Bridesmaid Duties – What is required of a bridesmaid?
Bridesmaid Duties – What is required of a bridesmaid?
Bridesmaid Duties – What is required of a bridesmaid?
Bridesmaid Duties – What is required of a bridesmaid?

Bridesmaid Duties – What is required of a bridesmaid?

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Your bestie is getting hitched and you’ve got the call up, it’s your turn to step up to the plate; bridesmaid duties! If you’re a first-time right hand lady or lad, you might be wondering what exactly you’ve signed up for.

A bridesmaid can wear many hats, but here are just a few….


The Pre-Wedding Wing Woman

Pre-wedding duties may include helping the bride-to-be pick one of the most important outfits of her life; the dress. You may be called upon to spend a day or two bridal boutique hopping and offering your honest opinion. If you’re lucky, this may even involve complimentary champagne! Your bride bestie may also need assistance selecting, liaising with or coordinating her tribe of suppliers, or completing various DIY projects in the lead up to the big day. Be prepared for of teeny tiny ribbon tying or copious amounts of envelope licking.


Photo – Ali Bailey


The Party Planner

Time to put you party pants on! Hosting a hen’ s party may also pop up on the position description. You may need to work with your hen’s nearest and dearest to plan a swanky soiree. Some important things to consider are the location, the guest list, and the guest’s budgets; you want to make this an accessible occasion for all the bride’s important people. While you can’t always cater for everyone’s needs, if the mother of the bride is allergic to horses, you might want to rethink that pre-pilates trail ride along the beach.


Photo: Samantha Elizabeth


The Bridezilla Chilla.

Wedding planning can send even the most zen hen a little bit cray-cray.  If it’s all getting a bit much and your girls inner bridezilla starts to rear its ugly head, it might be necessary to kindly remind her what’s important; her and her hubby-to-be. Take her out for a coffee and see what’s stressing her out. At the end of the day, no one is going to notice that the peonies are a slightly darker shade of pink to the napkins.  If your dealing with a bit of a ball breaker bride, remember to take some time out for yourself too; you’re by no means a slave! Hang in there girl; it will all be worth it to see the smile on her face when she marries the love of her life.


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The Ceremony Sidekick

If there is one duty that is a certainty, it’s standing by your bestie as she says ‘I do’.  Aside from paving the way down the aisle for your leading lady, you might be asked to present a reading at the ceremony. The happy couple might have one pre-prepared, or they might ask you to add a personal touch. Alternatively, you might be there to hold a bouquet and a fly-away veil, or the vow cards.


Photo: Katie Harmsworth


The After Party Assistant

Time to let your tight chignon down and hit the dance floor, but be sure to keep tabs on the newlywed. You may take it upon yourself to top up her champagne glass every now and then, hold up her dress in those tricky toilet situations or defuse potentially awkward family situations, but as long as the bride is smiling, laughing and dancing, your work here is done… unless you’ve sign up for the post-wedding pack down!


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Whatever level of commitment is required of you during your time in this honourable role, ensuring the bride is having the time of her life on her wedding day is your main priority; no pressure!

If you’re already well on your way into your planning journey, or keen to explore BM business a little further, head here for some latest bridesmaid looks we’re loving.



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