Beauty talk with Skye Isabella
Beauty talk with Skye Isabella

Beauty talk with Skye Isabella

Hair and makeup by Skye Isabella – Photo by Jeremy Blode


The changes in how we celebrate weddings since 2020 fell upon us, has had a flow on effect in all areas. From the big planning decisions through to the on-the-day specifics, such as beauty, we’re all adapting to our new normal.

Skye Isabella is a Melbourne-based creative who has worked her hair and makeup magic on hundreds of brides taking to the aisle, and her perspective on beauty for the wedding day, and in the lead up, is one we truly value.
With the belief that this new world we’re living in shouldn’t hinder or stifle a bride’s vision for her day, we sat down to uncover more of Skye’s ethos and approach for tackling your beauty business.
Discover how to navigate revised wedding day plans in terms of your beauty look, devour some top tips for working with your wedding day makeup artist and soak up the incredible advice on offer by Skye – we could read her wise words for days.


Skye, given the climate of weddings at the moment, smaller celebrations are obviously taking to the spotlight. What impact is this having on a bride’s approach to their wedding day look?


The brides I have worked with in this new world, have shown nothing but a calm resolve and understanding. Adjusting to the strict restrictions pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, one particular bride decided to shelve her original vision of an interstate wedding and 100+ guest list, because she had realised for her, that a larger wedding didn’t matter, she just wanted to marry the man she loved.  I admired her, she sacrificed all her hard work planning her wedding for months, to seize what would be a fleeting moment in Melbourne’s new social gathering restrictions – post first lockdown and pre second lockdown.


To me it felt so romantic, this haste to marry the man she loves, she managed to organise her wedding of 10 in less than two weeks! Forced to have a considerably smaller wedding, afforded the couple an intimacy that can sometimes be missed in a larger wedding. That’s not to say however, that moments weren’t shared where she expressed sadness about the many loved-ones not being able to be a part of one of her most important days in her life.


The new wedding direction didn’t deter this bride from her original bridal, and bridal-party vision, she knew what she wanted for her wedding-look, and resumed with that. Prior to the pandemic, she had submitted her measurements and fortunately her dress was ready in time for her impromptu wedding. There was to be continuity carried through her elegant bridal look, her floor-length grecian-style white gown, partnered with a natural makeup design consisting of bronzed-glowing skin, blushing apples and a subtle golden eye. For her hair, she wanted loose flowing waves, with one side pinned-back with a single white rose.


Hair and makeup by Skye Isabella – Photo by Jeremy Blode



What are some ways in which brides can adapt to ‘the new normal’ if they’re opting for a more low-key celebration – does this mean their makeup look will be altered also?


My experience tells me that adapting to ‘the new normal’ will be largely focused on logistics around managing restricted numbers of people attending a wedding. Event staff will then be considered as numbers amongst the guests, which might determine the type of celebration, for example, a stand-up cocktail style wedding might not require as many staff as perhaps a sit down dinner.


Similarly, coordinating suppliers involved in pre-production such as hair and makeup, event stylists/set-up, florists, will require time spent carefully orchestrating the comings and goings of people. I don’t think the individual necessarily has to adapt but rather the events people that bring the individuals vision to life. I have always told my brides, “trust in your team”, this is true pre and post pandemic. I believe the array of amazing suppliers in Australia have spent this time adapting their businesses to provide for smaller celebrations. This is where we need to continue to support these businesses, particularly small businesses.


“Furthermore, I don’t think adapting to this new world should hinder, or worse, stifle a bride’s vision for her wedding. Always be true to you and your vision. As a makeup artist, I will continue to guide, collaborate, listen and adhere to any bride’s brief and vision.”



Masks! Can you talk to us about how we can keep our skin fresh and prepped for the big day if we’re having to wear face masks at the moment?


I would highly recommend purchasing or making a re-usable mask with breathable material such as cotton or linen. It is great for the environment and great for your skin! It is also a fantastic way to support small businesses, hop online an enjoy some “necessary” shopping with brands such as: Le Stripe, Ford Millinery, Lily and Dot, Bella Collective.


“Implementing a consistent skin-care routine is important, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or tedious.”


Fantastic brands such as The Ordinary, Avène and La Roche-Posay are my selects for superior and affordable hypoallergenic products you can purchase online. Cleansing at the end of the day or before bed, is particularly important, regardless of wearing makeup or not, we collect on our skin whatever environment we are in. Encase that dirt in a mask and we create a lovely little biosphere, causing possible congestion, comedones and inflammation. Using a good quality micellar water, such as Bioderma Micellar Water, throughout the day is a great way to easily clean and cleanse the skin.


Use Noncomedogenic skincare (as per listed above), and makeup products. Noncomedogenic is a term used to describe skincare and makeup products that are formulated in such a way that they are not likely to cause pore blockages and breakouts.


Hair and makeup by Skye Isabella – Photo by Jeremy Blode


Wedding days are such a big moment in a couples lives, and you’re renowned for making a bride feel relaxed and happy – what’s the secret to your success?


I am the youngest of four daughters in my family, and admittedly none of us are wallflowers. I comically refer to us as the “Von-Crack family” and I would be Maria, mediating the family without a catchy jingle in the alps, but rather with a calmness I inherited from my father.


Having 35 years experience in a heightened female environment, has afforded me the ability to anticipate, regulate and sometimes diffuse heightened emotional spaces.


It is important to me to help create a calm environment, particularly for someones wedding day which can be understandably, a bit stressful at times. To further facilitate a calm and positive space, I always play music, not just for my clients but for me too. Nothing beats the moment when a song comes on and resonates with everyone, and an impromptu boogie ensues!


Equally important is making a client feel comfortable throughout the makeup process, it can be quite daunting having someone in your physical space. So taking the time to really listen to my client’s brief, their needs and concerns, are integral to creating a positive experience.



What would you consider is your style or signature wedding day look?


I love working with all my brides, and adhering to each individual makeup brief, however I would consider my signature wedding day makeup to be the natural makeup look.


“I often have brides brief me by saying “they want to look like themselves, but a bit more elevated.” I love finding that balance, taking the time to prep the skin, so the makeup application can be subtle but enduring, so you can dance the night away and still look fabulous!”


Hair and makeup by Skye Isabella – Photo by Jeremy Blode


Top tips for working with a makeup artist?




Always trial with your makeup artist(s). Furthermore, I advise trialling well-in-advance, with all your chosen beauty vendors: hairstylist, spray-tanning, skin treatments etc, because in the event you have an unfamiliar treatment resulting in an undesirable reaction, you have time to recover.




Research makeup looks and implement visual guides. Quite often discussing makeup and makeup looks, can be like speaking another language. Referring to images together can help you and your makeup artist identify what you like and don’t like in an image.




It is important to familiarise yourself with a look you might not normally be used to. For example, some clients, although wanting a natural makeup application for the wedding ceremony, might want to apply a bold-coloured lip for the reception, as a kind of second look. This idea is first explored during the trial process, I always advise exploring any and all curiosities to do with makeup at the trial. I then advise implementing the lip-colour of their choice in to their daily lives.


It is equally important to develop confidence in the application of lipstick and pencil if desired or required. Unless the bride requests that their makeup artist stay for continual touch-ups throughout the wedding, the bride themselves will have to touch-up their own lips.




Creating a space where my client can feel at ease to openly express themselves is so important. Politeness, or the fear of offending, inhibits people from sharing their potential dislikes in a makeup application. Working together is integral, and I am always happy to guide my clients, but I prefer to create a collaborative experience, where the client feels involved and in control. (tip for creatives: leave your ego at the door!).





If you, like us, have fallen a little bit in love with Skye Isabella and her philosophies, experience and advice, then you can see more of her work and enquire by visiting her Ivory Tribe profile here.


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