Bridesmaid Business

Bridesmaid Business


Be it just a couple of your closest friends, or a whole flock of fabulous girls in your wedding day line-up, bridesmaid business can be tricky. Combining personalities and opinions ain’t always a walk in the park, and you’re not alone if at times, you’re left feeling a little overwhelmed. 

To make light and shed some insight into your bride tribe, here’s a cheeky look at the ‘types’ of bridesmaids that you may find yourself come across in your time as a bride-to-be.


The veteran.   she’s been here, done that. This gal may as well have ‘bridesmaid’ on her CV. She knows the drill, doesn’t ruffle feathers and is the quiet voice of reason when things start to get a little cray cray. You might never know it was her, but somehow your hens party is planned to a tee, your wedding day survival kit is en point, and a stiff drink to calm the nerves, is never far away.


The honorary wedding planner  – the bridesmaid that has a longer wedding to-do list then the bride herself. She’ll keep you in check, liaise with suppliers and be pinning wedding inspiration for you before the champagne haze of your engagement has even cleared. It’s fair to say that when you need it, you can rest easy that this special sweetheart will get sh*t done.



The emotional one – Weddings are a rollercoaster of emotions. Exciting, nerve-wracking and sentimental – you name it, this bridesbabe will feel it! She’ll burst into tears when you try on your dream dress, and walk the aisle with tears streaming down her perfectly contoured cheeks. Having special friends so invested in your happiness is heart-warming, and so as long as it doesn’t stress the bride-to-be out, in the words of Hootie and The Blowfish – let her cry.


The party animal – Champagne breakfast, anyone? This bridesmaid will have the wedding day shots lined up and be sure to get the party started. Best on ground at the pre-wedding parties, and then on the day? A force to be reckoned with. The party pal of the group will bring an added layer of fun and frivolity, there’s no doubt about it. Just make sure if it’s important to you, you have a quiet pre-wedding request that she keeps herself in check until d-floor time.


Your stand-by paparrazi – She’s here to get you trending, sweetheart. Your wedding day hashtag is in the bag with this girl around, and no stone will be left unturned when it comes to documenting and sharing the behind-the-scenes. Just be sure to gently remind her to live in the moment – your wedding is far more spectacular when it’s not viewed through an iphone screen!


The class clown – Wedding day dramas? Shake it off! When wedding planning gets a little too much, or bridesmaids start to bicker, this cheerful chick is always at the ready with a joke to lighten the mood. Trust us, you’ll need her from time to time.



The everything-hater – Negative Nancy over here probably won’t love the dress she’s wearing, or the way her hair has been styled, or anything else for that matter – try not to take this to heart. For whatever reason, while weddings can bring out the best in some, they bring out the worst in others. Try for a quiet one-on-one chat to see what the problem behind the push back is – it might help clear the air and we’re sure she’ll thank you for it.


The peacekeeper – This doll doesn’t ‘do’ drama. She’ll be an angel in disguise when it comes to sorting our feuding friends behind the bride’s back, and making sure everybody plays nice. Ever the diplomat, this bridesmaid might hang back when it comes to voicing opinion, or refrain from throwing her weight around – but as a bride in waiting, you’ll be pleased to know she’s diffused any spot fires before they’ve reached a roar.



At the end of the day, your girl Tribe is standing beside you for a reason. Embrace them, flaws and all – keeping in mind that friendships need not be broken or lost along the wedding journey, they all love you in their own way.


Have no idea where to start when it comes to planning your big day? Don’t stress, we’ve got it all sorted for you, simply head here.


Images: Motta Weddings


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