Become the Wild – SoHo Bride
Become the Wild – SoHo Bride
Become the Wild – SoHo Bride

Become the Wild – SoHo Bride


When the events of 2020 brought us all to a standstill, we were forced to let go of everything we knew and be ‘normal’.  Left to embrace (or resist) an uncomplicated way of living, where the day-to-day hustle was stripped away and only the bare essentials left in it’s place.


Our response to this determined the experience. Finding inner peace and contentment was the reward and fear and uncertainty was the challenge. But overall, we were given the gift of time and time allows us to nurture and transform…create and evolve.


Ivory Tribe fashion favourite SoHo Bride have done just that.


In its art form, this collection, aptly named, ‘Become the Wild’, combines a warm, soft palette with mottled light and raw texture. The mood is one of promise, anticipation and an underlying sense of vulnerability.


Through their signature minimalist styling and fashion forward appeal, SoHo bride’s aesthetic speaks to the modern day bride with a “style of her own’. Through this, their latest editorial offers an “Australiana” story of romance and cataclysm.


A creative presentation of their latest gowns from international designers, local designers and our own in-house brand, Chasing The Sun.


In the chaos of the world, she became the wild…


Enjoy this stunning creative display by the talented team listed below and contact SoHo Bride to make an appointment to begin your own dream gown journey.






Photography: Cricket and Cat 


Styling and Fashion: Jade and Jessie of Soho Bride


Hair and Makeup: Emma and Renee of Studio 2 Makeup and Hair 


Model: Hannah J of Viviens Model Management



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