Create the ultimate wedding ambience
Create the ultimate wedding ambience
Create the ultimate wedding ambience
Create the ultimate wedding ambience

Create the ultimate wedding ambience

Photo – SB Creative Co.


One of the most common wishes of a couple from their dream day is for their guests to have FUN!

We know all of the ‘things’ that make up a wedding celebration, but there is something extra special that sees a wedding become more than just a party, it’s a feeling, it’s a vibe.

Creating ambience and atmosphere on your wedding day in some cases – is something that happens naturally, but there are certainly some ways in which you can help things along.

We’ve taken advice from some of our talented Tribe, who are experts in their field, and are here to help you tackle the creation of your best day ever.




Let’s start with official proceedings, after all, without those – it’s really just a party. Tribe celebrant Michelle Kiernan lends her thoughts as to how your ceremony situation can be jam-packed with all the feels.

  • You need a celebrant to help set that vibe from the get-go; a great atmosphere needs great energy, enthusiasm, lots of laughs and a whole lotta love!
  • The couple’s story needs to be told by great storyteller – it should be fun, engaging, slightly cheeky, filled with heartfelt moments, laughs – the whole shebang!
  • Audience engagement – the best weddings ensure the audience feel apart of the celebration and they laugh at all the right bits!

We’d also suggest that ceremony setting, sound quality and favourable conditions for the couple, and their guests – all play a part here too. Ensuring great sound (you want guests to hear proceedings and be engaged), seating for those guests that may require it (function and practicality are paramount) and making the call to change plans should weather be threatening the celebration – all will contribute. Placing value in your ceremony will serve you insurmountably – it really is such a special part of it all.


Photo – Free The Bird Weddings



As someone who is often in pretty close contact with the couple (for sometimes eight hours or more on a wedding day), lens legend Michael Briggs says it’s super easy to say what creates an amazing atmosphere at weddings – above and beyond anything else – it’s the couple!

  • “If the couple are feeling the vibe, the love and  bringing the energy, that feeds through to each and every guest.  Inversely, if the couple are stressed out, distracted, not present, etc – that also feeds through to each and every guest”.
  • “It also helps to have a bunch of suppliers around that you vibe with, that you love and that your guest think are old friends of yours, not a bunch of ‘hired goons’.”

Photography can be so much more than just a portrait session when it has the right feeling and emotion behind it.

Group photos, while a great memory, can sometimes bring down the mood of a day. They often take place right after a ceremony where the focus should be on congratulations and revelling in that ‘we just got married’ feeling, rather than herding everyone together like sheep. Perhaps consider having this photo taken at a later point in the day, or not at all. There’s no right or wrong but it’s something to consider.

When it comes to photography, don’t underestimate a gorgeous sunset session. Not only are the shots likely to be sublime, but it also allows a couple to connect and take a moment alone, re-entering the party refreshed and excited to dance the night away.

Lastly, when it comes to photos – let’s chat bridal parties. A bridal party can really help or hinder portraits sessions – if the attitude is ‘urgh this sucks and is boring”, or “my feet hurt and I want to be at the bar,” as opposed to: ‘I bloody love these legends and being part of this day, and how VIP are we right now!”. It’s important that your A-team is fired up to get around you and live in the moment. There’s also nothing better than a perfectly timed joke or embarrassing story from the hecklers to side of frame to get a bride and groom genuinely laughing their butts off  – these are the ultimate candid captures.


Photo – Katie Harmsworth



Your wedding setting plays a huge role in the feeling of your day. The fabulous team at Mewburn Park have some great suggestions around your choice in venue, layout and lighting and how they all play into setting the mood.

  • Dimmable lights and candlelight together are the ultimate atmosphere guarantors. “We love soft lighting in our marquee garden setting with twinkling candle light”.
  • Sitting guests with enough space so waiters do not constantly have to say “excuse me, sorry can I just pass though”, “mind your back”… the more they can serve and have space between tables and seats the less interruption for guest whilst having a good old chat. It’s tempting to conveniently squeeze people in the floor plan when you first start planning, but we recommend to put that extra table in so people aren’t squished and can’t lift there arms to eat! Especially in the warmer months… it can get a bit intense!
  • The more the bridal couple are on D-floor, the bigger the party. If they are gone and hanging with the smokers or chilling outside, guests will usually be ‘waiting’ for them to come in and start the party. And to keep it going. On topic of dancefloors, don’t have it too big… nice and cozy so everyone can get the dance on (and not feel like they’re on an empty stage) and has more of that ‘in the club everyone getting amongst it’ vibe.
  • A feature piece like an amazing floral instalment or a neon light or a champagne wall, an eye catcher and a topic for guests to talk about (can some times bring strangers together when they see something inspirational). Everyone loves to take a snap with it.
  • Little personalised items for guests… (and not the 100th stubby holder, Snorze).


Photo – SB Creative Co.




Mt Duneed Estate plays host to some incredible celebrations, and they too have some ideas as to how you can ensure your venue helps lead the charge when it comes to magic moments all around.

  • Flexibility – “We love a little WOW factor and keeping guests guessing what is to come.  Moving between spaces keeps your guests feeling excited for the next part of the journey. Having multiple spaces at our venue allows us to stay within the same location but change up the surroundings.”
  • Killer sunsets – “That sweet moment when the sun starts to go down it sets across our vineyard and onto neighbouring paddocks. It’s pretty special!”
  • Lighting – Our festoon lighting within The Barrel Hall creates a soft and mellow light. Teamed with candles it’s the perfect mood creator!



We know that styling can take the look of a wedding day to the next level, naturally, but our friends at Popup With Style are amazing at their craft because they recognise this and in turn make your day look and feel fabulous!

  • Look good, feel great – “We believe that style is at it’s ultimate when it looks and FEELS amazing!!  When consideration is given to not just how items look when they come together, but also how they will function, it truly takes a celebration to the next level.
  • How will people utilise the space, the items?  Will they be able to communicate easily and move freely?  Will they be able to relax and enjoy the festivities?

“When you create FEELS you create vibes!”, adds the brains behind the brand, Kahlie Woodford.

“Another great tip, if you are tight on budget, is to focus on statement pieces rather than spreading the cash thin over multiple smaller items.  Having something to ‘WOW’ over is way more effective!  If possible, create this in a space that is visible upon guests entering that can also be easily enjoyed throughout the event.


Photo – Fern & Stone Photography



Alright, fun-seekers – let’s talk music. It is without doubt a hugely important player in making magic on your wedding day. One More Song Entertainment are more than a little familiar with bringing their A-game to see the party vibes shine, and their handy hints for creating an atmosphere to remember, are second to none.

  • Set the right vibe at the right time – Over and above the dance floor tunes, it’s important to think about the music that you want for each part of the day/night. A good DJ/musician will consider this and build the energy from soft/romantic during ceremony through to upbeat background vibes as people have their first drink during cocktail hour. As the evening progresses, you’ll want the suspense to build as people get tipsy and prepare to dance, which is why a good entertainer will build on these vibes right up to dance floor (and leave the sing-alongs for later in the night!).
  • Music is a universal language – take advantage of this! To create the perfect atmosphere at a wedding through music, it’s important to have something for everyone. Wedding guest demographics vary so much! Preparation beforehand helps, but ultimately the DJ/musician needs to be able to read the room and see what resonates (for example, if you play a more mellow disco tune during dinner and you see guests of different ages singing along, you’ll make a note to throw in a few disco tunes during dance floor later on). Couples can help by providing their entertainment provider with a variety of songs/genres/artists as part of their music brief (rather than just a list of their personal favourite songs!).
  • Sound quality cannot be underestimated Lastly, the sound quality itself is super important. This is why high end equipment makes such a difference. On top of that, the space itself matters. Poor acoustics, an oversized dance floor and noise restrictions can all have a huge impact on the atmosphere that’s created through music. Make sure you communicate with your entertainment provider and venue to understand these different elements and find solutions before the big day!



Formalities will take place on your day in the form of speeches that are given by your MC and nearest and dearest. An MC can really set the vibe for the party ahead and go a long way in warming up and relaxing the crowd.  It’s important to think through the right person for this role, in terms of what tone you would like to set.

Contrary to popular belief, speeches truly can be one of the most memorable and engaging elements of a wedding reception, and it need not be a snooze fest, or a total duck-for-cover cringe crisis for all involved. Same goes, think through the right people to give these roles and be sure to check out some simple tips we’ve prepared to nail those wedding speeches.


Photo – Tess Follett



The wedding industry is a tight little gang and it really is a labour of love.  When you invest in a talented Tribe that are professional and bring the right vibes, you go some way in creating another element of atmosphere.

When vendors feel valued, they will bring their best, putting in 110% of their heart and souls to bring your dream day life. Need a helping hand in finding the perfect suppliers? Be sure to check out our Ivory Tribe endorsed wedding supplier directory.



While no one wants it to, the night will eventually end and you want to head off into the night on a just-hitched high.

What could be more perfect than wrapping up your celebration with a stand out and surprise exit!

Sparkler or confetti cannon send offs are certainly popular and make for incredible imagery, but also think of logistics for your guests getting home. Sending them off on a party bus with hangover kits (think bottles of water, paracetemol, a cheeseburger or Uber Eats discount code…) definitely beats sugared almonds!



Photo – Dan Brannan


All in all, sometimes a little bit of effort goes a long way in creating an atmosphere and mood that is absolutely magical on your dream day. Your guests are there because you have found your forever human, and they just so happen to love you both. That’s something worth celebrating. 


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