big day line-up.

Not keen on a onesie? No worries. Tailored suit pants, culottes or even chic shorts – don’t knock ’em till you’ve tried ’em!


Photo – Gold And Grit / Bridesmaid gowns – Bianca and Bridgette



If you’re set on having all your girls in the same cut and colour but you’re catering to a mix of tastes and colourings, your best bet might be to go monochrome. Black is always the new black and really, is guaranteed to look beautiful. Dark and dreamy in any cut, black can create amazing contrast against your wedding gown, give an overall elegance to your bride tribe and it allows your bouquets to really sing.


Photo – Elsa Campbell / Bridesmaid gowns – Finders Keepers


On the other end of the colour spectrum, a favourite trend over the last few years that continues to run hot is dressing your maids in white. This one is standing the test of time, so from ladylike lace, to modern approach with neoprene, it can be a winner for all wedding styles.


Photo – Tony Evans / Bridesmaid gowns – Manning Cartel


Mix it up

Sometimes the best way to choose is to not choose at all – consider letting your girls run wild and choose their own! After all, no one knows what they’ll feel a million bucks in better than they do. This approach is perfect for a more casual setting, when you have a huge group of girlfriends, or love a surprise – give some guidance on the look you’re after (e.g., “floor length and floral”, “pastels tones”, or “anything metallic”), and let them work their magic!

Our tip? Make sure you set clear guidelines you’d like your girls to work within – if you say “choose whatever you like” without parameters, you might end up with a bright red evening gown paired with a tea length floral number. Any while we do maintain that almost anything goes… you don’t want #weddingregret


At the end of the day, your bridesmaids are thrilled and honoured to be standing up next to you on one of the biggest days of your life. But if they love their look as much as you do, well – even better!


Photo – Ripple Weddings / Bridesmaid gowns – Camilla and Marc


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