Classic, colourful, naked, sweet or savoury – a cake, particularly that of the wedding variety, can take many shapes and forms.

When it comes to selecting the perfect dessert offering for your guests, there are many considerations. From flavour to size, style and adornments, the options really are there for the taking.

Thankfully, these days you needn’t sacrifice taste for your easy-on-the-eye towering treat – and when it comes to great baked beauty, they are as delicious as they are decorative.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite slices of the um, cake trend pie, so to speak.



Delicate, darling.

This towering textured number gives us all the feels. Delicate, yet demanding of attention, the hand-crafted ruffles bring a real sense of romance to an already elegant execution.

Cake by Valentina Sukasman Photo by Bek Smith


Luscious and luxe.

Who doesn’t love a touch of gold! Bringing metallics into your sweet sensation sure adds a hint of glimmer and glamour.

Cake by Creme De La Cakes Photo by Chloe May



Tall and tasty.

Make a statement and have your baked goods stand out from the crowd and become a fabulous focal point for your guests and photographer alike.

Cake by Tidbit Cakes Photo by Ali Bailey


Sweet and simple.

Keep it simple and let the gorgeous goodness of this tasty treat do the talking. Blending into any style or decor this cake is the perfect choice.

Cake by Truffleduck Photo by Sarah Godenzi


One bite delight.

Keep your sweets on easy street and don’t worry about the hassle of cutting a cake up or plating with these darling donuts.

Photo by Be Here Be Now


Mouth watering metallic.

JY Cake Designs Photo By Ali Bailey


Nice and naked.

Naughty but oh so nice, there’s something about a naked cake that looks delicious and adds that lush layered look to your dream day.

Photo by I Got You Babe


Dainty delights.

Create a fabulous display of delectable delights that guests can help themselves to once, twice or even three times!

Desserts by The Olive Tree Cooking School Photo By Kyra Boyer


Gooey goodness.

The best kind of ‘sticky situation’ to find yourself in, especially when it comes to this baked beauty that stands out from the crowd.

Cake by Licked By Ray Ray Photo by Alex Motta


Short and sweet.

You’re not selling yourself short with this magic mini that will be sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

Cake by Miss Ladybird Cakes Photo by Dan Brannan


Minimal magic.

You can still be a show pony even when sporting a minimal look. Sleek, clean, unfussy, let this understated cake speak for itself.

Cake by Josie Pollifrone Photo by Essie and Elsie


Wrapped right.

You will be rapt with this wrapped design that blends in seamlessly to its surrounds while still causing a sensation.

Cake by Treat Catering Photo by Lou Lou Memphis


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