Elegant elopement with Britt & Jack, Melbourne VIC
Elegant elopement with Britt & Jack, Melbourne VIC
Elegant elopement with Britt & Jack, Melbourne VIC
Elegant elopement with Britt & Jack, Melbourne VIC

Elegant elopement with Britt & Jack, Melbourne VIC


There’s just something about an intimate elopement that we adore. Simple in nature, but packed full of raw emotion, beauty and the freedom to celebrate in the way a couple choose.

We’re always intrigued and inspired by couples who elope, and after spotting gorgeous imagery by Bianca Virtue from Britt and Jack’s dreamy Melbourne day, we wanted to understand why they chose to elope, the benefits they found, their incredible outfits, and the reaction of their loved ones.

What you will find is a couple who celebrated their day, in their own way, and we’re all about it!

Here’s Britt and Jack’s story.



When we spotted your elopement we absolutely adored it. Why did you choose to elope and did you ever consider a big wedding?

Britt: Oh thank you so much!

We chose an elopement style as we are currently living in Melbourne at the moment (due to Jack’s work at Carlton Football Club), and the majority of our friends and  family are in Queensland and Western Australia. So co-ordinating all of those states through a pandemic was always going to be extremely stressful and difficult. We didn’t want to disappoint anyone and felt as though making a commitment to one another only needed us two to be present on the day. We are also a very private and low-key couple, we didn’t really want the big fuss or show of a big/traditional wedding.



When it came to planning your elopement, what was the process?

Britt: Once Jack and I decided this was something we were leaning towards, I emailed Bianca Virtue (our amazing photographer) initially to see if by some chance she had any availability in early 2022. She replied promptly and we went back and forth to lock in a date. From there I contacted our celebrant, then made contact with florals, makeup and hair appointments, wedding car etc.

We signed legal papers as normal, four weeks prior to our ceremony and our lovely celebrant handled all of the legalities on her end. She brought two witnesses and we just told her where to meet us at the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne on the Friday. It was so easy!



Tell us about your fabulous outfit choices!

Britt: I wore something totally different to the normal wedding dress! I chose an Alex Perry Jumpsuit, it was white with long sleeves and a high choker neck with long flowing pants. I paired it with a white pair of sling-back heels with a diamond embellishment.

Jack wore a more traditional black Tux by Politix paired with black shoes and a matching bow tie.



How did you share the news with your loved ones and what was their response?

Britt: In September/October of 2021 we visited and spent time with both of our families over in WA and QLD and got their blessing to elope upon our return home to Melbourne. They were so supportive and gave us their blessing to go about our day the way we envisioned, just the two of us.

They were so excited and awaiting photos patiently. We also told a handful of close friends who were also so supportive and happy for us, and also not totally shocked that us as a couple would choose to elope and wed so privately! The reaction once we announced our elopement on social media was also so positive, I’ve had so many people comment on what a great idea it was and that they’d love to do the same.



What were the biggest benefits of eloping?

Britt: The relaxed environment and no pressure! You can do and plan everything to make the two of you happy without worrying about others opinions or catering the day around your guests. We didn’t lose sight of what the day is actually all about, the two of us getting married.



What words of advice do you have for those considering eloping, or are in the process of planning an elopement?

Britt: Absolutely go for it! We would choose to do it all over again, even if it weren’t for the pandemic. It was so modern, romantic and intimate. It was something so different to the norm and so personalised. Highly recommend it!



What was the highlight of your elopement experience?

Britt: How present and in the moment we got to be through every part of the day – getting ready separately, seeing each other for the first time, our vows, popping the champagne etc. All those moments that we got to take in and be present for was the highlight for us.


If you’re on the hunt for a celebrant who can bring your elopement to life, we have an abundance who we love and are truly talented in what we do. See our sensational celebrants here



Photographer: Bianca Virtue

Florals: Welcome to Flower Town

Outfits: Alex Perry / Politix

Hair/makeup: MU Velvetthi Hair Salon Gabrielle  Tan Tan & Beauty Lounge

Shoes: Billini Shoes

Accessories: Rings: Anton Jewellery 

Celebrant: Melbourne Celebrant Julie

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